325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR Review

325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about 325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR? Please read through my honest reviews about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Introduce 325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR Review

Ever wish people bought from you 1st online, no matter what niche, like General Marketing?

Or ever wish you were seen as seasoned IM General Marketing authority online… complete with over a years’ worth of quality content?

How much money could you make… if you already possessed those thousands of pages of authority-building resources?

  • 1K a month?
  • 3K a month?
  • 10K a month?

Well, you are in luck today….

Because my colleagues, Dennis Becker & Barb Ling have just released the 4th volume of (and btw, the 1st 3 received Deal of the Day):

Quick Content Volume 4: 325+K Premium IM Words Content with PLR for Multiple Uses Including Memberships

And in a nutshell…


==> (and keep in mind that while the sales page is slanted to General IM… you can easily use the content for General Marketing marketing as well). See for yourself

Please read my honest 325K Expert IM Content Words with PLR review for more information and grab your bonus!

325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR Review – Overview

  • Creator: Barb Ling et al
  • Product: 325K Expert IM Content Words with PLR, plus MORE!
  • Release Date: 2018-May-30
  • Release Time: 9:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $19
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: PLR

What Is 325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR?

They are talking about content created by 4 well-known IMers with long histories of success (Dennis Becker, Jason Fladlien, Robert Plank & Sean Mize). Here’s what they have for you today::

  • Jason Fladlien/Robert Plank 15 full-content webinar transcripts (no pitch, of course) (5,600+ words every on average)
  • 4 full eBooks written by Dennis Becker, from his best-seller list, so on topics already proven to sell (31,000+ words each on average)
  • 14 Lessons from the archives of InfoBusinessUniversity.com from famous IM coach & authority Sean Mize (you can slice/dice/use on your own websites in many ways, a bunch of which are listed further below on this page)
  • Complete transcripts of a best selling course, a series of audios from Sean Mize on the Reverse Funnel System (again, slice/dice/use for yourself like everything else in this package) (14 transcripts, averaging 6500+ words each)
  • PLUS, the icing on the delicious cake, a complete workshop, titled Content Repurposing Workshop, where you learn how best to repurpose not only this amazing content, but also anything you currently possess that you have created yourself or purchased elsewhere. This workshop sells for $37 on its own. No PLR rights are included to the workshop, but they’re for the other components of this package.

Features & Benefits

Here you receive:

1. 85,000+ words of content from Daily Seminar, a membership site with content created by Jason Fladlien & Robert Plank, now exclusively owned & operated by Dennis Becker

There’re 15 long seminar transcripts (average is over 5,600 words each), on the following topics:

  • How to Write Sales Letters in Your Head
  • The Real Truth about the Law of Reciprocity
  • A Guide to Positioning and Branding
  • The Key to Joint Ventures
  • Customer Service for Internet Marketers
  • The Ultimate Niche Market Research Plan
  • All About Email Headlines and Topics
  • All About Interviews
  • All About Headlines
  • How to Recruit Affiliates
  • Neurological Chemical Theory of Human Behavior
  • Popup Tactics
  • Seminar Tactics
  • Software Principles in Internet Marketing
  • Super High Impact Front Ends

2. 23,000+ words approximately of lessons created by Sean Mize for InfoBusinessUniversity.com, 14 reports, including:

  • Maven Influencer Blueprint – YTube Focus
  • Champion=Presence Based Marketing
  • 3 Components that have to be in Place to Build Your Online Business
  • Why You Are Not Achieving Your Business Goals (and what to Change So You do)
  • Quick Tip: How to Take Risks That Build Your Business
  • How to Build Success Out of Failure
  • An Exact Plan & Strategic Example for Tripling Your Revenue in the Next Year
  • The Traffic Firestarter
  • A Guaranteed Tactic to Beat Your Competition
  • How to Discover What Challenges People Have
  • The Secret to Generating Buzz with High Quality Content
  • How to Create a Master Product Plan for Your Business
  • How to Move Customers Through Pricing Levels in Your Funnel
  • Tactics to Keep the Cash Flowing in Your Business

3. 4 full eBooks from Dennis Becker, former best-sellers on the Nanacast platform, total approximately 125,000 words.

