BookScouter Review: Sell Textbooks and Used Books

BookScouter App: Sell Textbooks and Used Books

It is the start of the new semester, and your teacher hands you the syllabus for the course. Now, you are about to spend around $150 on a textbook that you don’t even care about. BookScouter App is an excellent tool that can give you a comparison of prices from different vendors and you can sell your textbooks and used books.

Would you like to sell your books for the best price possible?

If you answer yes to my question, then you must read my BookScouter App review.

Let me go into the details of this app.

What is the BookScouter App?

BookScouter App is an excellent option to see the comparison of prices for any book you search – gathering prices information from more than 30 websites that buy books.

You can check the prices from Chegg, TextbookRush, Amazon, Buyback Express, MyBook Monkey, Textbook, and many more.

Besides that, you can use BookScouter to sell your textbooks and used books to any of these vendors at the best price.

How to Use the BookScouter App?

Just download the BookScouter App from Google Play or App Store and install it on your phone.

Using this app, you can look for a book using your phone’s camera, scanning the QR code or typing the ISBN manually. This will give you a real-time quote for the price of the textbooks and used books.

Then, select what vendor are you interested in selling your book based on the prices offered and customers rating. It is actually on your discretion.

Afterward, complete your transaction at their website.

Then prepare the package, ship your books for free in the shipping label provided. For some, there are other details about the shipping fee.

Instantly, you are going to receive your check in your email or receive your money using your PayPal.

Who can use this App?

There are four types of people that can find the BookScouter App a great resource.

First, it is perfect for college students. With the increase in the overall cost of textbooks from the year 2008 up to now, some college students spend over $500 a year just on textbooks. When textbooks become so pricey, up to 67% of the students skip from buying textbooks. BookScouter App solves this problem. It is an excellent tool for comparing prices before you buy or sell your textbooks.

Second, individuals who want to shop at thrift stores to find the lowest price for a particular book may find the app a relief. Most especially if these people look for a yard sale for many arbitrage opportunities. BookScouter is easy to use application.

Next, the app can help people who want to declutter their home or their office from the mess of the enormous file of textbooks while making money at the same time.

Finally, institutions and book retailers with full of books at their libraries that are looking forward to freeing up spaces for new books may take this opportunity with BookScouter and find this helpful.

Is it worthy to Use BookScouter App?

Book Scouter App is definitely worthy of using. So you have some textbooks just lying around your table or old books that you don’t read anymore. You can sell them using the app and get plenty of benefits.

Using BookScouter is getting the best deal.

There are plenty of sites and places to sell your books, but prices vary. In one site, you are being offered $3 for a book that’s actually worth $15 in another site. So it is definitely worth seeing others around to get most of the cash for the books you sell.

However, it’s pretty consuming to look individually to multiple websites. Using BookScouter, there is no issue for time wasted. You can have access to various sites in just a click.

Just input the ISBN and hit enter, there you go, you have it all – the list of vendors that will buy the book and the price they offer. Not only it saves time, but also saves your effort to search for different sites just to find the best deal.

Another good thing I like about BookScouter is that not only the prices offered by the vendors are shown, also shows their costumers rating.

Thus, you will get an idea about the performance of the vendor you are prospecting to sell your books.

BookScouter is a fantastic tool to have. Some websites offer high prices for books, but in reality, they take a long time to pay and at worst may not pay you at all. So, it is worth accessing costumers review.

In the future, you will save time using the feature of the app.

Do you have doubts?

If you are having hesitations, know that BookScouter is legit.

The app is not trying to push specific vendors on you, you can choose from which vendors you prefer. Besides, the ratings that you’ll see are not set by the owner of the website itself but by the customers.

So you can trust the ratings given to each vendor.

If you check the app right now in the Google Play or App Store, you can see that from the 3.9 rating given by the app users, it escalates to 4.

Others may have a negative review on the app, but positive reviews still dominate. You can give it a try and discover opportunities yourself.

At the end of the day, using BookScouter is safe and trustworthy. It can make you sell books a lot easier.

My Final Say

I must say that the BookScouter is impressive and useful.

To be honest, I like the idea of using the app to make money online. For some people, this may be worthless, but to me, it is worth every second of my time. It is the very reason why I decided to try this out, and within one and a half year, I see so much improvement.

With my experience, I want to share with you some tips. You can start on the beginner course for FREE.

If you join, I can guide you all the way to building your business.


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