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Introduction: Infinity Store

Infinity Store – Are you searching for more knowledge about Infinity Store? Please read through my honest reviews about Infinity Store before selecting it.

Infinity Store Overview

  • Vendor: Prady
  • Product: Infinity Store
  • Release Date: 2018-Jul-06
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche: General

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What Is Infinity Store?

Infinity Store is the latest software from Engageleads that guarantees you income by harnessing the power of discount psychology. It is a system created to provide you with a sleek and professionally designed standalone web-site plus a powerful WP plugin under the hood.

Engagezone sources saleable contents on major ecommerce markeitng platform on the web such as Amazon, AliExpress, Shop.Com & Walmart and post them on very own web-site. You get affiliate commission for every product bought using your website.

The system takes advantage of discount psychology which every one likes to locate products for your customers based on keywords & discount meter selection. With the powerful discount meter embedded on the web-site itself, customers can easily affordable items that they can purchase. This amazing combination of discount & wide product selection enables you to have a web-site that is truly cash-magnet, plus with guaranteed income all year round.

As with all their other software, the creators make sure that it’s completely newbie friendly to enable upcoming marketers & professional one to fully harness the power of the system with minimal intervention from them.

Professional Theme + Powerful Plugin

Infinity Store is made up of 2 parts, first a powerful simple to setup plugin that enablesyou to import products from the leading on-line market place today. Second, a professional & well-designed website that you see’

Both the plugin & website works seamlessly to deliver a professional and the best online shopping experience. Expect high conversions from your website visitor and guaranteed income with these 2 powerful systems in one product.


  • Set Up in A Few Minutes and Works Completely on Autopilot
  • One Stop Solution for All Amazon Ecom Marketers
  • Designed for Beginners and Professional Marketers
  • State of the Art Amazon Live Search Technology Lets you Insert Virtually Unlimited Products in Your Store
  • Unlimited and Salable Product Source from Amazon

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Infinity Store Features

Easy Set-up Software

The creators have simplified the installation process on this brand-new tool. With your purchase, you get access to a single downloadable tool that you can upload on your WP site. The system already contains both Infinity Store plugin & Theme, no need to down-load multiple files & get confused during the installation process.

Get your brand new e-commerce affiliate marketing site with powerful discount finder feature up & running in minutes. And start earning profit & gain traffic within hours.

Conversion Oriented Web-site

The Infinity Store web-site was professionally created to give you the best conversion possible & get you high SEO ranking with minimal effort. Each section were carefully placed to enable your web-site visitors to view & search products fast & easy. They made a lot of consideration in giving web-site visitors the best possible experience & enable them to be converted to buying customers.

The home page contains their very own powerful discount finder for searching highly discounted items on the major ecommerce sites & a section for displaying product based on your niche selection.

Instant Discount Search

If your web-site visitors ca not find their item on your Infinity Store web-site, they’ve the option to search for it using the advanced discount search software. Infinity Store easily returns search results simply by focusing on the keyword & discount meter input by user.

Infinity Store discount finder searches all major e-commerce web-site from Amazon, AliExpress, & Walmart to provide relevant items on the lower discount available. Customers can then purchase the item right on the web-site so you keep the affiliate earnings.

Unlimited Products

The biggest profit killer as most of the affiliates experience is the limitation on the products your store can display. Today, Amazon boasts of 400 million plus products. Even if your store is able to display 1000 products, it’s nothing compared to the real volume!

Infinity Store is the answer to this problem! It enables you to display virtually infinite (as in “ALL”) Amazon products on your own store, so no worries on losing a customer coz the product he was looking for wasn’t on your store. The state of the art technology enables your customers to search all the Amazon products from your own store.

Self Updating Store

Updating your Affiliate store in order to sync it with Amazon has been a time consuming & arduous task. Failure to do so has been known to create annoyance for the customers apart from taking a hard hit at profit potentials & customer loyalty.

InifinityStore has been programmed to update itself without your intervention & be in sync with Amazon for out of stock products, expired deals, discounted prices, etc. So your affiliate store is all-time up-to-date with Amazon. So all you do is setup the store & leave all the updating drama to itself without having to care!

90 Days Cookie Storage

Affiliates have always loved promoting Amazon products. But there is one glitch. The Amazon affiliate cookie works only for 24 hours. Meaning, if a visitor of your affiliate store doesn’t make an actual purchase within 24 hours of visiting your store, you do not get anything out of it. That is one visitor completely wasted! No Commission earned!

But not with Infinity Store… it enables your customers to add their products to the cart on your store & then gives a whopping window of 3 months to the customer to make an Amazon purchase for you to earn your well-deserved commission. In short, your commissioning earning potential shoots drastically!!!

Location Based Search

Let your customers search the best items near them with Infinity Store’s location based search feature. This feature also enables user to search & purchase items in particular regions or countries where Amazon is present, lessening the waiting time for each order & giving them even more choices.

