AdStage vs ConnectExplore Review

AdStage vs ConnectExplore


ConnectExplore has a unique feature that distinguished it from all other Facebook Ads tools. To understand this feature, you need to understand how software connects and interacts with each other. Software applications communicate with each other through what is called an application programming interface (API). This is a set of program blocks, codes, protocols and routines that specifies the nature, type and degree of access applications have with each other. Any given software, such as Facebook, has different APIs for different purposes. Two of such Facebook APIs is the General Access API and the Ads API. The former allows general access to Facebook but the latter grants access to Facebook members’ interests. Most Facebook Ads marketing tools have access to the General API. But only ConnectExplore, having passed various tests and conditions given by Facebook, has access to the Ads API. With such authorized access, only ConnectExplore can access the interests of Facebook members and use that information to better focus your adverts based on their interests.

Apart from this outstanding unique feature, ConnectExplore has the following additional features:

  • Eliminates guess-work split testing by targeting the right kind of members through every interest.
  • Provides you with detailed and wide range of performance statistics for all and each of your interests.
  • Find hidden interests of Facebook members more effectively and faster that are unknown to your competitors or other Facebook ads’ tools.
  • With its advanced filtering feature, ConnectExplore offers you multiple level of interests allowing you to create a variety of related target interests.
  • Results from your search or campaign can, with a single click, be automatically copied into the Facebook Ads manager.
  • Allows you to enter keywords related to your product and then generates results based on viable, qualified keywords. Results can be saved as projects that you can later return to.
  • You can get full life access to ConnectExplore for a single one-time payment of $197 with a 30 day trial period. Full payment also grants you access to ConnectSuite (comprising of ConnectRetarget, ConnectAudience and ConnectLeads WordPress plugins) for a 30-day trial. Clients not interested in the ConnectSuite may cancel their subscription for the suite within the 30-day trial period without being charge. Otherwise, you are charged a monthly subscription of $97 per month for the suite.

This is a real game changer! I was hooked from my 1st campaign, using “time on-site greater than 20 seconds” as a fast way to put my ads in front of the most engaged audience. This immediately lowered my cost per sale from $11.85 to $3.78 – performing more than 3 x better compared to my other retargeting audiences!

The built-in template library is already stocked with ideas to enhance your marketing such as retargeting (on pc) those who visited initially on mobile, something that makes a lot of sense in the context of E-Commerce conversion paths.

Needless to say I am hooked! :)”

Andrew Norton
Before I used Connect Leads I gave up on FB Lead Ads, (even though my cost per lead was 50% lower with lead ads), due to the fact I had to manually down load the leads from FB™ & upload to ActiveCampaign. Now, with Connect Leads, it’s all automated and works like a charm.
Joakim Hansson

I’m not detailed- or tech focused, and I can honestly say that without Connectexplore I could not even begin to do what I do with Facebook™ Ads. I use it almost at a daily basis.

Some of the things I like most about it are… it is very simple, user-friendly, and simple to use. Probably next to that & important for me, is that Wilco keeps it updated. If something changes within a platform, they are right on top of it. They keep their products updated to make sure they are compliant with Facebook™. I strongly recommend anything that he releases because it’s always done exceptionally well.

Kate Saunders


AdStage prides itself in number of general features which are explained below:

  • Administer all your campaigns from one single platform.
  • Analyze ad performance and metrics by connecting to SalesForce and Google Analytics.
  • Combine your ads data with other conversion data from other sources using AdStage JOIN.
  • Generate analytical reports on your campaigns and ads in just a few minutes.
  • Create optimization and monitoring rules for your campaigns to help you ascertain those ads and campaigns that are performing well and those that are not.
  • Adstage has a data API feature that enables you to import data virtually from any source.
  • Repetitive campaign and ads task can be saved and fully automated for future use in your projects.
  • You can rotate ads so as to create variety and newness. You can also schedule when a particular ad should run.

The table below compares key characteristics and features between the two products:

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