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Now We will discover Social Lead Freakhow to open, identify, target, and close, hot ‘n ready leads with a sneaky elite level software.

Now let me show you why I had to create kick-ass Facebook and Google+ lead generation software for my personal offline marketing business…and explain it quickly.

Last time I looked, you’re here to make some social lead freak money and not read an epic, hype-y novel…

Fresh New Money = Fresh New Leads

This is how it works in any business.
If you are a Amazon, Clickbank , or any other type of affiliate.
If you sell information products on internet.
If you promote via a Twitter, Linkin, Facebook Fan page or other social media.
If you have a e-mail list or niche blog.
If you provide services to online or offline clients.
It’s not possible to transform new customers if you can’t mortal fresh leads.
Simple enough, right?
But as you may already know, the conventional wells of leads and traffic are pretty dry out.
Marketers are fighting for scraps in ’em.

The Four Most Common Ways To Attract Leads

(ignore the other WSOs…I discover all of their stuff right on this website) and Why They inspire

We’re probably all too familiar with the over-used, old thing, as effective methods to find potential customers….

  1. Buy leads for $1.00 – $25.00 a pop with small knowledge of If the prospect of performing the 4 requirements of a good lead (coming up in a second). I’ll remember you. Bye bye money.
  2. Cold call businesses and get shut down 99% of the time. Bye bye with that confidence, I’ll remember you too.
  3. Attend local events for small and medium business owners. You’ll be able to reach approximately 1/100.000%=0.00001% of your market this way, if you’re lucky.
  4. Dig up their website on the 2nd page of Google, send them one of 39 e-mails they’re probably going to receive today or tomorrow, hope and wait and twiddle your thumbs and keep hoping for the best which rarely, if ever, comes.

You still aren’t guaranteed GOOD leads even if you do all four of these time and capitol intensive things,

Odds are, Your potential customers will still not meet the criteria of a stellar hot lead…(the 4 rules will coming up in a second).

Most importantly, I needed a full, fresh pool where I could snap my fingers and have the juiciest leads swim right up to the top of the water… and that’s why I turned to Google+,Linkedin and Facebook.

These two social media sites are particularly fresh that are facebook and twitter. 99.9% of marketers don’t use them to properly generate or don’t know how to use and close leads.

Read: more cash for you ‘n me.

So I want to join now, and join right away.

I invested a lot of money and effort to get a lean, mean, lead-pulling machine made perfectly, and… I call this machine Social Lead Freak.

Social Lead Freak Got Me

Paychecks From The Leads


So my drive to use Google+ and Facebook to generate leads, and my success in doing so, is all clear to you, right?

Now, I will show you some important information:

The 4 Requirements of a Stellar Hot Lead

 These kind of leads have been really difficult to search until now.

Your success (and cash flow) as an online or offline marketer depends on things:

The constant flow of real, hot , ultra-targeted, leads, and , untapped.

  1. Hot: They want you to provide what they really need, and they want it right now, as fast as possible
  2. Real: The leads exist and are paying attention
  3. Untapped: They’re not getting bombarded by people who provide similar products or services.
  4. Ultra-targeted: You know their exact needs

When your leads have these 4 qualities, converting them from leads to clients is as easy as closing a door.

These are the type of leads Social Lead Freak scours Facebook and Google+ to find… any other form of lead generation can’t ensure that leads meet all 4 criteria.

Mining social media gold

Social Lead Freak is a Desktop Based software developed on Adobe Air PC, MAC Compatible

Limited Time Launch Discount Below For Warriors ONLY

Maybe you have heard about Facebook Graph Search… In case you haven’t, it’s ok.

Facebook’s Graph Search implies that Facebook has finally made its look for data (member IDs, post content, page content, group members, fans of pages, etc.) live for the public.

But you demand a tool for you to in effect control this specific ocean (nay, universe) expertise and retrieve your parts which might be highly relevant to an individual, what you could be.

You can do these things with Social Lead Freak:

  • Search Groups

Immediately, take out a huge selection of related groupsSee all group membersExtract Member IDs straight away to your PC. And if you surprise why this happened, you’ll see why in an instant!

