FlowTraffic Review

Introduce FlowTraffic

Are you tired of investing countless hours and lots of money trying to ‘crack the traffic code’ only to find yourself spinning the wheels, wasting time, and never getting the results you are looking for?

Your struggle ends today.

I’m super stoked to announce that one of the Top 7-Figure Marketer and my friend Neil Napier has created an Automated Traffic Tool that makes it easy for anybody, anywhere, in any niche to get unlimited, free traffic with clicks.

And the traffic you get with FlowTraffic is not just any old traffic…it actually converts.

Without breaking a sweat, you can now:

  • Leverage the power of social media to get unlimited FREE traffic
  • Curate the most engaging content across all the top social media networks
  • Create engaging images & memes that get liked, shared, and clicked on
  • Get clicks to any offer in any niche without ever spending a penny
  • Build a list packed with targeted subscribers on complete autopilot
  • Schedule posts in advance to get traffic to your offers while you sleep
  • Create your 1st viral campaign today and never worry about traffic again!

If you have struggled with paid traffic, now you can stop spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars!
FlowTraffic asists you drive bucket-loads of FREE Traffic by engaging your audience with quality entertaining content that you can post on a regular basis. Please read my honest FlowTraffic review for more information and grab attractive bonuses!

FlowTraffic Review – Overview

  • Creator: Neil Napier et al
  • Product: FlowTraffic
  • Release Date: 2018-Mar-12
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: SEO & Traffic

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What Is FlowTraffic?

FlowTraffic is a cloud-based and newbie-friendly software app that finds trending content online that you can easily transform into ultra targeted campaigns that’re highly engaged for massive traffic with the click of your mouse.

Features & Benefits

FlowTraffic Is Packed With Features You Normally See In The Big Budget Software Tools At A Fraction Of The Price

Easily source the best trending content & images on FB, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter with the click of your mouse. This gives you a massive time-saving shortcut when compared with creating your own images.

Discover Content On Specific FB Pages

If you are looking for highly targeted images & content to share, you can easily search specific FB pages using FlowTraffic.

Multiple Sorting Options Save You Time And Make It Easy To Laser-Target Your Campaigns

Sort the content and images that FlowTraffic discovers for you by relevance, likes, shares & comment count. This makes it easy to use the most engaging content in your campaigns for the best results possible.

Create Traffic-Getting Campaigns In A Few Minutes

Because FlowTraffic finds you the best content & images across the top social media networks & inside you get easy-to-use tools to customise and publish the engaging images & memes you create with this content, you save time & have traffic flowing FAST.

Built-In, ‘Point & Click’ Campaign Designer Makes Getting Traffic Fast And
Easy For Anynone

Customise the images FlowTraffic finds for you with the click of your mouse – No design skills or technical background required.

Blast Your Campaigns Across Multiple Social Media Accounts With A Click Of Your Mouse

With just a click you can send your content to social media accounts you have linked on top networks like FB, Imgur, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Tumblr.

Create Unlimited Campaigns For Unlimited Traffic

With FlowTraffic, there’re no limits holding you back. Create as many traffic-getting campaigns as your heart desires!

1-Click Sharing Quickly Takes Your Campaigns To Infinity… And Beyond!

Everything published with FlowTraffic can easily be shared with others with a single click. This makes it easier than ever for you to create campaigns that go viral & get you a ton of FREE traffic.

Access Over 30,000 ‘Done For You’ Quotes & Images

Although it is easy to create traffic-getting images & memes with the built-in designer tool… If you want to get a headstart and have campaigns running even faster, we are including a gallery of over 30,000 quotes & images that you can use for FREE.

Put Your Traffic-Getting Campaign On Autopilot With Built-In Scheduling

With FlowTraffic, you can create as many campaigns as you want & schedule them to post now or in the future. With the built-in scheduling feature, you can create your campaigns, schedule them to go live on any frequency you select, and get traffic while you sleep!

Easy Retargeting Amplifies Your Results With No Work On Your Part

Built-in retargeting instantly boosts your results, reduces your ad spend if you are also running paid traffic campaigns, and takes your campaigns to the next level. Simply enter your retargeting pixel link into the FlowTraffic software and you are good to go.

Get Traffic While You Sleep

Because of the included automation & scheduling features, you can get traffic while you are traveling, working on other tasks, and even while you sleep! You will never stress or worry about getting traffic again when you have FlowTraffic on your team!

How Does FlowTraffic Work?

Step #1: Find hot, trending content by simply entering any keyword into the cloud based software and immediately find the best, most engaging, trending content that you can use in your campaigns.

Step #2: Using the ‘Point-n-Click’ built-in image editor, customise the media you found from your search and turn it into content that people like, share & click on within a few minutes.

Step #3: Instantly publish your newly created engaging images & memes across multiple social media sites like FB, Google Plus & Tumblr to drive high-quality FREE traffic.

FlowTraffic Works For Any Online Business

Affiliate Marketers

There is nothing worse than having a great offer to promote but struggling to get the traffic you need. With FlowTraffic, you can get traffic to any aff offer, in any niche.

CPA Marketers

FlowTraffic works great for sending traffic to CPA offers. Because the content you are curating for your campaigns is the hottest, trending content, you never have to worry about having the networks disqualify your leads or worse.

Selling Your Own Products

So many products do not generate they sales they should because the product owner struggles to get traffic to the offer. If you have a product of your own, you will never worry about getting the traffic you need when you use FlowTraffic.

Physical Products / Ecom / Shopify

Most people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to drive traffic to their eCom stores. Imagine how good it’ll feel to lower or even eliminate your paid traffic expenses by using FlowTraffic to sending all the targeted, FREE traffic you want to your eCom store.

Selling Services

Most people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to drive traffic to their eCom stores. Imagine how good it’ll feel to lower or even eliminate your paid traffic expenses by using FlowTraffic to sending all the targeted, FREE traffic you want to your eCom store.

Price & Evaluation

OTO1 – FlowTraffic – Pro (SEE DETAILS)

FlowTraffic Pro gives you everything you need to save more time, get more FREE traffic & make more money. If you want to get the most out of FlowTraffic, the ‘Pro’ upgrade is for you.

Downsell 1 – FlowTraffic Pro Lite (SEE DETAILS)

FlowTraffic Pro Lite will have all the features of FlowTraffic PRO MINUS the team feature.


With this license, you’ll be able to create access for your local or online customers within FlowTraffic. Essentially, you’ll be reselling 20 seats of “FlowTraffic Elite (with WP plugin)”

OTO3 – FlowTraffic Training – Course Curator (SEE DETAILS)

In this never before seen training, we’ll show you how to build courses using curation. This is a cool technique we have used in past to create courses in less than 30 minutes, from free & commercially usable content available on YTube!

I hope my honest FlowTraffic Review can give you some useful info to make a wase choice. Thanks for your reading and good luck!

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