Cyber Stalkr Review

What Is Cyber Stalkr?

Cyber Staliky is an ad retargeting platform that tracks Internet activities of users who have visited your websites. A message with information of the visitors will be sent from your sites to your advertisers. So, you will be able to show your ads to these users, even if they did not buy anything or they stop visiting your sites. The advantage of this methodology is that it shows your audience what you want them to see. Thus, it increases your conversion rates and leads!

What are the Features of Cyber Stalkr?

Covering Any Niches

No matter what kind of business you are doing, from product launch to affiliate promotion and E-stores, Cyber Stalky is capable of connecting you to major ads networks. It will help you to show your audience the ads that you intended them to see.

Support Multiple Platforms

Ads Retargeting code of popular sites such as Facebook, Chango, Google, Adroll is all applicable in Cyber Stalkr. Thus, you increase the number of your potential traffic pools.

Unlimited Numbers of Campaigns

In the past, you must create retargeting code for each ads network manually; therefore it restricts the number of promotional campaigns you could afford. With this new application, you can make as many campaigns as you want since you only need to create one with a few click.

Freely Choosing Your Landing Pages

Your websites currently may not have many visitors, so you worry about the effectiveness of retargeting. However, Cyber Stalky allows you to retarget from other sites; it only requires you to have an account there. Imagine how profitable your business will be if you can show your ads to numerous visitors oi eBay kai Amazon .

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