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Introduce ex Persona Review

A viewer comes to your site & basically sees the same old boring content that they’d see on any other website offering outdated stagnant offers, coupons or promotions. And end up leaving.

BUT What if You Could Catch Your Viewers Attention INSTANTLY & generate IMMEDIATE scarcity to generate sales.

This Is Where exPersona Comes Into Play. exPersona is activated by triggers you set.


A viewer comes to your site on Wednesday and is instantly hit with content specific to Wednesday only. This can be a custom video or a page of content telling the user that your item, product sells out today or your coupon is only active WEDNESDAY only.

The user has no idea that the content changes per day so really thinks the offer ends on that day generating you instant sales. TRIGGERS can be based on many things such as Day of the week, IP, Location etc.

exPersona has a talking robot that asks the visitors questions such as “Are you interested in Weight lifting or weight loss? and depending on the answer can flip the entire site around.

This Proven Technology Is Finally Available To Everybody And Is PROVEN To Give You Results Like These…

Please read my honest exPersona review and grab your attractive bonus!!!

ex Persona Review – Overview

  • Creator: Kevin Byrne et al
  • Product: exPersona
  • Release Date: 2018-May-04
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Software

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What Is ex Persona?

exPersona is The worlds 1st plugin that personalizes content for your site depending on who the viewer is or where they’re from. It changes content on your website depending on who visits

Features & Benefits

  • Personalize site content
  • Creates scarcity no matter what the offer is
  • Deliver targeted messages & content to each and every visitor
  • Display content using triggers based on what you know about your visitors
  • Ask your visitors questions and then store those answers to customize their experience every time they come back
  • Show the right content, to the right person at the right time
  • Create dynamic evergreen special offers & sales that feel completely unique to each single person
  • Increase sales by using relevant, personalized messages building connections with users that get results
  • Geotargeting – display content tailored to your visitors location!

How Does ex Persona Work?

Skyrocket your conversions, opt-ins and salesby personalizing your website

Ultra Personalized Content

Use triggers such as what day of the week it is (plus many more) to display content that is PERFECT for each & every visitor!

Truly Engage With Your Visitors

Use pop-up characters to welcome visitors to your site and ask them questions which you can store to use later.

Insert Your Visitors Name Anywhere!

You could ask a visitor for their name & then automatically display it anywhere on your site!

Display Any Kind Of Content You Like, Anywhere You Like

The content that you select to display could literally be anything at all! Videos, coupons, anything from one word to a whole page.

Unlimited Possibilities

Ex Persona is only limited by your imagination, there’re literally an infinite number of ways this could be used to take your site visitors experience to the next level!

How Can YOU Use Ex Persona To Increase Your Website Sales Immediately After Installing Today?

Ex Persona Strategy 1: Use one of our built in robots with advanced “text to speech” technology to ask your visitors their name & then show them a coupon popup with a discounted offer that is personalized to them! (PEOPLE RESPOND LIKE CRAZY TO THIS).

Ex Persona Strategy 2: Display an affiliate offer or CPA offer that is targeted to the country they live in so you never show offers to visitors that aren’t available in their country (THIS IS HUGE – TRAINING INSIDE).

Ex Persona Strategy 3: Upload an animated GIF of you & a voice over welcoming people to your site and asking them their name (THIS IS SO POWERFUL FOR PERSONAL BRANDS OR LOCAL BUSINESSES!).

Ex Persona Strategy 4: Display a video of you personally offering a special discount for the exact day of the week that your visitor is on your site (OUR USERS HAVE SHOWN THIS TO MASSIVELY INCREASE URGENCY AND ACTION).

Ex Persona Strategy 5: Upload an animated GIF of you & a voice over welcoming people to your site and asking them their name (THIS IS SO POWERFUL FOR PERSONAL BRANDS OR LOCAL BUSINESSES!).

So, What Is Ex Persona Worth To You?

Our users & us have shown that Ex Persona MASSIVELY increases how our visitors respond to our sites. It has increased subscribers, returning visitors, time on site and of course most importantly SALES for everyone that has used it!

The potential this technology has to boost your monthly income is truly UNLIMITED.

Because of this we decided that our users would be more than happy to invest $197+ to use this software in their businesses.

However, because this is the 1st time we making this available we want as many people as possible to access the power of Ex Persona and see for themselves just what this can do.

So, for the 1st few days that Ex Persona is available we’re offering it at a HUGE DISCOUNT that we simply can never repeat again.

I hope my honest exPersona Review can give you some useful info to make a wase choice. Thanks for your reading and good luck!

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