Bitcoin Generator Review – Scam Or Legit?

The recent report on the news states that bitcoin has a dark side.

With online currency growth, scammers also grow.

Because of plenty of trading robots nowadays, it becomes almost impossible to spot scammers.

If you invest a lot in cryptocurrency, you can become a victim.

We will screen if Bitcoin Generator is a scam or not.

What do you know about Bitcoin Generator?

Bitcoin Generator is an auto trading platform. Many investors opt to automatically trade since it does not require too much time and efforts. As you see, manual trading can become hectic and time-consuming. Plus, it requires a specific skill set to trade. It can also become stressing to make sure that you keep an eye on it because of the ever-changing market.

Contrary to manual trading, automated trading becomes popular. This bot trades itself while the investor can sit down, relax, and wait to earn. The traders can do nothing at all but open their account, fund it, and click auto trade. Similar to other bots, Bitcoin generator promises investors to generate bitcoin coins.

How does Bitcoin Generator work?

The creators of Bitcoin Generator claim that this system is simple and easy to use. Unlike most of the sites in the market, this platform has the simplest. You generate bitcoin through the Bitcoin Exploit Engine found at its website. You have to prepare your Bitcoin wallet, computer or mobile device, and a good internet connection.

Is Bitcoin Generator Legit?

Bitcoin Generator is a big Scam. I understand that due to the plenty of trading robots available in the market, it becomes a little bit hard to spot which one is true and which is fake. That is why it is better to conduct research and be mindful where you invest. You may become the same man who spent $22, 000 and ended up losing everything with only $0.5 left.

About Bitcoin Generator, it a total scam. You will even find it hard to locate the official website of this robot. There is also very scanty information about this site. It is straightforward to classify it as a scam. If your company is legit, you will be proud to give as much more information as you can. So your target investors will be encouraged to join. As you see by just looking at it, you can tell that it is a scam since it lacks plenty of information.

It is the craziest thing, you know. Even though we knew that scams around Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are rampant, they can still extort money from the victims. Bitcoin Generator is included in this. See, not only ordinary people who try their lack are becoming victims. CNN had tried the Bitcoin Generator to ensure that its presumption is wrong, but as what is expected it is a scam.

Why is Bitcoin Generator a Scam?

Once something is too good to be true, you can expect for a possibility that it is fake. Bitcoin Generator is one of the most noted scammers. As a new user, you will be promised with fictitious luxury in the world and the amount that you want to receive. The next thing you know, you are set to lose your money.

About the Java Script, Bitcoin Generator has the fakest one. A well designed JS appears on your screen after you confirm. It has an advertisement about the technology that Bitcoin Generator is currently on to generate coins. Then a fake process comes out, and a new box appears confirming that a coin will be sent to you. But before that, you will be charged. To justify this, the fake Bitcoin Generator will try to explain that a small fee needs to be paid to the miners in exchange for their efforts. Afterward, it will tell you that your generated bitcoin will now be sent to you. What a scam, right?

What is Behind the Generator Scam?

According to CNN, the Moon Bit, the most popular provider of Bitcoin Faucet, may be involved in the Generator Scam. The hypothesis is mainly seen as a result of observation and experience of the team from CNN who tried the platform. One of the Bitcoin websites addresses that the scammers provide for the fictitious transaction is highly associated with the Moon Bit.

Not only CNN report said the above information, but also Wallet Explorer confirmed that one of the addresses is owned by – a Bitcoin Faucet that has been long-standing. In fact, CNN tried to reach out from the owners of the website, but no further update was posted. During the time, the transaction fee address received an amount of more than .8BTC. It is over $2700, even the market is looming and keeping its prices low. Moreover, the scam site talks about the web addresses that receive bitcoin from Bitcoin Generator in a consistent manner. One of these is 1J8DgCiBwWxMkNTEFXWhfVCNGVMEHEuC1N, which the last transaction was in October.

As you see, scammers and scam sites are no longer new when it comes to Bitcoin. If you try to contact the customer service in Bitcoin Generator through a chatbot bot, it will work, but the same information will just be said over and over. It only means that nothing is on hand to talk with you or answer any of your queries. In short, you will waste your time. Why contact them at all if no one will answer you? In the first place, why bother with Bitcoin Generator? Other platforms are entirely real and not scammers.

What is my Verdict?

After being acquainted with Bitcoin Generator, I can conclude that it does not contain enough information on how it operates. With this reason, I do not recommend Bitcoin Generator for you to try out. It only takes advantage of the traders who want to generate coins. This site will only fool you and make you believe that this is hacking the bitcoin network for you and submitting the transactions to generate coins for you. When in fact, it does not. Remember that Bitcoin Generator is one of the scams. So never enter to this site.


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