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Fade To Black Story

In 2013 as a complete beginner, Joey Xoto released his first ever course on video production & completely raised the bar for marketing video clips.

Marketers and customers alike were astounded by the quality of Joey’s content, but more importantly, they were blown away by the training that Joey offered…

Over those early years, Joey’s insight and talent for video quickly positioned him as the leading authority on video in the IM space. With 1000s of raving fans, 100s of reviews & social proof, his content became a staple reference for many marketers wanting to create profitable, cutting edge video content.

Then in 2015, it all stopped.

Joey Xoto went on to co-found the incredible #1 best seller, Viddyoze, and turned away from creating info-products.

But after 5 long years, Joey Xoto is back with his best, most complete work to date…

Introducing Fade To Black

The Blueprint To Creating Multi-Million Dollar Videos

Viddyoze presents ‘Fade To Black’, the insider secrets to what has helped them generate more than $20,000,000 in on-line sales. These are the methods, tactics and hacks that have helped create the exact video content presented by Viddyoze.

Let’s face it… the market has been hit by video tool countless times over the past few years. Whilst it’s great that we’ve so many tools to permit users to create videos easily, this poses a problem.

You are making the same stuff everyone else is making…

Fade To Black will tool you with more than software. You will learn the skills and methods required to create exceptional, profitable video content for the rest of their professional careers… without having to ever rely on tool.

Better yet, you can use your software at a much better level once you have learned these insider secrets and discover a proven system behind creating “money” videos!

Fade To Black Overview

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What does Fade To Black Platform Do?

The secret to shifting from getting $300 to $500 per video to getting $500 Each Hour for your videos is an easy switch in strategy. With the brand-new Fade To Black platform and interactive training program, you can take your video marketing to the next level!

It’s like a professional video marketing university education put together in a easy to implement platform made to get you success!

Here are just some of the exciting features you get…

– Step-by-step Playbook to $30M From The #1 Video Expert
– Massive Library of Video Marketing Strategies and Tricks
– Many Built-in Copy/Paste Frameworks and Storyboards
– Worksheets, Exact Video Campaigns and More!
– How To Succeed Without You Being In Front of the Camera!

This is a truly unique video creation package produced by the #1 Video Marketing Expert in the world and with my best ever bonuses below, you can begin getting sales & results within the next Twenty four hours or less (yes, they’re that powerful!)

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Note: You absolutely need my bonuses to succeed and get great results with the Fade To Black as they solve many missing links such as not including a video creation/editing app, getting clients etc.

The Author

The builder of Fade To Black is Joey Xoto, who’s well known as a video master.

This man has been being a trusted launcher of video-related products on JVzoo and also receives much praise from users & experts for his releases.

Some of the successful tool from Joey are Viddify, iPocket Video, InstaThumbnail, and Prospectrr, etc.

Also, he’s the co-founder of the best-seller Viddyoze App, which has made over Twenty million dollars in sales.

That is why I believe that he knows the best way to become successful in marketing. And, with his knowledge, he’s now ready to guide you step-by-step on how to gain such achievements in his newest release, Fade To Black.

Benefits and Features

Over Eighty videos are exactly like a high-quality online course, enabling you to master every required skill as well as knowledge of video content from A to Z.

Let’s see what you’ll learn from them:

Video Scripts

Video scrip is considered as the backbone of a video. I can say that a successful video marketing that can captivate viewers’ attention can’t go without a complete video script. It is a solid foundation to develop a good video.

Having worked with many internet marketers, I realize that many of them took video scripts for granted. Therefore, some were in a muddle & unable to implement their initial ideas or some couldn’t convey their message to audiences clearly.

As you can see, everybody who starts a video marketing campaign without a script will end up failing & wasting their cash & time. However, to write an emotional and engaging video script isn’t that simple, especially with new content creators.

Luckily, I’ve great news for you, you will not have to start your script without any hints or model methods! Fade To Black will teach how to write such a high-converting, convincing video script that can touch your customers’ hearts!

Video Production

This interesting feature of Fade To Black will show you the needed & indispensable basics of producing an eye-catching video.

You’ll have a chance to learn how to select the appropriate images that suit your content, steps to make video format, the way to direct and outline the content, and so on.

With the full understanding of video production fundamentals, you no longer have to spend a considerable amount of cash on professional teams.

Moreover, I believe that making an appealing video that can grab your audiences’ hearts by yourself will make you more happy than ever!

Video Angels, Settings and Concepts

While filming a commercial video, deciding on the best angle will greatly affect the story, the image quality as well as contributing to the way that video appeal to your audiences

If you set the vid in the wrong angle, it’s not simply a technical error that can destroy the beauty of the frame.

