Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts

Are you trying to increase social media engagement?

Do you want to discover some useful tips to enhance your posts?

With the target to get more social media engagement, you should tailor your content to attract your audience on an emotional level.

This article will bring you a chance to find out five psychology tips to enhance engagement on your social media posts.

Tip 1: Images Talk To Viewers

Your image is very important to your post. It plays a role as your first call to action in your social posts. Actually, it’s the front door lead to your content, thus, it needs to be highly impressive.

It is obvious that choosing an image is so important to your post. It has to support you to express your idea that you want to share with other. Red Bull’s Instagram images, for instance, inspire their followers to enjoy life and seek new adventures.Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts1

Factually, good social images are very efficient. They actually stand out from the crowd and attract attention in the news feeds of people. For example, the image in this Coca-Cola post lure the audience’s attention by using vivid colors and an interesting design.Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts2

It is a must that your images should also be connected to your target audience. For an illustration, in this Facebook post, we see Zappos uses an image appealing to their audience. Obviously, women who are fashion-conscious and love to buy shoes that they want to get their attention.Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts3

Tip 2: Color Communication

Best choices of color can support brands in a perfect way. It can be denied that the brands will get the most engagement on social media if applying this tip.

Remember that you should choose a color that is synonymous with your brand before sharing your content on social media. Your choice of color is so important because it not only represents your business but also has an effect your followers on their psychology.

Visual branding of Rob Russo stands out in the news feeds of his followers and draws their attention to what he wants to say. It‘s completely the strategy that you should apply to your visual marketing to get it better.Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts4

On all of the social channels and in the posts, the Honest Company’s signature color is used prominently. The color takes an advantages that their posts immediately identifiable to their fans.Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts5

Ask yourself whether your brand color speaks to your target market. In case you’re using a relevant color for your brand, however, without engagement as you want; it means that you should consider your choice of color.

Tip 3: Words Trigger Action

After creating a perfect image as your first call to action to the audience, it’s time for the description. You should concentrate on it deeply to be successful in your post.

As you can see “like attracts like,” is the law of attraction. So, psychologically, it is very wise when you start your description with words you make sure that people want or really like to hear. There are six words that popularly work well such as who, what, when, where, why and how. These words flash an emotional response that lures a person’s attention.

Moreover, you can try these trigger words to get the engagement from your audience.

Tip 4: Emotional Connection

Have a connection with viewers on an emotional level, particularly when it’s something happy, interesting that can make an impression on your social media posts.

In this Facebook post, Adidas connects with their fans by sharing Flavia Pennetta’s exhilaration at winning her first Grand Slam singles title.Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts6

Whether you know it or not, you’re prompting some sort of emotion with all of your social posts. Even if it’s boredom, readers are feeling an emotion when they see your post.

In order to take the most advantages of this opportunity, share good things with your followers. It is very helpful and useful when you depict a friendly, happy brand, and people will be attracted to your posts.

On the Facebook page of Oreo, their posts orientate a pleasure and lighthearted uniqueness.Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts7

Tip 5: Conversation Engagement

The way you introduce conversation into the mix of your social media posts helps decide how much people will open up to you.

Asking is the easiest, most effective way to spark communication. In detail, you might start your post with a question or end with a question or a statement that brings people into an engagement.

With this post, Threadless gets an engagement from their followers by requiring them to submit a quip to use in one of their t-shirt designs.Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts8

You will find out the needs of your followers and know how to meet their requirement by creating communication with your followers.

In the below post, Livescribe asks their followers to share their stories about how the company’s products have supported them personally or professionally. These stories give the company a chance to get great insight into the many ways that customers use their products.

It is certain that effective communication supports you to make a positive impression on your social posts. For example, by asking Facebook followers to share pictures of their dogs to celebrate National Puppy Day, Popchips succeeds in engagement their attention.Five Great Psychology Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Posts10

It offers an advantage that your followers will still remember their feeling of the positive conversation with your brand at the next time that they see you in their news stream.

Keep in your mind that when you begin to give people a glimpse of your brand’s personality, they’ll tend to believe in you.

In conclusion

Consider carefully and deeply about each factor of your social media posts, comprising the images, the use of brand colors and the description. These above tips will benefit you from having a connection with your followers emotionally and lead to a conversation.

How do you think? Do you want to apply these tactics to enhance your social media posts? What techniques do you use to get the attraction of followers on your social channels? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.