How MP3 Player Can Help You with Studying

How MP3 Player Can Help You with Studying

Sometimes every man suffers from a lack of concentration. Somebody tries to make their essay or coursework without any desire, with every minute distracting to their phone messenger or Instagram. As a result, they don’t do their work in time and are forced to ask their friends for help or to use different online services, e.g. Pro-Papers. Others are more successful and you ask yourself: what is the matter? Why they can find the strength to do this very boring stuff? Of course, every man has his/her own secrets of good concentration. Someone drinks a glass of orange juice before work, others do the coursework with their friends from university or vice versa turns off all devices and locks the door. Many people use music to achieve more complete concentration.

In this article we’ll tell you how to use your MP3 player to make your education process more pleasant and quick.
The reasons to try studying with music

1) Stop listening to the world

It sounds strange, but music usually helps to stay focused, especially if you don’t do very interesting things. It happens because our unconscious part of the brain, that historically helped people to stay alive in the wild nature, notices all sounds that surround us. While you’re unfocused, you can’t concentrate, because this brain part attracts your attention constantly. Everything around you can distract you: a sound of cars on the street, your cat’s rustlings and meowing, a voice of your neighbour behind the wall. So you need to turn off this brain part to do the job. The music also can be your personal surrogate of silence if you can’t stay alone for your working time.

2) Stay more motivated

You can choose music according to your preferences. Don’t choose too lyric music, there is a big possibility that your mood will become too romantic or sad. We also don’t recommend to use songs with too many words for studying. Your brain will be distracted by a text of a song and it will be harder to think about the topic of your coursework or essay.

3) Use music just not to listen to people’s conversations

How many times have you been distracted by listening to the speech of strangers or small talk of your colleagues, sipping coffee in an open space office? This information is absolutely useless for you, but you can’t concentrate while you hear it. This is another mechanism by which nature lets you know about the news of your tribe. Today it is useless because we have no more tribes. To disable this mechanism, the music is also very helpful. Just turn on your player and forget about everything around you except your work.

4) Music helps with monotonous work

We would like to highlight the use of music for training. Training with headphones in your ears can keep you more motivated and not paying attention to occasional things. But be aware when you work with unfamiliar training apparatus or in a new place. Sometimes it can bring unpleasant consequences, for instance, you can miss when someone near you drops their dumbbells and stumbles on them.

How to choose the most suitable music for yourself

There are few common recommendations on how to choose music:

1) Use the music that doesn’t contain lyrics or contain not many words.

As we mentioned before, our brains like to be distracted by the sounds of speech. Although you can try music in a foreign language; it may work for you, because you know nothing about the meaning of the words.

2) Don’t choose your favourite music!

There is a big possibility that your brain is involved in listening to your favourite track too much. You may even start dancing or singing and then you will have to use the help of services to complete your coursework or essay.

3) We also don’t recommend choosing music that you hate.

It can distract you even worse than your favourite music. All your thoughts will be just about that annoying buzz and you can’t do anything while it plays.

4) Try to study using music that contains nature sounds.

The researchers found out that sounds of a waterfall, birds singing, gurgling water helps us to concentrate. You can listen to these sound separately or find the music with sounds of nature. But don’t overdo it: one of our authors tried to study listening to cow mooing and we had to soothe his laughing for a very long time.

5) Use music, that you don’t like too much, but don’t hate too.

This type of music hide all annoying noises and will not distract you from your work. Unfamiliar music is not a bad choice too if its genre suits your case.

6) Instrumental dynamic music is very good for monotonous boring stuff.

Try to listen to baroque compositors like Bach or Vivaldi and maybe they help you to create the right mood for writing an essay. If they are too boring for you, try to use something decidedly different.

7) There is an opinion, that games soundtracks are a very good choice for working.

Music for games is not too saturated and it is dynamic enough to make the rhythm for your working process. Such music usually doesn’t include words and its goal is to help players to think about their mission and concentrate all their focus on the game.

8) Use something motivating for gym.

Although Bach and Vivaldi are well-known compositors, we don’t recommend to use their music for training. Our opinion that for your gym goals the best choice is bands like Rammstein or 30 Seconds to Mars or something else that is very energetic, otherwise you can risk sleeping right on the training devices.

9) Foreign music with words can be useful for language learning.

We better remember new words when we hear them in practice. So, it is good for walking to take your player with you and listening to your favourite French or Norwegian bands.

After all, we have a piece of advice for you: don’t use too big volume, especially for a long time, because our brain can be tired from loud sounds and instead of motivation you can get a headache. Too loud music also can disturb other students in their search for motivation, that is not very polite to them. It is also very important for your comfort not to annoy or attract other people, because if you attract their attention, there is a big opportunity that they can start to ask you about your music and you will need to make the break in your work and explain them something about your musical choices and loudness.

Although there are common requirements for the music to concentrate, first of all, you need to think about your preferences. Someone doesn’t like classic, other hates rock or rap. So it is impossible to write recommendations that will suit everybody. Carry out your own research and find the most suitable music for you.


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