BigCommerce Review – The Future of Commerce Is Yours

BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce is a prominent builder for developing online stores while offering high scalability for eCommerce. It extends features like customizing your site, managing shipment and payments, and listing products on portals like Amazon and eBay.

But is it worth relying on for building your business empire online? Can you really trust it for skyrocketing your sales and business growth?

Let’s find out in this in-depth review of BigCommerce. The blueprint of this review covers the following areas:

  • Overview of BigCommerce
  • Features
  • Pros And Cons Of BigCommerce
  • The final verdict

BigCommerce Overview

BigCommerce is a highly optimized e-commerce builder which enables you to build online stores with a variety of features. With its range of distinguished in-built features and data tools, BigCommerce is one of the highly desirable builders which can help you grow your business.

Having clients like Toyota, Kodak, Ben & Jerry’s and many other giants in various other industries, BigCommerce has developed a favorable reputation. It is highly effective for small businesses which want to scale up. With an impressive average growth of 28% per year for its clients, BigCommerce enjoys a reputable position in the realm of eCommerce. This is approximately the double of average industry growth.

BigCommerce Features

  • BigCommerce enables you to sell online and physical products directly. It eliminates the element of involving a third party application. The editor houses these sales types by default. This reduces the hassle and also minimizes the cost of running an online store because, without a third party involvement, you can deal with sales directly.
  • With the help of BigCommerce, you can choose your own payment provider. It does not restrict you for a particular payment gateway. Also, with the help of BigCommerce, you can avoid transaction fees which other eCommerce builders impose. The only charges which are applied are the usual credit charges of 2.2% + 30¢. This sure adds up to the lists of reasons WHY BIGCOMMERCE.
  • BigCommerce extends more than 40 integrated payment gateways. Features like one-click setup, mobile payments, and support for various currencies make BigCommerce one of the most desirable online store builders because, with these payments features, fast payments can be ensured. The payment providers include PayPal, Stripe, Square, Apple, Amazon, and Adyen.
  • With the help of SSL Security certificate, BigCommerce guarantees that the user data remains secure. The encryption of data while making online payments adds another layer of data security and safety. This makes business with BigCommerce not only secure but also reliable.
  • The ‘abandoned cart recovery’ enables customers to give up products in their shopping cart while checking out. With the help of this, they can delay purchases so that discount codes can be availed. With the help of this feature, users can save a great deal of money.
  • BigCommerce provides and elegant solution for sales. With the help of multichannel integrations, you can make sales everywhere. This means that you can sell through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon, etc. With data reporting tools you can track your sales, analyze customer trends, and monitor your business’ performance quite elegantly and neatly. You can perform all these functions using your dashboard.
  • Owing to its in-built features, BigCommerce requires way too fewer apps as compared to its competitors. This helps in cost reduction as you don’t have to pay for the third party add-ons every now and then.

Pros And Cons Of BigCommerce


User friendliness: With the help of visual merchandising tool ‘Store Design’, BigCommerce has made it quite easy and user-friendly to design your store. You can see the results of your editing real-time, which enables you to customize it as per your choice.

However, the usage of tech-savvy words remains a consistent problem with BigCommerce. Due to its complexity, it is difficult for beginners to understand the terminology which poses difficulties in building an online store.

Sales Tools and Features: the payment options along with other features make BigCommerce highly desirable for building an online store.

Themes: With over 100 themes, ranging from $145-235, BigCommerce makes it convenient to make your ideal business store which resonates with your personality and your industry as well. One more thing which makes BigCommerce shine out from the rest of builders is the availability of seven free themes. These themes and website templates are customizable which means you can tailor these as per your requirements and choice. Also, if you do not like your existing theme, you can switch to another theme at any time. All of these themes are fully mobile responsive.

Design Customization: You can customize various sections of your page at runtime with the help of Store Design tool. You can make massive edits; from changing background colors to logo positioning. You can edit the number of featured products and a lot more.

Support: BigCommerce extends 24/7 phone and live chat support. You can also seek out support through email.


Pricing: BigCommerce plans are comparatively expensive. However, when we look at the features which come included in BigCommerce, the plan pricings are justifiable. Other e-commerce builders require you to rely on various third-party apps, which eventually add up to the cost of using those builders. But with, BigCommerce most of these functions are inbuilt for you. Which means you’re not being ripped off.

Annual Sales Limits: BigCommerce restricts annual online sales to a particular limit. In order to exceed this limit, it will require you to upgrade your plan to an expensive one.

BigCommerce does not extend the liberty of managing your store on the go with the help of a mobile app.

The RSS feeds are not available with the built-in blog.

The abandoned cart feature costs your way more than the competitors of BigCommerce. With other builders, you can avail the same functionality at much lower rates.

The Verdict

Owing to its remarkable data reports and inclusion of highly desirable features as built-in features; BigCommerce can be safely termed as a highly recommended tool for building online stores. It is not only perfect for big and fast-growing businesses but also for small scale struggling businesses.

The powerful features enable BigCommerce to skyrocket your sales and grow your business. Bring in a kickass business idea and build it through BigCommerce… and BAM!!! You have hit the success road and money has just started rolling in.

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