Google Trader Review – Scam Or Legit?

Did you ever hear about Google Trader?

For the past few months, this software had been treated as illegitimate.

So, whether you answer yes or no to my question, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will discuss some information that you need to know about Google Trader.

What is a Google Trader?

Google Trader is a software for trading online. Its creator claims that this is powerful software for earning thousands of dollars. Based on the statistics given on the site, you can make an average amount of $1 800 up to $4 300 profits daily. You can even earn up to $350 000 in a year. So, when it comes to earning in trading, there is no fixed amount. It can go way too high, too low, or nothing at all. The trading accuracy for using this software is 96.47%. Since Google Trader knows better when to trade, it is profitable. The secret of the success of Google Trader is the original algorithm from the Google engine – it is what the site claims.

Mr. Ben Williams introduced himself to be the CEO of the platform. He said that he developed Google Trader after thorough testing and verification.

Google Trader is free for anyone to use, but there are some conditions to be met. 2.5% of the income that you may get from the platform will go to the software. Also, you should open an account with the broker from the platform and deposit a minimum of $250.

Does Google Trader still exist?

Google Trader is a business program that was created and discontinued. This software has nothing to do with Google Inc. because this big company does not share algorithms with anyone. In fact, it discredits the Google Trader from saying that the algorithm is based on Google Inc. because it is not.

The website of the Google Trader is such a useless funnel that will direct you to the unregistered broker. You will never like to do business with an unregistered one because they do not play by the rules. They say just anything that they want to say. Besides, remember that the United States Securities Exchange Commission warned against the unregistered brokers because they participate in illegal activity.

How does Google Trader work?

Google Trader works by using an algorithm to identify the trends in the market. It searched the best trading signal, and once it is found, an alert is to be sent to the trader. It is now up to the trader to place the trade to increase the profit to the highest possible.

The binary options have the expiry times like for a second, an hour, a day, or a yearly option. Google Trader performs a trade, and you can use the expiry times at your own advantage. So, start by signing up on the platform for free. You only need to provide your necessary information, including your email address and cellphone number. The signing up process is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying for it. After signing up, just execute your trades and wait to earn a profit. With 96% accuracy, you can make a profitable trade. The next thing you should do is to withdraw your earnings. You can do this when you reach the required amount.

What are the special features of Google Trader? 

Some features are appealing to traders. It is very compatible with either Windows or IOS and even Android. There is also a mobile application available if you prefer it when It is also fully automated.

With Google Trader, you don’t need to undergo training for you to learn to interpret a graph or a chart from the software. Using the software is easy, and you can simply do it by just a simple mouse click. This software is popular because of its vast promises but little success.

Is Google Trader connected with Google Inc.?

Although I mentioned it already, I want to reiterate it again. Google Trader does not have anything to do with Google Inc. I don’t think it is good to include an established brand in your product’s name. At the website of Google Trader, the CEO mentioned that this platform is hosted by Google Inc., which is a search engine and not a robot. So, Google Trader does not have anything to do with the platform.

If you go to the bottom page of the site, you will be able to see disclosure. It says that the products, as well as the services offered in the platform, are not affiliated nor endorsed, associated nor sponsored by the search engine.

What are the red flags in Google Trader?

Below are the doubtful things I found for Google Trader:

  • Impossible to verify

I notice that the sales page of the website is full of hype that it becomes impossible to believe. It is plausible, really unbelievable. The claims are very impossible to verify. I don’t think it is possible to earn $350 000 in a year. I know that you can also make money by trading. Still, to give a statistic, only 1% of them make a considerable amount of money. So, it is essential that as a trader, you are well-informed.

  • Earnings

Below the sales video located on the homepage of Google Trader, you will see two counters. One shows the number of members enrolled or joined in the software in total, while the other one shows the amount of money that these people earned. I can tell that these numbers are not accurate and not based on real data. If you check the numbers at the same time while opening two different web pages, you will see that the numbers differ. I know that these numbers are part of the strategies to sell.

  • People and testimonials

The people in the testimonials are paid, actors, and actresses. They are not real users of the website nor the software. It is very easy to find somebody to say anything in front of the camera to get paid. Doing a fake testimonial is a method of the scam artists in promoting their crooked products online.

  • CEO

The man who claims to be the CEO of Google Trader, Ben Williams, is fake. He is an actor that can speak in front of the camera for any amount and as meager as five dollars. So, I saw him in the video, and I am less convinced.

Can you make money with Google Trader?

Google Trader, the software for binary options, is a hyped trading system. It turns itself to be the greatest software on the planet for online traders to use, but it falls short. From the explanations I got from the site, Google trader is said to have about 96% accuracy that will most likely make you succeed in trades. However, I don’t believe that Google Trader can do that, especially now that this software does not exist anymore.

Although I know that trading binary option is not safe, there are still plenty of people that fell to its trick. It resulted in the disappearance of cash that users deposited when they sign up and register. Think about it, if this program works, everybody who uses the system can already become a millionaire. But it is not how it works; this program does not work. Those who used Google Trader had failed trades most of the time than succeed. So, it is clear that it is difficult to make a profit with Google Trader.

If you trade online, your success will be dependent on the knowledge that you have, the amount of money that you invest, and consistency and luck. So, for you to become a better trader, you have to make yourself better too. So, keep practicing and use a robot that is trusted and proven to give earnings.

Is Google Trader a Scam?

Yes, Google Trader is a scam.

If you check the online reviews, you will find the scam alert. I found out that Google Trader is a scam because the site claims to be under Google Inc. when, in fact, it does not have anything to do with the big company. Besides, the CEO of Google Trader, Ben Williams, is confirmed to become an actor, a cheater. Now, I don’t doubt why many binary scam alerts are on its way when you search Google Trader. Since the software is exposed, Google Trader does not anymore exist.

Before Google Trader become unavailable, plenty of users complain that after registering from the site, they started receiving spam emails that bother them. These emails want them to join unregulated brokers, which are known for credit card fraud, overcharging. Moreover, Google trader demonstrated criminal behavior. It has been proven that Google Trader uses investment crime. So, probably when you deposit an amount, it will dramatically be lost.

What is your verdict on Google Trader? 

I cannot recommend Google Trader. It is the same as gambling, so when you use trading software like Google Trader, you will gamble. Essentially, if you use Google Trader, you are putting hope in the investment that you will do in this software that will gamble on you. In this software, you will lose all your money rather than make a profit. If you are very determined to earn money online, just invest in using software that works. Google Trader is a scam, so; definitely, I will not invest here.

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