Jungle Scout Review – Find Best Products to Sell On Amazon

Jungle Scout Review – Find Best Products to Sell On Amazon

Amazon offers FBA or fulfillment by Amazon opportunities to all online sellers all over the world as well as allows them in increasing their online presence and sales. However, it charges a fee for orders and shipments, handling their inventory, while helping them in order to reach more clients and scale there products and services.

The charges of FBA often vary per product as well as its variations. This simply means that in order to make the service profitable, online sellers must concentrate on what they are selling as well as how much they make out of the investment they provide.

You need to understand the potential of their inventory, looking for the right items and checking out how their competitors execute. In addition to that, it is also very significant that if they like to operate a higher profit margin as well as maintain their competitive advantage.

The following is a review of the Jungle Scout tool – one of the most efficient methods for the sellers to recognize the best items to market on Amazon.

What is a Jungle Scout tool?

The Jungle Scout tool is an Amazon tool for product research. As a matter of fact, it does an accurate market research on items and gives excellent methods for you to evaluate the most profitable items to sell on Amazon. In addition to that, it also allows you to explore on the product listings of your competitor and their day to day fluctuations and sales.

You can also keep a track of how the performance of the products in terms of monthly and daily sales, on how many reviews they earned, or what type of ratings do they get. The idea is to filter your searches for a maximum profitability.

The Jungles Scout tool may be used either as Web App or a Chrome Extension. In fact, the Chrome Extension is more of a cheaper option compared to the Web App which is a premium option.

Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout extension unifies with Google Chrome browser which streamlines your item searches.
It allows you to find for your items right within the browser and a lot faster, while you are connecting the Amazon website. You can also view the product data straightly from Amazon search pages and analyze the competitiveness in the market.

Additionally, the extension gives several useful metrics such as average price, average ratings, number of reviews, monthly sales estimates, best sellers rank and many more. Furthermore, it also offers information for:

• Oversize indicator – allows you to recognize if your chosen item may come in oversize dimensions
• FBA Fees – the Amazon charges linked with each item
• Seasonal Trends – exposed historic keyword trends during the past several months or even years
• Weight and Dimensions – helps you decide the varying FBA charges as per size and weight of the items. (the heavier the product, the higher FBA charges, that means to say your profit margin should be cut down)
• Profit Calculator – calculates automatically net payout right after the deduction of the Amazon share

Thus, based on the statistics, you may use the refining to cut down the search criteria and look only what’s relevant to you. The extension also offers the Pro and Lite variations.

Web App

The Jungle Scout web app, actually, is considered a very good time saver for seasoned FBA business owners due to the fact that it allows them to locate the database and refine things down to the exact criteria.

Usually, it consists of three cloud-based suite tools – Niche Hunter, Product Tracker and the Product Database.

• Product Database – It helps you find products on Amazon basing on certain criteria.

• Product Tracker – It’s considered as a very amazing tool used for sales tracking of particular products that you’re interested in. Aside from that, it gives you the idea as to how well an Amazon product is selling on website through gathering real time data like the number of units being sold every day, the average cost, as well as the revenue that is generated daily.

• Niche Hunter – It provides you with the simplest as well as easiest way on how to identify keywords and niches for unique product ideas. Here, you can be able to select the criteria of the niche that you desire as well as set the levels of different parameters such as Price, Demand, Opportunity Scores, Competition, Quality of Listing, and many more. The filtering will also help you to expedite all your searches as well as uncover any hidden niches for much better possibilities.

The Niche Hunter displays the search results instantly along with the right information of the top items within that specific niche. Aside from that, you can also be able to find related keywords that are used by other people as well.


Jungle Scout is really a must have software or tool if you want to compete on the online selling industry as well as make some serious profits. Even though it has other separate tools for different kind of budgets, other sellers can also be able to install both the web app and the chrome extension in order to enjoy their advantages at the same time. Aside from that, the extension can also help in pulling the required data quickly whereas the application helps in finding new niches and tracking the products, which can supercharge the Amazon sales.

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