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Facebook Realtor Raider – Are you searching for more knowledge about Facebook Realtor Raider? Please read through my honest reviews about Facebook Realtor Raider before selecting it.

Facebook Realtor Raider Overview

  • Product: Facebook Realtor Raider
  • Creator: Luther Landro
  • Release Date: 2019-Jan-16
  • Release Time: 9:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $9.22
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

Inside You’ll learn:

  • How to run this business discreetly in your free time – Without any cost out of pocket you can get began today. Nobody has to understand about your new venture as a consultant until after the first payment arrives in your money.
  • How to get paid more for exclusive deals with local realtors – You can collect a surcharge on all of your fees when you agree to only work with one realtor per location. Not only will this bring in extra money each month, but the fear of their competitor hiring you also creates urgency making realtors hire you quicker, and locking you into long-term contracts.
  • The ‘Low-Hanging-Fruit’ formula that finds the most receptive realtors – I have been closing One in five realtors found with a simple ‘client search formula’ that only returns the realtors who’re actively searching for help, have the money to spend, and will close quickly.
  • How to find the top areas to target – It is important to target the right areas that have the best home values and where a lot of houses are being sold fast. This can make or break a campaign, picking the right area can mean having Three times the responsiveness of the wrong one.
  • The lead sources I use to get a response from realtors within a few minutes with my offer – Realtors are waiting by their inbox for a message and will respond instantly when you contact them through the right channel.
  • The ‘try me out’ rebuttal that actually works for 80% of client objections – I use the same rebuttal to each objection a customer throws at me… No more fumbling what you are saying or having to think/look up a response to send once they get back to you with an objection.
  • Full video walk-through of Facebook’s Real Estate Listing Service ranking – Follow along with the included guide any time you need to list a client’s properties on Fb to acheive it properly each time. Go into every e-mail, phone call, or meeting with clinets confident you can deliver on this service & rank their listings above all other competitors.
  • How to use ‘sunk cost’ selling to land $2,000/month ad management deals – Client’s will want to make the most of their Fb listings and are paying up to $2,000 monthly for ad & lead management services ( PLUS you will discover ways to get them to pay $20,000 up front for a year’s service by providing 8 weeks free.)
  • How to target people looking to purchase a home with Fb ads – Fb spies on the web sites their users visit and can determine if somebody is looking to buy a house based on visits to Zillow and other real-estate sites. You can target these users with ads to create cheap home buyer leads ( Pro Tip: Send them to the included mortgage calculator to pre-qualify them before they reach the buyer. Pre-qualified leads can sell for 3X the cost of normal home buyer leads. )
  • How to set up custom audiences for your customers – 90% of business owners aren’t taking advantage of Fb custom audiences… The most valuable traffic source in Fb advertising. Generate custom audiences from their site, opt-in list, even their competitor’s facebook pages and charge your customers extra fees each month to compile the lists.
  • How to target competing real-estate companies & steal their customers – Client’s LOVE when you use this plan to target visitors of their competitor’s pages & steal away clients. ( Creates another incentive to hire you: So their competitor does not hire you to steal their leads! )
  • Lead formula that generates real-estate leads at $2 per lead – Learn all the tricks to generating lots of leads each day in any area while keeping the lead cost below $2 per lead. These leads are selling for $10 to local realtors ( ALSO: Discover which types of leads are fetching $50 price tags and still only cost around $2 in ad sepnd to create. )
  • How to get started generating leads with a budget of $5 each day – YOU can get started instantly spending only $5 each day to generate 2-3 leads daily. Why start generating leads BEFORE you’ve a client? Because the simplest way to land new customers is to GIVE AWAY leads.
  • Think about it: No real esate agent would turn away free leads, and will keep coming back to you to buy more when they realize how valuable they’re. Leads that do the selling for you… Not bad for $5 per day?

During this pre-launch special, you are getting everything:

  • Real-estate prospecting checklist ($47 vlue)
  • Real-estate Fb listing checklist ($47 value)
  • Fb lead generation checklist ($47 value)
  • BONUS lead management checklist ($47 value)
  • BONUS mortgage calculator software ($37 value)
  • White label CRM access ($27 value)
  • SEO reseller access ($27 value)
  • Walkthrough ebook guide ($27 value)
  • FSBO video super bonus ($197 value)
  • Real-estate theme super bonus ($97 value)


Q: Does this work outside the U.S.?

A: YES! So long as you can open a PayPal account, you can earn money as a consultant… no matter where you live. Every detail are provided in the course.

Q: Can I do this all from my pc? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to register businesses?)

A: YES! You can do it all from your pc. Remember, business owners are busy, too, so they are happy to avoid a face-to-face meeting and get registered over the phone or email via PayPal.

Q: Is there any upsell or OTO?

A: All you need to get started as a consultant for local businesses is included in this program. NO Additional purchase is needed to make money! After purchasing you will have the option of buying extra sales materials that will help you grow your business, yet these are only needed if you want to build your business beyond 6-figures.

Q: Can I get private coaching?

A: Yes! I’ll partner with you and help you release a product of your own such as this one. The cost of this coaching program is $2,500. If you’re interested (and can afford my fee), shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]

Q: Are there any other costs involved?

A: NO! You can get began as a consultant with no other out of pocket expense. I handle my entire business from my Gmail account, which is a free e-mail provider. All it takes is a couple of hours work every week sending out these emails to see results

Q: How much money can I make?

A: There isn’t any guarantee you’ll make any money when trying to sell services to business owners, in fact, most new consultants do not make any money at all because they take little action and give up quickly.

Nevertheless, my coaching students have been earning anywhere from a few thousand dollars each month to over 7 figures a year selling consulting services to local business owners over e-mails. It all depends on how many clients you’re willing to work with:

Q: How do I get paid?

A: This program will teach you the way to invoice business owners through PayPal and bill them each month. Once setup, you never have to worry about collecting money from your clients, it is all totally handled securely and automatically by PayPal.

Q: How fast can I get paid?

A: How fast you can get paid depends on how much action you take. First-time consultants have been getting paid in as little as 36 hours from starting when they refer to the instructions.


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

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