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Are you looking to save some cash while shopping? Everyone loves discounted products, right? Then, Elite Deal Club, allows you to purchase a wide variety of Amazon products ranging from electronics to healthcare products at low prices. The site gives you more than 200 offers on these products from time to time. Most of the products are 99% discounted allowing you to save up to 50% of your cash in exchange for a review.

The partnership between Elite Deal Club and Amazon allows sellers to get higher rankings on Amazon, which is based on the feedback received from the clients who purchase the products at the discounted rates.


There are no charges incurred when you want to join Elite Deal Club. The registration process is quite easy. You can sign up through their email or Facebook account. Email registration only takes 30 seconds after which you are redirected to the website’s window. Once your email address has been confirmed, you’re ready to receive the various emails regarding the discounted Amazon products.

The site allows you to check on the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the website. Interestingly, a pop up at this site instructs a buyer to willingly leave a review. The buyers are not forced to leave written reviews on the products they have purchased.


On a daily basis, you will receive an email from Elite Deal Club prompting you on the new products that are available. The products are available at retail prices. This means that you spend little as compared to when shopping at Amazon. A customer is only limited to 5 discounts in a day. These discounts in the products purchased are then sent to your email three times a day.
Since there are limited coupons on each product, you’ll be required to redeem it quickly.

To claim a coupon, you’ll only need to click an item and purchase it. On the other hand, you can check on the products of interest at Amazon, and when of coupon button appears you can click it and purchase the item.

The products can also be purchased normally from Amazon. In this way, you just need to add your desired item on the cart proceed to checkout, and when a discount code is requested, you will just enter the elite club deal coupon code. After this, you will be able to see a difference in the prices. You can then proceed to purchase the discounted products.

Once you receive the products, make sure to use it properly and give honest reviews. If the product is not what you expected, you can proceed to give your views explaining what the issue is. The reviews necessarily don’t have to be positive. If you like the product, give some credit. Take your time and tell what you dislike or like about the products that you purchased at Elite Deal Club.


The two major products that are highly discounted are electronics and wellness products. Some of the electronics products range from laptops, phones, and iPods to earphones. You should take extra caution when purchasing wellness products such as cosmetics so as to the health risks associated with unlicensed products.

Other products include baby item, sunglasses, and cookware among a wide range of products. The premium products are only available to the Amazon Premium members.


Elite Deal Club has friend referral programs. An individual is given a referral link that can be shared with their friends on the various social media platforms. Weekly contests are held to see who has the most referrals. Amazon gift cards are earned by the top 20 referrers of that week.

The top referrer gets a $25 Amazon gift card that can be used to pay for some more discounted products. The ones in second to fourth positions get $10 Amazon gift cards. A $5 Amazon gift card is on the other hand earned by each of those in 5th-20th position.


The advertisements on Elite Deal could at times be misleading. For instance, the information claims “free Amazon products” while in the real sense, the “free products” are usually limited and not free. At most times, the “free products” are usually already sold out. Majority of the products are not free but rather have a huge discount on them.

Most items on are offered free shipping. However, this applies to Amazon prime members only who get a 2-day free shipping deal. If you’re not a member you need to pay for the shipping expenses associated with your products. It’s quite distressing to purchase few items at the website only to incur an expensive shipping fee.

Since products are added on a daily basis, you’ll need to scroll down through hundreds of products so that you can find what you’re looking for. This takes most of your time.
On the hand, saving sites like this attract impulse buyers who always end up spending the extra money instead of saving it.


If you’re a shopping enthusiast, then this scam free website is yours. Comparing to buying products on other markets, the website allows you to save much of your money through the discounts.

You also get rewards by inviting your friends to join the program. You get to make some money online by just making other people know about the program.

You can buy a product discounted prices and resell it. This is still a good way to earn some extra cash.


Since the money earned through referrals is little, I suggest that you make the referrals to customers who shop at Amazon.

If you want to earn more income, you need to invest time into building a website and putting advertising on it. Products promoted as an affiliate will earn you more when compared to when making the referrals into the Elite Deal Club. Websites that aim at saving are not always consistent or profitable.

Although it may take longer to realize, more income will be earned through product promotion on an affiliate website.

Instead of relying on paid surveys that you less than a dollar, why not consider building and put the advertisement on your own website.


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