  • Search Events

Find people who’ve RSVP’d to go to an event in whatever niche you would like.You should remember that those people who are going to an event are typically very enthusiastic. These are the potential sales opportunities you want.And, again, you can extract all Member IDs onto your PC in about half a second.

You’d have to pay $10+ for leads of this quality, and you will have a much harder time to make a connection with them because you paid for them.

  • Search Pages

Able to pull up all Facebook pages belong to the keyword(s) you choose.

Ability to filter by how many likes which the page has.

This can be a fantastic way to focus on Facebook fan pages that don’t have numerous likes and provide them your like-boosting services.

As well as, you can just make certain you only find pages which have more than X likes.

This is a great way to find pages beyond exactly what the common Facebook search provides. You’ve probably remarked that they don’t always share all the results.

  • Search Posts

This is an important one. Search all posts on Facebook to find people who are demand for you and what you would like to sell.

One easy search can immediately output you a huge number of people who have just posted on Facebook and saying they need help.

Because the truth is that all whole day, your potential clients are saying, writing, and sharing things such as:”I want a new website design.”

“I need to determine what this SEO stuff is focused on.”

Don’t those phrases just sound like hundred dollar bills sweeping against each other…being counted and paid to you? They are.

You only need the tools to get these posts, these people, extract their important information, and the strategy to final them that lies right beyond this screen.

Why Facebook Member IDs Are Liquid Gold

“Give the people what they want!”

You may notice someone who clearly asked for something, or who’s going to be a part of any group, or who attended an event… you are without doubt that they are currently active within your market.

Remove Fears About Facebook Ads

You can use the Facebook Member IDs that Social Lead Freak delivers to you by uploading them into your Facebook Ads Power Editor. Your ads will then only focus on those members.

Due to this unique level of targeting, it is possible to lay any fears you may have had about Facebook advertising to rest in the end.

Or, in case you would just like to increase two times your CTR and cut your CPC in half…The Member IDs Social Lead Freak pulls is able to do that for you.

Targeting only the Member IDs Social Lead Freak generates is the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to reach $0.01 clicks, bar none.

As a matter of fact, internet marketing is not even my “specialization” but Social Lead Freak has changed things considerably.

Therefore if you’ve ever wanted to advertise on Facebook, or if you would like to pay less for your Facebook ads, now is the time with Social Lead Freak.

It is possible to directly target your ad campaigns in such a way previously unheard of… Penny clicks will never be easier than this.

Up next…

Even More Than Facebook?

Want To Hear Something Sad?

Many marketers teach software creators like me to “water down” their software so it does only one thing.

That’s because they believe that the software will become harder to understand if it have “too many benefits”, so less people may buy it.

But I give you, Warrior, infinitely more credit than that.

Because it’s common sense that more benefits = more value for your money, right?

So quickly check out the extra good side effects of using Social Lead Freak…

Social Lead Freak Makes A
Wonderful Secret Agent & Discovers Great
Content To Curate

Tap into trends while they’re still on the up-and-up, and not while they’re not popular anymore.

Take advantage on a hot topic by connected it to your business, and boom, more exposure.

Curate popular posts on FB or your favorite Google+ Activities that Social Lead Freak finds and enjoy more traffic and added SEO benefits.

You essentially have all of the “buzz” software in one.


Notice, you’ll need no website, no domain and hosting, none of that stuff… You’ll have everything you need to drive leads, traffic, and close clients, right inside Social Lead Freak.

In fact…

One Good Tool Can (And Should)
Do A Lot For you.

  • Most Valuable Leads:Social Lead Freak extracts 5-star leads from Facebook and Google+ by searching through posts, pages, people, places, events, experiences, and groups in snap-of-the-fingers fashion
  • Cheapest Clicks:Target these leads via FB ads and welcome yourself to the world of one-cent clicks.
  • Easiest Closes:Reach out and directly interact with hot leads, and use your Closing Strategy bonus to land new clients.
  • Best Insider:Discover emerging trends so you’re an early adopter who gets maximum exposure.
  • Freshest Content:Find great content you can curate for your own website.

I’ll even go so far as to say that you’ve been waiting for exactly this…

Would You Rather…

Have some vague information that kinda tells you how to almost do something (sorta)?
A software that will do everything for you, quickly, effectively, and above all, profitably?


and get Huge Bonuses

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