GDPR Pro Review

Today we’re doing a GDPR PRO review, looking at GDPR requirements & how to achieve GDPR compliance.

The GDPR PRO plugin is used on any WP site that’s not compliant with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation, better known as the GDPR.

GDPR PRO ReviewIt’s May 25th, the day that the EU’s new data protection regulation, GDPR, comes into force. Like me, you have probably been buried with gloom & doom e-mails. I am hidden in the northwestern woods of Montana, and I have received dozens of e-mails, videos that threaten coming destruction & enormous fines to pay! You would think it was the Millennium Bug of 2000 all over again! Better known as the computer consultant’s retirement program?)

Here’s the great news: getting your WordPress site into GDPR compliance can be simplified by downloading and installing the GDPR PRO plugin, doing a few settings, and editing the provided policy text files. That’s all there’s to it, and that is what this GDPR PRO review covers.

The underlying issue is one of consent. Under GDPR requirements, you’re legally obligated to make certain that you have a good reason for holding onto & using a person’s data. This is referred to in the legislation as the “legitimate interest.”

What’s GDPR Compliance?

For marketers using email lists, the most relevant issue is that the individual has given their explicit & informed consent to your collecting their data.

Bottom line: that tiny check-box or oddly worded phrase with a default-to-yes checkbox is not going to cut it any longer. Under GDPR requirements, you need to explain in clear, concise language exactly why a client’s data is being gathered, and how you are going to use it.GDPR PRO Review

There are seven basic GDPR requirements:

— Terms and Conditions policy
— Privacy Policy
— Cookie permission & management
— Data access requirement
— Right to be forgotten necessity
— Data breach notification requirement
— Data rectification system

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This all sounds like a pain, right? And that is why all the panic has set in. But rest easy: as we cover in this GDPR PRO review, the GDPR PRO plugin makes this all easy. It will take just minutes to bring your website to GDPR compliance. Additionally, the plug-in includes training to be certain you & any staff are fully up to speed on GDPR requirements. (And do not forget to check out my bonus, with even more GDPR support materials.)

How GDPR PRO works

In a nutshell, here is how it works: When someone visits your site, the ip address of their machine will be mapped. Using that information, you are able to serve your privacy policy and terms of service to customers automatically. You can select anyone who is visiting from a GDPR-regulated nation and serve them a specific popup with all of their compliant information. Watch this movie for more information about how the GDPR PRO plugin works.

Until the visitor agrees to your Terms of Service, the pop-up box will block them from your site, sales page, or whatever webpage you have the GDPR PRO review installed on. The plug in includes a white-label privacy policy that can be easily edited.

Once they hit the Submit button, the visitor is added to a list that notes his/her first name & last name, email, indication that consent was given, and the date and time of consent. The list can be easily downloaded to .csv to import into an auto-responder. All the information is easily changed within the plug-in.

We can choose to look at GDPR compliance as too much regulation, or (in a more positive vein) as an opportunity to build a deeper, more trusting relationships with our clients. The important word here is transparency, something all people should have been doing all along.

We need to be accountable to the customers whose data we hold, and GDPR takes us closer to that goal. Clients should feel more comfortable about giving up data when it’s explained to them how their data is going to be used…that’s only human nature kicking in.

Don’t forget: as of May 25th, 2018, every website has to be GDPR
-compliant! Downloading and installing the GDPR PRO plug-in, and watching the included training, is a great first step to better list management.

GDPR Pro: Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t clients tackle these Compliance issues themselves?

They can try, but they will need to invest serious time and money. . .and still not be sure they’ve done it properly.

Clients will rarely attempt this alone.They are more likely to depend on others to do what they can not do. For the reasonable fees you will charge, they are usually eager to get our help.

What if Every Consultant In town Starts Offering This?

That won’t ever happen. And you will have such an Early-Mover Advantage by the time other consultants figure out what you’re offering, you will be too busy to care.

Is it a complicated process for me to provide?

NO Way! Designing and testing the software was complex and expensive. But your role as a consultant is EASY.

Does This Take A Lot of time?

No, and thats exactly what so surprising. You’ll be a believer when you use our training materials and support to land customers all over the world.

Is this REALLY different?

Absolutely. We have looked at what is out and there is not much to compare in any respect. This is a New WP Plugin designed to create a GDPR-compliant site in very little time. . .without the hassles or uncertainty.

Has this worked for others?

We’ve only just launched now, but with TENS of MILLIONS of websites Not In Compliance, this will probably be like ‘shooting fish in a barrel’.

Charge any fee you prefer, and then provide other advertising services. You will be treated with respect since you and only you, brought them a way to solve the GDPR compliance issue.

Does this need in-person office visits?

NO it can actually can be performed REMOTELY in just about all cases…

You can email and also use the phone and talk with prospects the GDPR compliance service you can provide them.

However, you will usually get far better results meeting clients and building a relationship.

Is there really good profit in this?

ABSOLUTELY. Your cost is fixed (and reduced). You can prospect for customers anywhere. It takes very little time to fix the problem. The software does the job. . .and the perceived value is high.

How Soon Do I Start Seeing Money?

Usually pretty quickly, maybe a week or even less. Most consultants will opt to get pre-paid before they start.

If It’s so Good Why Don’t you charge more?

Simple. . .we actually make most of our earnings from Local customers, not from product launches and you. We can afford to offer you a good deal.

We see supplying this new software as service to our fellow consultants, especially if we’re pricing it so low. There’s plenty of business to go around.

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