DFY Hero Review

DFY Hero Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about DFY Hero? Please read through my honest review about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Introducing DFY Hero – What Is It?

DFY Hero is a SaaS platform with over 100 completely DFY sites, sales pages, squeeze pages, eCom stores & blogs that you can simply import, edit & even sell to your clients or use for yourselves.

You’ll be able to choose a site you want, click a button and automatically activate:

– Entire fully populated sites for local business owners
(including contact pages, about us pages, images & placeholders for all of your client’s information)

– Woocommerce integrated eCommerce sites
(create entire ecom stores for your physical products in a snap!)

– Lead capture report pages, download pages & more!
(replace the place holders with your optin code, your download links & have it ready fast)

And… so much more. With over 100 alternatives it is easy to click & activate your way to an entirely DFY site builder business.

No hosting or even domain name needed. It’s created to help struggling beginners easily & quickly get started online selling site services to their customers OR help them quickly import, edit & publish their own business site, squeeze pages, blogs, etc without needing to spend on a hosting account.

The seasoned marketers also stand to make quick money offering these services to their clients and a premium fee and banking BIG.

With DFY Hero members will be able to create UNLIMITED stunning sites without writing a single line of code and without hiring expensive designers.

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DFY Hero Review & Overview

  • Creator: Cindy Donovan et al
  • Product: DFY Hero
  • Release Date: 2019-Jul-01
  • Release Time: 09:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: https://getdfyhero.com/
  • Niche:

DFY Hero Features & Benefits

Easy To Use One-Touch Site Installer – Use their pre-built templates to crank out premium sites, sales pages, squeeze pages and a lot more in a few minutes.

Fully Mobile Responsive Pages – The Done For You sites, pages & blogs look stunning on all the screen sizes. You can also edit & make any changes you would like on the fly.

A Training Module For Everything – They are not going to throw you into the deep end of the pool, (even though you would have the Done For You assets to serve as life-jackets). They will train you on how to get the maximum returns out of DFY Hero.

Instant Real-Time Updates – The pages are going to come to life right in front of your eyes. You can see how each change or edit you’re making looks in the final outcome.

Create High Converting Landing And Sales Pages – The Done For You websites & pages are fully-optimized & designed to bring in crazy conversions, again – WITHOUT touching a line of code and without hiring any designers.

An Extensive Template Library – The DFY Hero Template library houses some of the finest pieces of design. The templates are EXCLUSIVE, STUNNING & very expensive if you were to buy anything that even comes close to these, in the open market.

Easy-To-Use Yet Powerful Dashboard – The DFY Hero dashboard is a delight to navigate through. Everything is neatly placed in a way that the “next-thing-to-do” appears obvious.

No Design/Coding Skills Needed – With DFY Hero their goal is to empower people (mostly beginners and non-technical minded people) to be able to create UNLIMITED stunning sites without writing a single line of code & without hiring expensive designers.

Instant Hosted Landing Pages with Domain included – When they say it is Done-For-You, they really mean it! You do not just get over 100+ sites, pages & blogs that look stunning… they also host them for you. The domain name is optional. You can use yours or theirs.

Affordable Pricing – They could have easily offered 1/4th of the sites, pages and blogs and kept adding to each month charging you a monthly recurring fee. That was the original plan… Instead, they want the go-getters to have easy access to DFY Hero. And therefore, during this special launch only, they are offering it at an all-time low one-time fee. Once the launch ends – they go back to the original plan.

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How Does DFY Hero Work?

Choice 1: WordPress

Almost a third of all sites are built o to create & organize digital content. Other elements like hosting & domain registration are best done separately. It is up to YOU to bring these TOGETHER in service of a WP site.

Step 1: Login to WP. It is free in a way… except – it is not! You have to buy themes if you do not want a crappy final product.

Essential Requirements:

You need either know how to do it or hire a tech-geek.

You need a few hundred bucks to pay for hosting, domain & designing etc.

Step 2: Buy the Right Hosting Plan. Before you are able to get down to the business of building your WP site you need a place for it to live. This requires a hosting plan.

Essential Requirement:

Spend few weeks researching & comparing 1000s of hosting service providers. Bother your friends, relatives & neighbours who you think might know which is the best one. Go-to forums & ask people like me (and oh yes – people who run some of the hosting companies are also there to “assist you select the right plan” without charging you a penny).

