Commission Hero Review – Robby Blanchard’s Clickbank Course Scam or Not?

Looking for the best honest Commission Hero Review? Then you have come to the right review.

HereI will expose all thatI have found with this earn money online product called Commission Hero.

You may know by now that this system is sold through Clickbank and it is popularity is based on the high commissions its affiliate make by promoting the product.

Let me fully warn you if you’re considering purchasing & joining the Commission Hero’s suite of products. Just know that it is a training program that teaches how to earn money using Fb ads.

Do no’t expect an immediate return on you investment and if you looking for a get rich quick scheme this isn’t the product for you.

Internet affiliate marketing and scams is a hot topic in the world of online marketing today.

Why not? This is in line with the increasing number of newcomers joining a new world where they’ve great hopes to reap a profit of thousands and thousands monthly as much as possible.

With the revolution in business models online is also a factor that makes affiliate marketing programs so much in demand.

Various kinds of affiliate marketing programs will give commissions big enough to attract the affiliate to join the programs offered.

This also causes the line between good affiliate marketing companies and companies that scams to be vague.

Let’s dig into what Commission Hero is and isn’t or whether it’s a scam.

Commission Hero Review

Commission Hero is a product developed by Robby Blanchard the CEO of Blanchard Media. He’s formerly a struggling gym owner who now shares his step-by-step system on generating thousands per dollars on-line with Clickbank.

So, how do you know so you can distinguish between internet affiliate marketing companies who’re good and those of which are scams?

Really simple, before you join an affiliate program or buy a high ticket course make sure you have done research on internet marketing, here’s your basic protection.

You can get details about legit programs through search engines like google or through this very blog you are reading.

There are lots of Commission Hero reviews scattered in search engine results, some are very helpful but many also do not give you any information to make a sound decision.

So you should be wise, in some blogs you can dig out the details that’s useful, but be smart and you can find what suits you best.

What’s Commission Hero?

This Commission Hero system claims that anyone with zero experience can learn a simple 3 step system to earn money online from the comfort of their home. There’s two main aspects to the Commission Hero course.

The first is obviously the training videos, which you get access to, there is about Forty-five videos in all, that will take you from a complete newbie, to fully comprehending the business model and how to run it on your own.

How Commission Hero Works?

Commission Hero teaches you where to find the best high paying offers, then shows you how to use your Fb account to run ads for other people’s product on Clickbank for huge commissions.

The system owner also claims it teaches how to use a Three step system that psychologically forces people to buy your offers on-line.

Robby takes you step-by-step through the process of setting up your Fb account, building squeeze pages, getting ad images, and writing ad copy, finding the right offer & running Fb ads to your squeeze pages in order to generate commissions as a Clickbank affiliate.

It’s a complete walk through of the system & how Robby earns money online via commissions using paid ads.

The 2nd aspect of the course is the support that Robby offers all his Commission Hero clients.

There’s a Fb group, which right now stands at almost 1,450 members, that is a place where you can talk to other Commission Hero members who’re doing the course, and ask any questions you’ve as you go through the course materials.

This allegedly helps you to start running your commission based affiliate business.

Is Commission Hero Legal?

The Commission Hero course provides the buyer an option to make one payment of $997 or 2 payments of $597.

Upon completion of buy, access to the full course is given which includes the membership portal and private Fb group.

The two payment optionisn’t a payment plan, rather it’s an agreement to fulfil the two payments. No cancellations are given.

Both payments must be made to avoid account lock out.

Their refund policy is stated as such: The goal of Commission Hero is to make a long term business by using the power of internet affiliate marketing.

The owner wants you to go through the course for a full Twelve months from the date of purchase, at the end of the 12 months from the date of purchase, you may submit a request to qualify for a refund up until day 372 from the date of purchase when refund qualifications expire indefinitely.

Any refund requests after this Seven day window won’t be honoured or considered.

Although this is not illegal the one year wait tactic is questionable just to qualify for a refund from the program.

Is Commission Hero A Scam?

In my opinion I wouldn’t say Commission Hero is a scam however the owners go at great length to discourage you from requesting a refund based on the policy wait times.

Anybody who invest that type of money up front and doesn’t be consistent to see results may scream scam after note making any money from the strategy.

How To Really Qualify For Refund:

1. Submitwithin theSeven day window
2. Call504-475-2192 torequest cancellation
3. Submitproofor screenshots that you went through the entire course & completed all unit videos in the Fb group and the course, posted questions in the Fb, and setup a Facebook Ad Campaign.

My Verdict on Commission Hero…

Commission Hero has a lot of potential but in my opinion is driven mainly by the high commission pay-out to its affiliates.

It evolves around a webinar based marketing to help convert sales for its affiliates that are paid a whopping 40% commissions in order to just promote Commission Hero.

If you’re willing to go through all the videos & training that the program offers then make that decision at your own risk.

Just know that the Commission Hero affiliate marketing model is based on you having a huge advertising budget.

You may potentially lose more money in the beginning with this business model than actually making nay profit.

Before You Go…

Not only have members who join the Commission Hero web sites earn commission for referring people to access free training but put themselves in a prime position to reap lots of great and proven advantages from those who buy the program.

Firstly, by becoming an exclusive member, they’re allowed access to a vast selection of offers, services and products, and secondly they can make cool & consistent sums of more money by introducing anybody to the free training too.

But now they’ve the opportunity to explode the business side of this chance to a truly high level.

So in short there are plenty of ways to earn money on the internet. For the newbie that’s short on technical skills, probably the simplest way to earn money on the internet is through affiliate marketing.

But do not be fooled as one gains experience and knowledge the sky is the limit as to what you can do and accomplish with internet affiliate marketing.

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