Bitcoin Focus Group Review – Scam Or Legit?

If somebody would offer you a profit of $35 000 for a week by trading, would you invest?

This promise can entice you, so take your time to find out and investigate.

I started to investigate the Bitcoin Focus Group after several complaints from its victims.

Here is what I found out.

What is the Bitcoin Focus Group?

Bitcoin Focus Group is a system created by an unknown person. Yet, David Kramer claims to be the person behind this app. He spreads the lies that investors in the trading world who use the app will have an opportunity to work with the group that aims to enrich them at cash flowing bot.

Another thing, Bitcoin Focus Group hit the people in the market to join because of its strategy of incorporating education to a patented trading app. It claims to make traders millionaires within a year. If you watch the video presentation form the website, you will notice the convincing aura of the speaker. For sure, you will get the lies behind this software.

You will also hear from Bitcoin Focus Group that they are not a scam. They will convince you that they operate following strict regulations, and they aim to protect the clients’ interests. Later on, you will know how the group originated will also see the purpose of making new investors wealthy.

Besides, to even convince you more, they will tell you that they enrich the members by knowing the secrets of the best bitcoin traders. They will engage you in an ICOs as well as algorithm trading. You will also find out that behind the Bitcoin Focus Group is a company named Johnson and Rutger Focus Group. They will even claim that opening the app only happens within a limited period. It is a strategy to make people open an account and rush to do it before it closes.

How does Bitcoin Focus Group work?

Bitcoin Focus Group is a lie, and the whole thing about it is fake. Since 2013, trading binary options is enormous. It can be an easy way for people to make money. However, the truth is that it is a scam, and it will make the brokers win, and the investors lose.

Trading involves betting on the volatility of the market. It sounds very easy, but the risk is very high too. In just a short period that bets are made, the risk carried over is massive.

The risk in Bitcoin Focus Group is having the unlicensed and unregulated brokers. These people behind this will take your cash. After depositing your money, you will see how you will lose. From $250 minimum deposit to zero left. On the other hand, if you win a bit from the trade, you will not be able to withdraw it. Your withdrawal request will be ignored until you use it again to bet in the trade. The next time you see, your balance is empty.

Bitcoin Focus Group is a scam, so do not be fooled by fake promises. Protect your hard-earned money, and don’t let unregulated brokers take hold of it.

Who is the manager of the Bitcoin Focus Group?

Bitcoin Focused Group is a program that is being managed by David Kramer. He is a person claiming that Bitcoin Focus Group is a method of earning money through bitcoin. Bitcoin Focus Group is a free site. It even claims that you can get a bonus if you try out this app.

Everything seems to work perfectly until I found out that David Kramer is a fabricated person. There is no means of verifying David Kramer as involved in a crypto trading market. If you participate in this program, the creator promises to give you an earnings of $35 000 in a week by just trading bitcoins. I think this is too much promise and unbelievable.

What are the Red Flags of Bitcoin Focus Group?

Obviously, the Bitcoin Focus Group is a scam. Aside from the fraudulent character of David Kramer, the site also lies when it claims that it was awarded as the best crypto program in 2017 by the Global Crypto magazine. It is actually fake news; it is never correct.

If you check the site, maybe you notice the sign up for only 25 people. I hope you already know that this is a call-to-action technique that the developer uses to encourage people to register because of limited time. Just think about it, this site is giving you a limited time to think because you have to deposit a minimum of $250. Do not fall to this trick. There is no quota; in fact, the scammers behind this bot prefer many people to register. The worst is that you will be depositing it in the unregulated broker. It is another red flag of the Bitcoin Focus Group. Investors are being lured into depositing funds and trade with an unregulated broker. By doing this, the Bitcoin Focus Group generates the bonus.

Bitcoin Focus Group also creates fake awards. An example of it is the Best Trading Software awarded by the Global Crypto Magazine. You will be surprised to know that this magazine does not exist. Therefore, the award is not existent.

Besides, the company does not show any information about its license. As an investment scheme, it is required by law to show the company details, including the license number, if it is regulated. But there is none of its website pages or posts show the license. So, what should we expect from this fake software? It is a phony operation and entirely scams.

Mostly, David Kramer does not exist. He is a fictitious character claiming to be a project manager of the management team. Johnson and Rutger Group does not exist; it is a lie. David is a paid actor that dupe and deceive people. If this person is fake, how can Bitcoin Focus Group have a regulated broker?

After knowing this red flag, would you still entrust your money to this fake software?

What is my final thought on the Bitcoin Focus Group?

Bitcoin Focus Group should never be trusted. It is not a reliable software for cryptocurrency trading. Think about it, the claiming owner of this website is fake, and the company that it is trying to say behind it is also fake. The aim of the development of the Bitcoin Focus Group is enriching the scammers. It happens by means of directing the investors to the unregulated broker that will empty their money from their account and even from the bank account. Stay away from Bitcoin Focus Group Scam. If you want to earn in trading bitcoin, carefully choose your software and go for the legit (Visit Bitcoin Focus Group For More Details)

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