ESPN Streak for the Cash, Scam or Legit? Why I Wouldn’t Bother

ESPN Streak

Do you have a good sense of how sporting matches and events will turn out? Are you a sports enthusiast who loves to follow sporting match ups? Are you up to guessing the outcome of different sporting challenges like which player will win or which team will win? Do you want to earn money just by guessing the winner of a certain matchup? Then ESPN streak is the thing for you.

What is ESPN Streak?

ESPN streak is a monthly game that will put your knowledge to a test. This as an app where you can play them with the goal is to build the- longest -winning- streak for a month. Its objective is to accumulate the longest monthly winning streak by -selecting- the- winning player or team and to record- the -maximum -possible- wins- in -a -month- regardless- of- your -streak. That is why the tag line of this app is “Put your prediction talents to the test with ESPN Streak For Cash”

How to play the game?

  1. You have to predict a winner of one of the listed matchups
  2. Then once the matchup is set or final you may select the winner of the matchup that has not started yet.
  3. You must build the -longest- winning -streak of each month and win
  4. A new feature “forfeit” will allow you to take a loss and allow you to make your pick for the next match

On the make a pick page you will see the matchups that are available for the day.- Each- matchup -has- a-lock -time -which your final choice should be submitted. An important reminder is that you -can -only -select -one- matchup- at a -time. -Once -the- matchup is final you may then select another matchup that has not started yet. This will allow you to select -more- than -one matchup in a day.

The official rules

The approximate retail value or ARV of all prizes is $ 35,000.00. While the monthly prize is $30,000.00. The person who accumulates the longest streak during the challenge period is considered the winner.

To play, you must have an account at or of one of their affiliated sites. Log in using your credentials. Take note that the membership is free and it is available online.

As soon as you are able to access the website you may start guessing or pick a match of the day. You may also pick which basketball player made the highest point, which team is winning or what is the score for the soccer game.

Eventually, the -person -who- has -the- longest -winning- streak -will -win -the -grand prize.

ESPN will then pick an “expert” to play for the month. A person with a longer streak than the expert will be picked or will be chosen to receive the Beat the Expert prize. The person who is chosen with the most wins each month will win the “Most Win” Prize.

ESPN Streak Cash App

The app is downloadable on your Android phones. To download, just go to the ESPN website and then click on the download button. The ESPN Streak Cash App is a free software application. By downloading the app you can access your ESPN Streak anytime and anywhere. The ESPN Streak Cash App allows you to :

  • Preview the matches and make more than one pick a day
  • Chat and discuss matchups with other streak users and sports enthusiasts
  • Follow and check lead boards and compare with others your winning streak
  • Track and follow your performance and you can compete with friends, relatives or people within your circle
  • Receive notification with your pick results and it will let you know if it is time to- make -a -new pick

The app is easy to use and is easy to download. To download you have to go to the Google Play store on your mobile device. Log in with your credentials and then search on the search bar the app name which in our case is the ESPN Streak. As soon as you are able to see the app click or tap on the download link and then download the app. As soon as the app has been downloaded, go ahead and make an account for ESPN if you don’t have one. As soon as you are able to create an account it will show you the homepage with the matchups for the day. From thereon you may pick your match for the day.

For sports enthusiasts, the app covers selection for Major League Baseball, NHL, NBA, Tennis, Horse Racing and Soccer.

Tips in playing ESPN Streak

Now, this “pick’em” game is not just a simple pick and win the game. It would take a lot of strategies and research and following to be able to win. ESPN Streak is inviting. It doesn’t require a sports enthusiast to be hooked to a game but there may be some tips that may help you as you get into the frenzy.

  • Research – Yup. You may need to spend more time on this. Research about the team that you are picking. Find out about their standings and winning streaks. You don’t want to pick the weaker teams, wouldn’t you? How can you win if you are always on the losing end right? Get to know your players. This wouldn’t take much of your time but this would definitely help you. As soon you are able to get to know the teams, the players, their winning streaks, you will definitely have an idea on which to pick and it will give you more chances of winning. For example, research on a certain team, check their winning streak, their strengths, and weaknesses. There’s no better way of being equipped than by doing research on your teams and players. Researching will do you a lot of things. If you are not a sports enthusiast but you are on a streak, I guess it’s about time that you get yourself involved and equipped with knowledge about your teams and players. You can certainly use this to your advantage and don’t just rely on instinct.
  • Join a group – Join a community or a group so you may be able to discuss things or matters about the game today or anything that would give you an idea of what’s going on. It matters that you are connected to the community. This will definitely give a picture or an insight into what’s going on because of the shared opinions of the people that you get to interact with.
  • Watch Sports program or Sports center – now this will give you an idea of what’s going on the sports industry. This will give you an idea of the latest trend, get information on team standings and background of a team that may appear on the streak for cash so this will definitely be a good guy when you are picking a team. The more information you get the more knowledgeable you will be in choosing your picks for the next match.
  • Just have fun – this may sound a bit odd when you are actually trying to win money on your end but hey at the end of the day this is just a game and just enjoy it. The thing about ESPN Streak is to get yourself involved in the game of each team that you pick. Well, you may have an option of not getting involved but hey where’s the fun in it? It will be fun if you go and actually root and cheer for the- team- or- player that you picked. Getting involved in the game is definitely give you that thrilling and fun experience and not just picking on something that you do not know. Each one who plays the ESPN Streak would love to win the cash and take home the money.

Among the thousands of players, you are one of them. You may be serious in taking your picks but it wouldn’t hurt you if you have some fun also along the way.

Playing ESPN Streak Cash

ESPN Streak gives its subscriber and followers a chance to win money by predicting the outcome of a certain match, sports games or events. The monthly award is a total of $35,000 in prizes and that includes $25,000 for the longest streak and $5,000 for the most number of wins.

ESPN may seem like a gambling patch but this is not an alternative to make money. This does not qualify a good means of making extra money or income. To make the most of your bet you must be wise on making your picks. Again, this is not a reliable substitute in making money because the downside means that you will not be able to win anything. One must be wise enough in making their picks and should not just pick randomly without thinking and checking on your teams or players profile.

For a sports enthusiast, this would surely bring fun and excitement as they can follow the games and just enjoy it while picking for their team to win. The more knowledge and information that you have on the team the better chances that you have in winning. Remember that thousands are placing their pick daily. The main downside of this is that you may not win anything unless you actually win it all. The only reward here is for the winner. The majority of the users and the players here will not be able to get any rewards.

So if you are into the streak, just remember to have fun and balance things out. Play wisely and pick intelligently.

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