BigTracker Review

Reasons Why BigTracker is a Good Jungle Scout Alternative

As the BigTracker nowadays is having a lot of recognition in the market, many people are asking us to compare this with the Jungle Scout. Most users of the Jungle Scout which are looking for an alternative, usually do ask same question.

We would want to provide you a clearer picture and compare the differences between BigTracker vs Jungle Scout.


The Jungle Scout was launched three years ago. It is the best brand of tool used in product research software. In addition to that, the Jungle Scout has a complete tutorial videos and a free resource sheet. They actually focus mainly on looking for a product niche and cover most market places.

The BigTracker was then launched few months ago. It focuses mainly on finding competitors analysis and product niche. This is the reason why the BigTracker separates from the rest, it is because of its deeper sales analysis, data accuracy and the product database. Currently, the BigTracker works only for the United States of America marketplace, nonetheless, the United Kingdom marketplace will finally be available not later than the year 2018.

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Product Database/Research

Product Database/Research is one of the primary factors to measure the accuracy of the data. The most precise data analytics requires huge sales database to increase the sales model.

Aside from the estimated revenue and the basic sales column, the BigTracker has a sales graph and a profit calculator in order to evaluate potential items before adding them all in the product tracker.

Product Database/Research Filter

The Jungle Scout basically has listing quality search filters, net, and weight that are not found in the BigTracker. As a matter of fact, the Jungle Scout uses algorithm to calculate approximate net and score potential products.

The BigTracker has group setting in advanced search and filters where in you can quickly save the frequently searched categories as templates. The BigTracker always aims for the accuracy of the data, so that we do not give any scores or tag on products. It is not accurate nowadays because the market constantly changes every day. Instead, we transform the sales model every fifteen days based on the gathered data which is already enough and meets the trends in business.

Product Tracker

The Jungle Scout gives you some fundamental columns to document sales data in a graph to observe every day changes.

The BigTracker, on the other hand, has more than the tracked sales information in the graph. The BigTracker may compare sales data by two or more various items, has an extraordinary profit calculator that allows backward calculation, and set over twenty types of email alerts. In addition to that, the BigTracker tracks down all the queries and answers, reviews and deals as several reference indicators to doing competitors analysis or finding potential products.

Exclusive Functions


Group Settings: It has three tier group settings to aid you manage the tracked items with various purposes.

Product Comparison: It compares sales data of two or more products in sales analytical chart to certify which products have greater potential or conduct a competitor analysis. In fact, the sales data may track 1 up to 120 days depending on the plan of subscription.

Email alerts: Over twenty types of email alerts which persistently notify you. Modify your preferred individual alerts which may also save your time, focus more on marketing and sales strategies, and react faster.

Top 100 of Amazon: Know the top selling items on the Amazon to quickly find your next hot selling items.

Deal Tracker: You can actually see exactly the promotions that are circling by other marketers and mimic those ideas for your own benefit. Running promotions is basically one of the most common ways to improve the sales rank, increase the number of reviews and orders, and earn product awareness.

Brand Tracker: You can add your brand and your competitor’s brand in the brand tracker to limit the competition by making a summary out of the performance of the brand.

Not to mention, based on the internal testing, the Jungle Scout could not estimate accurately the number of orders over 6000 per month. While on the other hand, the BigTracker can easily estimate accurately even if the number of orders exceeds to 10,000 per month.

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