Alternative Email Hunter By Scopeleads

Alternative Email Hunter By Scopeleads

With the increase of different types of creative or business websites, we are witnessing a great increase in people who wish to find emails of different well-known people from whom they can get a little bit of help. For example, if you have a blog, it might help you get a guest post on a more famous blog in your niche. So it’s something that was bound to happen eventually, and because finding someone’s email is not as bad as showing up in front of their house, this is something that’s considered pretty acceptable. There are many ways of benefits that might come with knowing an email. You can even ask for some pieces of advice from that person, and he might even answer your question. But even SEO outreach is a possibility that can come with the help of email hunting.

But you might ask how can you find the email of a well-known person? Won’t they try to make sure that their email remains unknown? Just think about the number of messages that might come through that person’s email. And how can you make sure that that email is a legit one and not a fluke one made by the one that found the email? Well, there are different sites and businesses that try to do this sort of things and ones of the biggest in the market are and These two tools are very useful if you try to find someone’s email or if you want a lead in some sort of business to inquire that you might have. Both of them are great tools that come with a truly great instrument, very easy to use and, the probability to find the right email is very very high. But is not guaranteed. But if you give more information the possibility of finding the right email increases as well.
Let’s talk about each tool in particular.

Firstly we have Let’s talk about the coolest part of this tool. You have 100 free searches. That’s great if you outreach not that often, but if you do outreach on a daily basis than it is probably more wisely to buy their premium plan for about $49/month. But the probability that you will find the right email is very high. But how does it work?

Well, there are two ways. Firstly it researches the website to find a trace of that email if it doesn’t find anything then it will try to give a great guess. The good part is that it will give you a probability score. So you can know if you should or should not make any hopes.

Another service that offers is email verification. With this, you can verify the authenticity of an email, and if the message that you receive is a scam or not.

Another great tool is the email tracker. What does this do? Well, it will tell you when someone opens your email, it works for Gmail. So next time when someone is not responding to your mail you know what to do.

Now let’s look a little bit on This is also a great tool to use. It really helps a lot if you try to find out leads. For example, let’s say that you are a social network manager, this tool will help you find out companies that are in need of people like you. Also, it can even send some message from you to your potential prospectors. There are many possibilities with this tool. With this tool, you can also reduce the quantity of work that you have and also automate some of it. This means that you will have less work to do, and the other part of your work can get even easier.

So if you are in need of some help with your company, or if you are in need of some help with your business. All of this can help you a lot by finding prospecting jobs, help with your job by minimizing the amount of work that you get by automizing it.
Both of them are great and honestly whichever one of them that you are using will make your life better so try them a little bit.

What some happy customers had to say about Scopeleads

This tool is genius! Getting leads daily now. Closing SEO & Mobile soon. Perfect tool for anyone who does what we do! Thanks again
Sean Delano: SMM Specialist
Just register my first client thanks to your program: 51200 monthly plus I sold a web-site that I’d built before a custo- mer. my cost was 5150 & I sold it….
Mark Heller: Business Manager
Tool is badass. I’d someone on my team who never used it in his life find some leads at 12:00 midnight. That same morning we got them on…
Ron Pascal: Business Manager

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  1. Oxyleads is also a great alternative to email Hunter.

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