  • 5×10 Method
  • 15 Ways to Sell More Products Online
  • 500 Bucks a Month
  • AMA Easy Income

4. Complete transcripts (14 of them) from Sean Mize’s best selling audio program, The Reverse Funnel System, total approximately 92,000 words.

Thus the total is over 325,000 words of premium (super premium!) that can be used as the basis for:

  • Blog posts
  • Coaching and/or training
  • Paid membership site content
  • Bonuses for purchase of a product of your own or as an affiliate
  • Used as scripts for Ytube videos or podcasts, etc.

In total there are 47 separate pieces of content, many are full book or short report length, but any or all of them can be sliced & diced into multiple parts, suitable for a year or more of ongoing content to deliver to a membership site.

Or ideally, it can be used as inspiration for additional content with the buyer’s own personality injected.

But that is not all – to make it even MORE massive:

5. Here’s the “Plus More”… A workshop titled “Content Repurposing Workshop” (for the buyer’s personal use only, not PLR) to assist them learn to repurpose the content they receive here, content they have created in the past, or other private label rights material currently occupying space on their hard drive, into cash-in-the-bank content.

The workshop alone sells for $37 normally. The rest of the content in this offer hasn’t been sold with PLR before, but personal use only rights for just the 4 ebooks were $17 each or more. None of the PLR content for the FE was duplicated in any of the other 3 volumes.

How Does 325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR Work?

Here’s 20 Ways You Can Use This Premium Content Today!

  • Insert it into a paid membership site – Charge a monthly fee!
  • Insert links and articles to the products – boost commissions on sales –
  • Insert your byline to the products – share with other bloggers or even do guest blogging to create quality backlinks & traffic.
  • Brand everything as yours – boost your authority.
  • Combine all the content – Create pillar content blog posts.
  • Convert the content into podcasts – Profit from that medium
  • Convert the product chapters into podcasts – Create your own show
  • Create a coaching program from the material – and charge premium prices.
  • Create a monthly paid newsletter – Insert it as an upsell to another offer.
  • Create a webinar from the content – pitch a mid-ticket related affiliate product.
  • Create lead magnets from the content – grow your email list!
  • Create videos based on the material – upload them to all video sharing websites.
  • Develop a members only portal – Provide special training and charge a monthly fee.
  • Establish yourself as THE authority of choice – Build your reputation in your niche.
  • Make an eBook out of segments of the content – sell it and keep 100% of profits.
  • Monetise everything with your own specific affiliate links – share online.
  • Translate the material to a foreign language – create an authority site in other languages, so very few are doing this, you know.
  • Turn each chapter into a video article – Create video series
  • Use it as niche training in your seminars or webinars – Charge premium prices.
  • Use it on your authority sites – Build individual brand
  • Use it to train your VAs – profit faster!
  • Post articles or chapters, or parts of articles or chapters, to your blog on a regular basis. – The search engines will love it, and your followers will also, causing them (along with the new readers) to come back over & over (and of course you’ll want to monetize those posts somehow!


Front End: “325K Premium IM Words Expert Content with PLR for Multiple Uses Including Memberships, PLUS!”

325,000+ Words of premium IM Content, plus!

Dimesale from $19.03, 50% Affiliate Commission (bear in mind that the dime sale for Volume 1 is currently over $29.00, and for Volume 2 it is over $32.00, and Volume 3 is over $39.00, and conversions stayed strong even as the price rose substantially & quickly).

OTO1: Resell Rights to FE

This gives the buyer the right to resell the content that they purchased with the FE offer (the front end offer gives them PLR rights to use, modify, etc., but not to resell to others).

$19.35 Dimesale, 50%

OTO2: Video course titled Rebranding PLR Videos, with PLR rights.


OTO3: PLR rights to Daily Seminar audios, videos & transcripts, 169 videos & matching audios, plus 800,000+ words of content transcribed from the the Daily Seminar full archives (created originally by Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank)


OTO4: Email coaching for 6 months with Dennis Becker & Barb Ling



“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to 325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. 325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose 325K Premium IM Words Content with PLR, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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