Adsense Machine Review

Adsense Machine Overview

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Who’s The Creator Of Adsense Machine?

Ankur Shukla is the Creator of Adsense Machine. He’s a well known name in the field of on-line marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as Social Jacker, Tube Rank Machine, WP Social Contact, WP FRESHSTART 4.0 and many more successful digital product launches.

What’s Adsense Machine?

Is Adsense DEAD?

Hell NO… people think they can no longer make cash from Adsense…. maybe its too hard.

Not at all – you just need the right training, the right SYSTEM that you can copy & create sites that earn passive income using Google Adsense.

This method works perfectly in 2018 and they have created some NEW sites to show you that YES it works.

I know it seems unbelievable…

DO I have proof?

how does this even work?

Just watch the video below to see it 🙂

Adsense Machine Features:

[+] Passive Income Month After Month:
Inside Adsense Machine you’ll learn exactly what needs to be done to earn passive income each & every month. The exact steps they use to do that & the exact traffic techniques they use.

[+] Without Article 100s of Articles:
Its a huge myth that one needs to have a bunch of fresh articles each day/week added to his website to actually make cash with Adsense – they will show you how do make cash without that.

[+] Without Complex tool or Methods that Make You Give Up:
No more complex software, all you need is a simple WP theme and a few wp plugins that are almost free – install them & get going with your Adsense Machine in less than 30 minutes.

[+] Without Any Google Rankings, SEO or Building Any Backlinks:
Google isn’t the only traffic source out there & you don’t have to work hard on SEO & then wait months to MAYBE get ranked & MAYBE get traffic. They don’t rely on Google for any traffic.

[+] A Guaranteed Way to Get Yourself Loads of Traffic without Google:
There are many different sources of traffic you can use and they will show you EXACTLY what Adsense Machine’s traffic source is – how they profit with Adsense & how you can copy our exact method for yourself & drive loads of traffic, no matter what niche you are in.

Adsense Machine Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Is this a tool or a training course?
Answer: This is a training that teaches you our exact methods, step-by-step how to use their techniques to make your own adsense machine web-sites. They have a software upgrade that will be offered to you after you purchase the training.

Q2: What will be my cost to get started with this?
Answer: You must have a domain and hosting + an adsense account + a facebook account to get started. This doesn’t need more than $50 in startup cost to get things going for you as per their course.

Q3: Do I need to write a lot of content for my sites?
Answer: Not necessary, you need a few initial articles & then you can have auto-pilot content grow your sites & monetize it.

Q4: Do you guarantee I will make cash?
Answer: Like any other training, execution is everything & you need to execute correctly. If you follow everything exactly as we explain, you’ll get results.
They may not be same as theirs and they can not guarantee the same. But each niche & each site has its own factors and they can not promise how much cash you’ll make – that depends on a lot of factors which are outside their control.

Adsense Machine OTOs:

OTO#1: Adsense Machine Video Course

Now You Can Be A “Fly on the Wall” And Watch Me Step-by-Step As I Create Profitable Adsense Sites and You Can COPY My Exact Steps…
What’s Included in Adsense Machine 23 Adsense Videos…

[+] Watch Me Build a Site from Scratch:
Right from buying a domain to setting up hosting to creating an adsense account & building the site from zero.

[+] Watch Me Make cash from Google Adsense from Day1:
I won’t only build the site but also make my first dollar from Adsense as you watch me do it.

[+] Watch Me Drive Traffic:
Traffic is key to making cash from any site, you’ll see exactly how I drive traffic to my site & what my “traffic source” is.

[+] Watch Me Get Social Engagement and Results:
Social Engagement & traffic from social media is one of the KEYS to our success, watch what we do to get free social traffic.

[+] Instant Access to all 23 Step-by-Step Videos:
Watch how we start building sites & go from zero to getting traffic to making cash from a brand new site.

OTO#2: Adsense Machine Software

Down-load The EXACT Software That Ankur Uses to Build His Profitable Adsense Sites on Auto-pilot…(Ankur’s Theme + All Plugins included)
What You Get in the Adsense Machine WP Software:

[+] 100% Automated Website:
Build AUTOMATIC Website for earning cash with Adsense – this is the exact software package Ankur installs on every site he creates in my niche.

[+] Simple Click Click and DONE Site Setup Wizard:
Ankur has made things extremely simple for you to setup your website – this step-by-step wizard will guide you from start to finish.

[+] Ankur’s Exact WP Theme Included for you:
You’ll get the exact theme Ankur uses in the exact niche that makes me cash… so you can see fast results on taking action.

[+] All Required Plugins Are Included For You:
YES – you do not need any extra plugins, Ankur has included all the plugins he uses to build his site in the exact niche making me cash

[+] Automated Traffic Plugin included for you
Because traffic is the life & blood of any website, this automated wp plugin will make sure it gets you traffic – exactly what we use.

OTO#3: Adsense Machine Developers License

Let Ankur Shows You How You Can Make $500 to $1000 Each Month Using Adsense Machine…

OTO#4: Adsense Machine Done For You

We will SETUP Your Adsense Machine Site + Web Hosting + ONE Year of Autopilot Content in the Same Niche That Makes Me cash…
Here’s What We will do For You With Adsense Machine DFY:

[+] Install Adsense Machine:
Install Adsense Machine software on your website & configure it for you – fully done for you.

[+] Automatic Content:
We’ll setup the site to automatically post content in the same niche to the site that is working well for us.

[+] In The Same Niche That Makes ME cash:
We know the exact niche that is making us cash & its highly versatile so we’ll make your site in the same niche.

[+] Web Hosting Included:
If you do not already have hosting, we’ll take care of hosting your website on our servers so you do not have to buy hosting.

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