Shell out a few dollars and keep some more in your account for this – it is a RECURRING expense

Step 3: Select a Domain Name. The 1st 10 names you would come up with that’re best suited to explain YOUR business are already taken up. Settle for the 11th one…

Essential Requirement:

There is not a set fee for domain names. Their value tends to be set by the market. FB bought fb.com in 2010 for $8.5 million, while the 2005 purchase of lasvegas.com amounted to a cool $90 million. Do not panic. You probably will not have to pay millions for your domain. Regular, non-famous domains cost in the region of $12 a year.

Once you register a domain, it is all yours. You only lose it if you select not to renew, at which point it’ll be put back on the market.

These are VERY IMPORTANT. Let’s quickly go over the next steps…

Step 4: Install Your WP Site (Read: More headaches)

Step 5: Select from a set of pretty crappy Themes (Or pay for a decent one)

Step 6: Create Content & Pages (or hire someone to do that for you on Fiverr, UpWork etc.)

Step 7: Install Plugins (you will have to pay for some decent ones so that your site FUNCTIONS like a site and not some dead page)

Step 8: Publish! (voilà – you’re done… and so am I explaining)

Choice 2: Buy A Software (that claims to be simple drag-n-drop)

Take this route if any of this feels like to be you:

“I feel DUMB because I do not even know where to get started.”
“People tell me I have to HAVE to learn code, but I really do not want to.”

“I was born with NO design talent whatsoever! I know it when I see something great, but I have trouble designing ANYTHING from scratch.”

“I am WAY too busy with other things in life. I want a web design software that is easy to use, and can make my site look good.”

Select any of these… (Warning: Even after paying this fee – you would need to put in weeks of work or spend some cash hiring a designer – coz no matter what they claim – these tools aren’t made for amateurs or beginners. These’re made by geeks for designers).

Choice 3: Simply buy 100+ of these today…

Have Completely DFY Websites Ready To Go & start profiting from Day #1

Please watch this video which will help you understand to operate this software in the easiest way!!!

DFY Hero Price & Evaluation

Front End: DFY Hero ($21.95 – $47)

OTO 1: DFY Hero Agency License and Monetization Training & Agency Startup Kit ($47.00)

Includes rights to create sub accounts. A full-blown training by the creators & marketing experts to show the best way to monetize the DFY sites, pages & blogs.

OTO 2: DFY Hero Template Club ($17/month)

Their team of professional designers & marketers will create an additional 10 templates each month and add it right inside your DFY Hero Template Library.

OTO 3: DFY Hero Reseller License ($97-$297)

Sell DFY Hero as your own product & keep ALL the money. No need to contribute to the development costs already gone in and no need to worry about providing support to your customers too. They will take care of that too.

DFY Hero Frequently Asked Questions

1. What niches are my DFY sites in?

They have organized the templates into groups so you will able to find something you want, quickly. At the moment these’re the categories, with the possiblity of more being inserted in the future.

[+] Corporate

[+] Portfolio

[+] Creative

[+] Local Business

[+] Medical

[+] Blog

[+] Squeeze Pages

[+] Sales Pages

[+] eCommerce

[+] Local Services

[+] Education

2. How good are the DFY Hero sites & pages… I mean quality wise?

These’re designed by top-rated designers, in consultation with marketers to get that perfect line of functional & top converting. Their design team live & breathe this kind of thing… They are pretty sure a couple of them might even dream designs some nights!

3. Are there ANY ‘hidden’ costs?

Not at all. To be totally transparent, yes – they do have some other offers you’ll see once you purchase this 100+ Done For You site bundle. However, what you see on this page will work perfectly fine if you select not to take advantage of any of their other offers. They know there’re tools out there that present ALL the facts & keep things vague. That is definitely not them. If you are not sure, give it a try and allow them to know within the 30 day guarantee if you are not happy and you will get your money back.

4. Can I use my own domain name?

While you do not have to buy/use your own domain names (you are welcome to use their hosted subdomain system), you are absolutely able to connect your own domain name with their system, so they will cover hosting costs and you will look professional with your site displaying seamlessly on your domain name.

5. What if I decide to get DFY Hero later?

DFY Hero will be remaining public (they aren’t closing this offer), however their prices will be dramatically boosting once the intial public release is over.

6. Ok, I am in. what next?

Click the link above & come meet me inside the Members Area, you can build your 1st site right away!

7. I still have 1 more question. Should I ‘PM’ you?

If it is discount that you want – sorry can not help there. This’s the lowest ever possible price tag that they can offer DFY Hero at (and they can not freeze that timer… sorry!) . For anything else, feel free to click the ‘Product Support’ link below and their support team can answer any questions you’ve got.

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