1st Page Ranker Review

1st Page Ranker Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about 1st Page Ranker? Please read through my honest review about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Introducing 1st Page Ranker

How they get First page rankings with only clicks…

Hey there!

So I do not know if you know this or not, but there’s a very HIGHLY coveted piece of digital real estate that people would absolutely love to have.

I am talking about they would sell their firstborn for in some cases!

What’s it?

Simple. It is the first page of Google.

To be more precise, it is having rankings on the first page of Google without having to pay for ads.

But, trying to get your website listed there for certain profitable keywords in your niche are able to seem harder than trying to do brain surgery!

That’s until now.

There is a new cloud based app that is come on the market that makes getting first page rankings super easy with only clicks.

It is called 1st Page Ranker and it’s head & shoulders above all the other live streaming software that assists to generate first page rankings.

The beauty of this cloud based app is that it legally takes advantage of a Google loophole to give you 100s – even 1000s of 1st page rankings in absolutely no time.

But why not check it out for yourself?

And get ready to dominate the first page of Google with total ease.

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1st Page Ranker Review & Overview

  • Vendor: Ali G.
  • Product: 1st Page Ranker
  • Date Of Launch: 2019-Jul-09
  • Date Of Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: https://1stpageranker.com/
  • Niche: SEO & Traffic
  • Bonus: Check Your Special Bonus Package
  • Skill: All Levels
  • Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Support: Effective Response
  • Recommend: Highly Recommend

What is 1st Page Ranker?

1st Page Ranker gets your Rankings on the first Page of BOTH Google & YTube in just a couple clicks! THREE Clicks to be Exact!

You’ll LOVE how easy it’s to use.

Tons of Internal Testing & Campaigns done for themselves and for customers showing Instant Rankings they get.

In just minutes from the last click, 1st Page Ranker exploits a clever LoopHole in YTube, getting you to rank on BOTH Google platforms.

You do not even need to create a video. 1st Page Ranker does it all.

Driving Tons of Organic Traffic to Rankings that STICK.

Busting away anybody else in your way. Commercial License INCLUDED, so you can use 1st Page Ranker for your customers.


  • Instantly have Multiple ‘First Page’ Rankings on Both Google/YTube in Only THREE Clicks!
  • Results Guaranteed. No more Guesswork on ‘IF’ you ưill get “First Page”.
  • Instantly have Multiple ‘First Page’ Rankings on Both Google/YTube in Only THREE Clicks!
  • Your Products/Services/Aff. Offers will Never be in a ‘Dead-Zone’ again. Flooded with Traffic! 100% Free Organic Traffic. No more wasting Big $ On Paid Traffic.
  • Software Exploits Little Known Ranking “LoopHole” for YTube LIVE Events
  • No need to Create, Legally Hijack ANY Video and it IS Traffic, Redirect Where YOU want it to go + Get Top Video Rankings, Works in Local And Any Niche.

Please watch this video which will help you understand to operate this software in the easiest way!!!

Short Demo Video of 1st Page Ranker in Action

In-Depth Longer Demo Video of 1st Page Ranker in Action

1st Page Ranker Features & Benefits

• Unlimited Use of Live Streaming Technology

• Unlimited Use of Video Spinner

• Up to 15 Custom Video Uploads & Unlimited Uploads from Google Drive

• Create Multiple Live Events in 1 CLICK.

• Access Advanced Scheduling option where you are able to schedule up to 20 Live Streams in clicks!

• Let you use pre-configured Tokens (you are able to set lengthy line like a sign or link to a token and use it in description.. system will replace it)

• Preconfigured with the best performing prefixes & suffixes for affiliate promos. (keywords like best, honest, newest, latest, etc.)

• Multi Language User Interface so everybody in this world can use this system with ease!

• Lets you Go live in mere minutes!!

• Generate SEO Optimized Video Title with just clicks of your mouse using their Built-in prefix/suffix & format them via their Title Formatter!

• Completely surpass the option of video duplicates.

• All Videos in a Batch are interlinked for Max Link Juice

• All Live Video Links are Pinged & ensured that they get noticed by not only Google but all the other Search Engines Too! (Powerful)

• 1 Click Bulk Manipulation of Description to easily replace text & insert links at top & bottom.

• 30 Channels And 30 Videos Allowed Per User

• Complete Commercial Rights

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What Are You Waiting for ?

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Who Should Buy 1st Page Ranker?

Rent Out The Rankings to Local Businesses

Local business owners are desperate for new clients, but have no clue how any of this ‘internet’ stuff works. They do not know the difference between a social media post & a meme sometimes!

But they do understand that the internet can bring them new revenue & if you can asist them do that, they will pay handsomely for it.

Just 10 local businesses paying you $1,000 per month gives you $10,000 month in & month out.

And 1st Page Ranker makes it very easy to manage it all!

Make A Killing As An Aff. Marketer

People are searching for products to buy each single day on the internet. And with a decent amount of keyword research, you could position yourself in front of all that buyer traffic with 1st Page Ranker.

You could literally have 20 products all earning you $50 per day or more. Or you could generate a lot of leads for other businesses & sell them a $25 per pop or more!

A lot of people are doing this now & making a cool five figures a month.

Launch Jacking

There is always a launch happening and not just on networks like JVZ or WSO, Clickbank and other networks have launches too.

Well why not load up 1st Page Ranker & get page one rankings for all of those products coming to market & make some commissions in the process?

Just clicks of your mouse is all it takes.

Sell More of Your Digital Products

People also use Google & YTube to search for solutions to their issues day in & day out.

