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CaptiPic– Are you searching for more knowledge about CaptiPic? Please read through my honest reviews about CaptiPic before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Okay, so it’s time to get serious about your marketing….

It’s time to take your business to the next level & evolve like some of the big companies have been able to afford.. But you can do this even better!

Now, using a brand-new cloud-based tool you can unlock your highest conversions revenue from each one of your prospects..

And the best bit?

You can set it up within minutes! Captipic is the latest personalisation marketing suite that boasts features you have NEVER ever seen or heard of before..

In fact, only the top dogs have been using e-mail marketing personalisation to it’s maximum potential…

People like Frank Kern.. Coca Cola & others…

BUT they’d to stop at just em-ail marketing image personalisation… There was not anything else out there that offered any solutions…

This is where you are about to leap over the hurdles that everybody else, including the big guys have fallen at

Captipic enables your to personalise ANY marketing message you desire on ANY web-site & in emails too!

Imagine being able to capture the attention of your prospect buyers, your e-mail subscribers & EXITING traffic by using personalised popups!

It’s all possible…

CaptiPic Overview

  • Vendor: Craig Crawford
  • Product: CaptiPic
  • Release Date: 2018-Jan-10
  • Release Time: 10:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche: General

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What’s “CaptiPic”?

This is a cloud-based tool that’s not just something that will improve people’s email marketing when it comes to personalisation, but their sales, their opens, their clicks & engagement


It helps with the deployment of personal marketing messages within websites & popups too!

  1. Capitpic E-mail Personalisation: Within any email mailing service, using Captipic you can easily inject images into your campaigns using the {firstname fix} feature… and our service! It takes seconds to do & a minute literally to sign into your Auto-Responder & deploy!
    People like Frank Kern have been using this method for quite some time & continues to do so as many of you will of seen.
  2. Captipic Web-site image personalisation: This is perfect for carrying your personalisation across from e-mail marketing or even using it for returning customers!
    Imagine being able to put peoples names inside book covers, gift tags & even products they are going to buy!
    Along with certificates being prefilled with your own handwriting & MORE!
  3. Captipic Pop-up Personalisation: Now imagine this… You are about to the leave the web-site.. But instead of your same old boring pop-up… This pop ACTUALLY SHOUTS YOUR NAME!!
    “WAIT! [Visitors Name] We have got a 10% coupon discount code here;” for example
    You will see illustrations of this below just to give you an idea, but personalisation is vital for any marketing effort to grow your KLT

Capitpic Demo Video

Who’s Capitpic For?

  • Internet marketers who want to engage their lists, increase sales & profits by giving their leads a personalised message/messages, increase their brand, relationships & MORE
  • Affiliate marketers who want to have the edge on other affiliates giving their lists a personal message.
  • Any marketer wanting to give a more personal, bespoke marketing message in their sales funnels & marketing messages/sales pages
  • Marketers looking to enhance the sale or signups of exiting traffic on their web-sites
  • Anybody looking to enhance their marketing professionalism & brush up on personalisation.

Captipic is a total cloud-based solution for ANYONE, regardless of technical ability or online skills to create not just marketing messages within e-mail, but websites & popups too!

1. See An Example Of A Congruent Lead Capture Page Which Will Begin Our Bespoke, Personalised Lead Experience:

2. This is an embedded e-mail example! See how you can embed the persons name within the email, just like Frank Kern!

Or.. 3 – Take the code, add it to websites & VOILA! Personalised web pages for your leads, subscribers and customers!

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