In fact, it’ll also lead your viewers to misunderstand your brand’s message. That is why knowing how to select a good angle & video settings will help you to not only create high-quality videos but also save time for post-production.

Besides, you’ll also learn how to select a concept that fits your products and your targeted customers in Fade To Black. Building a good concept from scratch and you’ll never have to wander in your mess of ideas.

Lights, Camera, and Audio

How to find a good location to film your videos?

How to make your videos more lively and eye-catching with the help of light?

How to make your video audio sounds great?

Those questions will be answered all in Fade To Black.

Moreover, one feature that makes this tool distinctive is that you’ll stand an opportunity of learning how to make the storyboard. So, what’s the storyboard? To anyone who does not know this definition, this is the graphic presentation, an image sequence of how your story will unfold.

Is the storyboard necessary?

The answer is yes, surely. This may seem new to you but it’s actually required asit’ll help you to tell your story better.

Not Show Your Face or Talk On The Camera

Some of you might think that you must show up on the video to directly convince your clients to buy your products. However, FTB will completely change your mind with its method.

With its video secret tactics, you do not even have to record your voice. This feature of FTB is especially helpful for shy product owners, who do not want to show their face on the video.

Video Editing

The more videos you create, the more you have to edit. In all honesty, video editing takes a lot of time, especially if you use some low-quality tools with complicated & time-consuming settings.

Moreover, what if you aren’t specialized in IT & photoshop?

What if the price to hire a professional editor is too high for you?

You see, if you do not have any specific methods, editing video is just like in hell. And, of course, FTB knows it. That is why it’ll teach you some secrets that permit you to master this skill in the shortest time.

Still, do not worry that it just shows you some dirt or cheap tricks. Instead, it helps you to have a deeper insight into Joey’s video editing techniques, making this step will no longer be your nightmare.

Psychology Of Music

The author of FTB, Joey spent hours and hours finding the flawless music for his video.

Why does he have to do that?

Music tends to be a major factor in an advertisement. A wide choice of music going with the right kind of video can make clients get in the mood, thereby remembering your product easily.

Moreover, music with catchy rhythms and fascinating lyrics are likely to make your videos become viral.

Besides, music marketing could be an effective but affordable method to market products. With the know-how to select the suitable available music on the Internet, you can save plenty of money.

And, Fade To Black will tutor you that!

Detailed Videos About How To Earn Over 20 Million In Sales

What makes me fall for FTB the most is that it’s just not only a sugar-coated tool, but it’s a real effective one. And, Joey will prove that for you once you buy this.

He’ll show you the techniques and knowledge that you’ve learned in this software are completely practical and the way to apply them to maximize your profits.

So, instead of wasting your cash on countless plans that are still not proved to be successful, you now will be instructed step-by-step by the person who has achieved six-figure sales.

What could be better?

Fade to Black Funnel

OTO#1: Fade to Black Lightspeed

If you want to become a expert video creator, you need to learn more than the lights and using the camera.
You’ll need knowledge on how to apply what you have learned. In this module, you’ll learn by doing This is an over-the-shoulder training whereby you tackle video projects in real-time as you watch…..
You’ll be applying all the skills you learned in FTB course, but now with the guidance of a video on how to practically do it.

Here are the resources you’ll find in this upgrade;

[+] Original project files:

You’ll watch the author create a project from scratch including the pre-shot video files he uses as well as stock files.

Everything is shared in this resource and you’ll discover ways to use the same to create exact videos in the four projects given.

[+] Full editing walkthrough:

In addition to getting all the resources you need to stitch every thing together, you’ll be shown how to do it right.
You’ll be taught how to edit your videos in a simpler way.

[+] Personal clip settings:

You’ll also know the exact clip settings that Joy uses to create his stunning videos. This is a skill you’ll find very helpful.

[+] Grading settings:

This revolves around creating the right color gradients for your video clips.

You’ll be able to recreate cinematic video clips as those created by professionals using your own footage.

[+] Lifetime dashboard:

You’ll be given access to all these resources and also ability to down load them.

This is an upgrade to get if you want to take your video creation game to a whole new level.

OTO#2: Viddyoze Black Edition

This upgrade enables you to create great-looking animations in just Three clicks. You can now get access to it through a special edition….

  • Viddyoze includes Fifteen premium templates that will complement Fade to Black course.
  • These exclusive templates are the same Joey Xoto uses to make his videos pop.
  • It also has cinematic intros to make it simpler for you to capture attention using your videos, amazing lower thirds that permits you to retain your viewers’ attention, and seamless transition that gives your video a professional look.
  • It also have awesome outros and call to action button templates to boost your conversion.


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to Fade To Black for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Fade To Black include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Fade To Black, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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