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What are the duties of a Bookkeeper?

Before getting started with Bookkeeper Business Launch, I first want to let you know the duties of a bookkeeper.

  • Using spreadsheets, software, and databases for bookkeeping
  • Recording and receiving vouchers, checks, and cash
  • Noting, reconciling, and reporting the problems or difference in the financial records
  • Checking for posting, figure, and accuracy of the report
  • Entering a business transaction to software for tracking
  • Producing various reports like income statement, balance, and total
  • Putting the income and cost to software to ensure that it is associated with the account
  • Making sure that the bills of the clients are paid and helping them to balance finances
  • Maintaining financial health and developing the solutions in countering issues

The financial health of a business is essential for success, and companies need a skillful bookkeeper. There is no opportunity shortage for all aspiring bookkeepers. With the correct training through the help of Bookkeeper Business Launch, you will develop your skills necessary to start your business.

For you to become a competent bookkeeper, you should have a good skill in math. You must know how to solve problems and a knowledge of software to manage data and perform the job efficiently and accurately.

Bookkeeper Business Launch is a great option to learn bookkeeping and start a bookkeeping business.

What is a Bookkeeper Business Launch?

Bookkeeper Business Launch is a very viable course to learn bookkeeping. The course focuses on six sections: skills, resources, systems, clients, bonuses, and advanced clients. This course starts with the basics, so it is not hard to follow. From the basics, the course builds on; surely, as a student, you will develop both the foundational knowledge of bookkeeping to its fundamentals.

After finishing the course, you can already start a bookkeeping business because you will get the necessary skills from the course. The examples given in the course are based on real life. The scenarios given gives a taste of working as a professional bookkeeper. If you don’t know anything about bookkeeping, you will develop your knowledge and skills from scratch. The processes of bookkeeping were given, and the instruction for online hands-on instruction is done via QuickBooks. If you are familiar, it is currently the most popular software for bookkeeping.

You will learn bookkeeping through tutorials, reading materials, and hands-on activities. There are also mock scenarios given to the students. In short, the course is a combination of both theories and applications. Hence, you will put into action all the things that you have learned from the coach and the reading materials.

By the way, you can also get guidance in terms of the legal aspects needed for building your bookkeeping business. You will also have access to a lawyer that is paid by the course creator. You can ask any questions to make sure that you are doing everything right. It is a good deal.

Who is the creator of Bookkeeper Business Launch?

Ben Robinson creates bookkeeper Business Launch. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and he owns a CPA firm. He spent many years in the field of finance professionals, and he determined that a skilled bookkeeper is necessary for both small and big businesses. He helped more than four thousand people already to accomplish their bookkeeping business.

Since 2001, Ben Robinson has been helping people to begin their bookkeeping business. He launched this course in July 2015, but before that, he spent a long time working on this course.

Knowing him makes me believe that Bookkeeping Business Launch is real.

What are the contents of the Bookkeeper Business Launch?

Primarily, there are four units included in the Bookkeeper Business Launch. After these four units, you will be directed to the six additional units.

Unit 1. The first unit focuses on the things that the bookkeepers do. They will help to understand the everyday work of a bookkeeper. Thus, you will get a feeling of what it is like to be a bookkeeper.

Unit 2. This unit is called as the foundational element for bookkeeping. There are three modules in this unit: the first module is about the basics of bookkeeping. It discusses the study hacks, liabilities, equity, and assets. It also gives information on the accounting equation, including scales demo and equation quiz. Aside from this, you will also learn about credit and debit accounts, trial balance, and ledger. Also, you will learn about accounting principles.

The next module in this unit is about financial statements, journals, and ledgers, where you will learn about the purpose of financial statements. The topics like balance sheet, cash flow, income statement, bookkeeping cycle, and posting to the ledger and the journal will be covered. There is also a demo process for posting, including repetitive transactions. Besides, the methods of receipts and the payments for bank accounts are discussed. Bank security is also considered.

The third module is a building block that covers professional ethics, commercial code, elements of the contract, business entities, laws, and legislation.

Unit 3. This unit consists of three groups. Still, this unit is a building block, yet each topic explores various topics. The first module is about getting set that covers an introduction about building blocks, signing up in a Xero, and using it to set a client — using QuickBooks and Xero. In the second module, you will learn the specific details about balance sheet assets. There are plenty of things to learn from this module, such as bank feeds, bank statements, bank reconciliation resources, inventory, assets, and many more. From the third module, you will know more about balance sheets, assets, and liabilities. Specifically, the accounts payable, demonstration on how to enter bills, payroll liabilities, loans, equity, sales tax, and many more.

In the fourth module, you will learn about the income statements. Specifically, you will get more knowledge about revenue, costs of goods, expenses, and income statements. The last module is about the statement of cash flows. You will learn about the cash flow associated with the operating costs and the statement of cash flows. You will also work on a demo about the cash flow statement.

Unit 4. This part is known as prepare, review, and present. Each of the modules explores various topics. In this unit, there are three modules. Module one is about the balance sheet review. It covers explicitly financial statements. Credit and cash accounts, fixed assets, account receivable, equity, account payable, sales tax, liabilities, payroll, and others. The second module talks about the cash flow statement and the income statement. It covers the cost of goods as well as the revenue, the statement of cash flow, and other income. Module three is about the presentation of financial statements, how to prepare for it, and the month and year-end close.

What are the Additional Units in Bookkeeper Business Launch?

The great thing about Bookkeeper Business Launch is a lot of extras. After finishing the units in the course, there is still an additional unit. These units are the following:

  • Business and marketing that has ten modules
  • Infinity and beyond that covers seven modules
  • Bookkeeping practical that has four modules
  • Bonus training that has eight modules in total
  • Bootcamp coaching that has three modules

Why is Bookkeeping Business Launch excellent?

After completing the training from Bookkeeping Business Launch, you can already start your bookkeeping business. You are aware that every business from small to a large scale keeps track of its financial status. A bookkeeper is trained in this area, which means that every business needs a skilled bookkeeper. The average salary of a bookkeeper annually that works from home is about $59 000. Still, some bookkeepers earn up to $75 000 and even six figures. With this, we can conclude that bookkeeping is a lucrative business. Bookkeeping Business Launch is a great resource to have this luxury.

(Updated) They Now Have 2 Pricing Tiers:

1) Full Course with Added Group Coaching:

BL PREMIERE 12 PAY = 12 Payments of $299


2) Full Course Only:

BL PRO FULL PAY = $1,999
BL PRO 12 PAY = 12 Payments of $199

As well as only having a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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