Unicorn Smasher or Jungle Scout Review

Unicorn Smasher or Jungle Scout – What Product Research Tool Should You Use

The Jungle Scout is a Google Chrome extension which is contained on the Amazon sites. It is widely used in the United Kingdom, United States of America, and several popular nations. In fact, it’s more trusted by the users in comparison with the Unicorn Smasher. This is due to fact that it only comes in a single pro version that is essential for one to have. Despite of being somewhat expensive, it is a great deal for your cash. As a matter of fact, it rewards by trading, selling, and importing tangible products efficiently and effectively. In the United States of America, on the other hand, the Unicorn Smasher is free. However, its user interface is very unorganized. In addition to that, it is more inconvenient to navigate within this system. The following is basically a thorough review and comparison of Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout

The primary competitive benefits which only the Jungle Scout tool possesses and makes it have an edge against Unicorn Smasher is the capacity to provide real-time feedbacks and reviews to the consumers. It also allows consumers to do product reviews and submit any compliments or grievances whenever they want to. As a matter of fact, the administrator of this Jungle Scout web applications provides an automatic response to visitors, thus, making it a one of a kind feature which creates a great customer relationship. However, even if the Unicorn smasher provides a section for all the reviews, chances are they hardly or even never respond to all the complaints and compliments posted by the customers.

Jungle Scout has an extraordinary feature over the unicorn smasher, which is called the product tracker. As a matter of fact, this product tracker is a web application extension that enables the users to observe the real time. It also monitors and tracks the transaction sales, ratings of sellers and buyers, inventory, rankings, and any other useful data. The other primary feature of this web app is the niche hunter. Actually, the niche hunter is utilized to retrieve certain niches categorized by supply, competition, demand or any other important criteria.

The Jungle Scout web app and its extensions enable the users to gather information and data from a particular page on the Amazon. Usually, they are installed to the Google Chrome by installation and operates within the Amazon. When someone opens this, a pop-up window which displays different products with their descriptions as well. With this web application, you can create a master file which you can utilize to scroll down and explore the entire site and screen the products and items according to your criteria and specifications. For example, you like to view the products and items that weigh lower than 3 pounds selling at $45 in sports section at a low subscription of $700 per month, afterwards the Jungle Scout web app will allow you to view and retrieve those items in just seconds later.

The product database comprised in the Jungle Scout web app is very essential since the information can serve a vital role of tracking and watching the competition from several rivals. In addition to that, the user can quickly set the filters on the same storage, then during exploring through the Amazon, potential products are being visualized and pinpointed. Aside from that, the database offers all the information and the characteristics needed without clicking on the product. It’s used to observe the competition on a day to day basis. Thus, the user can quickly access the list of products, sales, traceable fluctuations and daily transactions.


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