So why not share your digital product that assists solve those issues & get paid well for it?

With 1st Page Ranker, you could dominate for a lot of terms in your market & funnel that traffic right to your sales funnel.

This would let you build a list, generate leads, and close sales all on handsfree mode in the present & the future!

Increase Ecommerce Sales

If you own an ecommerce store, then you can funnel a lot of buyer traffic to your products right from within Google.

Just think about it. Having 1st Page Ranker is like having an army of sales people who go out & bring you more buyers for your products – no matter the niche.

Increase Your Blog Earnings

If you are looking to run a successful blog then you will definitely want to incorporate 1st Page Ranker into your traffic arsenal.

Because with 1st Page Ranker, you can scoop up a lot of traffic from long tail keywords & build a plethora of Google friendly backlinks in the process.

And if you want, you can flip that website later for a tidy sum.

Boost Your YTube Channel Revenue

Now this may be a little out the box, but you could also use 1st Page Ranker to actually generate more views to your YTube videos.

Yep. Just take those keywords & point them to your favorite videos that you use to profit & you can get more juice and increase to your YTube rankings while getting more subscribers to your channel.

And the more subscribers you have, the more revenue you will make!

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What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Take Action Today And You'll Also Get The Following Bonus!

1st Page Ranker Price & Evaluation


FE Features +

+ MultiSpin Event – Allows you to add spun title & description. It Also has Spintax Creator as well.

+ Unlimited Event Creation – Fully Unlimited without Any Caps + Up to 20 Events Per Day Per Channel

+ Unlimited Channel (insert unlimited channels)

+ Unlimited Parallel Streaming (Stream in multiple channel at same time)

+ Advanced Random Event Creation Schedules

+ Complete Video Editor where user can , insert – watermark, lowerthird, text & logo

+ Complete Image Editor where you can easily create thumbnails

+ Get All Future Updates + Premium Support

OTO2: 1 Click Rebrander

+ Download video directly from Ytube

+ Rebrand them in just a few click

+ Green Screen Editor

+ Bi-Weekly Update of Best Performing And Tested Affiliate Products with JV Page & Demo Video to help your aff. earning boost via live streaming.

DS Features

+ Download video directly from Ytube

+ Rebrand them in just click

+ Green Screen Editor

+ Monthly Update of Best Performing And Tested Affiliate Products with JV Page & Demo Video to assist your affiliate earning boost via live streaming.

OTO 3: Al0 Video & SEO Suite

• Edit images & create videos on the fly without ever leaving the LiveVidRanker dashboard

• Insert text to images & videos with ease

• You are able to insert special effects, music, and more to your slideshow videos

• The image editor & video creation software are automatically inserted to your LiveVidRanker dashboard so there is nothing to install

• With the click of your mouse you are able to discover how any site or video is ranking

• SEO Analyzer will tell you EXACTLY how to increase rankings quickly

• Instantly get a checklist with recommendations for optimizing any site for even better rankings & more traffic

• You will also get a complete SEO analysis that points out any errors that are holding a site back and how you are able to fix them right away

• 100% newbie-friendly, point-&-click software makes it easy to get top search engine rankings FAST!

• Inserted to your LiveVidRanker dashboard automatically so you are able to get started right away

• Use it on your own sites or to increase client rankings

OTO 4: Expert Training

• Advanced Training by Yogesh Agarwal.

• Bi-Weekly Live Videos.

• Live Demo of how 1st Page Ranker is being used to Generate Massive Sales +

• Advanced Tips & Tricks.

• Live Campaigns of Yogesh Agarwal

DS Features;

• Advanced Training by Yogesh Agarwal.

• Monthly Live Videos +

• Live Demo of how 1st Page Ranker is being used to Generate Massive Sales +

• Advanced Tips & Tricks.

OTO 5: Reseller

• You Can Sell upto 250 FE Copies

• They’ll handle all the Support for You

• You’ll get all Sales Material and your Own Backend Area where you can add/remove users.

• No Aff. Link Stuff.

• This will be Available 20 Days Post Launch.

DS Features

• You Are able to Sell upto 250 FE Copies

• They’ll handle all the Support for you

• You’ll get all Sales (Material & your Own Backend Area where you can add/remove users.

• No Affiliate Link Stuff.

• This’ll be Available 20 Days Post Launch.

1st Page Ranker Conclusion

Never Struggle Getting High Quality Free Traffic Ever Again… Get Access To 1st Page Ranker Right Now!

Now that seen 1st hand this AWESOME no-risk & cost effective way to boost your sales, leads & profits…for just about any niche you can think of…the next move is up to YOU.

Honestly, if you have read this far, you know that you simply can’t have a thriving business online without a steady stream of profitable traffic day in & day out. I am sure that you would love to get those ‘1st Page’ rankings that most marketers crave & truly desire right?

The only thing that is left? Take action on this limited time offer with 1st Page Ranker.

Especially since the investment is extremely low for a limited time.

So If you want to…

  • Increase your overall revenue
  • Stop hoping & praying that you will get traffic
  • Get page 1 rankings on demand
  • Cut out the expensive costs of SEO
  • Begin seeing results in days NOT months

Then, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this very limited, risk-free offer right now before the time runs out & the price increases.

Plus, you are still protected by their 30 day money back guarantee. And even after that you do not feel 1st Page Ranker lives up to its name, I want you to keep the bonuses as a way of saying thank you for giving 1st Page Ranker a try.

So do yourself & your business a favor. Get access to 1st Page Ranker now & never struggle with getting page 1 rankings ever again!

Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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