Price Drop Alert

Many a times, customers short list a product & just short of buying it, feel that they wish a lower price for the product. Disappointed, they leave without any further action. Thus, you lose a customer & a sale for commission.

Infinity Store, with it’s Discount Alert Technology, gives customers an option to select to get notified when the product price would drop to their desired range. When it does drop, the customer would get an automated e-mail notification for the same. So you not only win a loyal customer but also acquire his/her email ID for further follow ups & sales.

Build List With Options

Build & increase your web-site leads by utilizing the optin form situated within the Infinity Store website. This will greatly help you provide updates to your clients with new & exciting offers that they can avail on your web-site. Infinity Store enables you to collect unlimited amount of leads which could help on your business growth.

Customer Wish List Option

It’s common that a product or a particular variant a customer is looking for might be unavailable at the moment. At such times rather than losing out a customer it definitely pays off to give customers to create their wish list. When the product/variant is back on the store the customer gets an automated e-mail notification for the same, thus creating a loyal customer for you. Yet another way to acquire e-mail addresses and to create more & more contented customer base.

Recent Search Analytics

Infinity store enables you to get a statistical grab of all the recent searches that are being performed on your affiliate store. Using this data, you can get a judicial estimate of the top rated products, highly searched categories and use these analytics to plan your further promotional campaigns. Based on real data, you can be assured of converting such promotions richly.

Viral Traffic Module

Driving targeted traffic to your store is a crucial element that makes your store highly profitable. Hence, they’ve added the Social Viral traffic module that unplugs the flow of super targeted traffic to your store.

It is a one of its class technology. You can promote your products using customized posts on social media right from the dashboard of InfinityStore. No need to leave the system. But the real beauty of the system is it impulsively converts your store products to match the promotions that are bringing in the traffic.

So if you’re promoting pet products on Facebook using the InfinityStore Social Viral Traffic module this system will post your promotional post on FB & when somebody visits your site from that link they’ll see Pet products only. Even if you get traffic from a post for Automobile accessories with Discounts, then the system will magically transform itself to show Discounted automobile accessories to such a visitor.

This single feature is all worth for your investment in Infinity Store as it boosts your earning potential instantly. Not only your earning potential but it also help you save more funds just for getting traffic into your website.

Multiple & 100% Legit Product Source

Your customers are assured that each item displayed on your InfinityStore web-site are 100% legit since almost all products that you can add on comes from the top on-line marketing websites on the internet today. We’ve included affiliate integration for Amazon, AliExpress, & Walmart as product sources.

Build your website’s trustworthiness & establish a good track record on-line by providing your web-site visitors & customers legit products on the best discount possible.

How Does Infinity Store Work?

Step 1: Install the System

Download their installer file and upload it on your WP site to get started with your online commerce store

Step 2: Build Your Traffic

Build your site traffic by personalizing it and featuring amazing products to attract more clients

Step 3: Sit Back and Relax

Watch your online commerce site and profit grow even without exerting much effort on each day

Why Should You Get It?

It’s simple. Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

Instant Product Discount Finder

Gives your customers to purchase any item they like on the lowest amount possible with our exclusive discount finder solution embedded on the home page of your Infinity Store website.

2 Software in One Powerful WP Plugin

Gain access to two powerful tool, the Infinity Store plugin & Infinity Store WP theme that works seamlessly together to give you a professional high converting we-bsite.

Legit Income Source from Actual Items

Add products by niche that can be purchased by your customers 100%. By integrating the best on-line marketing sites on the internet today, you get to source actual products.

Guaranteed Easy to Install tool

No more multiple file downloads to install the theme & plugin software separately. We’ve simplified the process by creating one simple plugin that does all install works for you.

Best On-line Marketing Companion

If you’re looking for an easy income with permanent & long-term profit source, then InfinityStore is for you. It is an automated cash-sucking machine that does all money making for you.

For Newbies & Advanced Marketers

With a very easy to use interface both on plugin & website, InfinityStore is easily one of the best newbie friendly software out there. All interested marketers can easily use the software.

Timely & Relevant Marketing Solution

We’re introducing a brand new approach on helping people create a stable income source on-line. By utilizing discount psychology, we can provide website visitors with products they want without mining through the whole marketing web-sites available.

Hassle Free & Easy to Use System

Everyone’s time is precious, with this system we’ve managed to integrate the entire installation & setup of software in one go. You do not need to spend hours checking on tutorial videos & support just to start getting the income they need.

Guaranteed to Give 100% Income

Easily build your on-line store with huge traffic & following by integrating actual products that customers can buy right on their comfort. With this new approach in affiliate marketing you get commissions even without creating your very own products.

Professional Marketers with Prove Track Record

The creators have been in the business for years & know and ins and outs of the market. With their undisputed track record you & your customers can be assured that they are delivering high quality product that aims to better your online marketing experience.

Professional Product Support

They’ve a dedicated team of people that handles all support & product inquiries in a timely manner. They make sure that each support emails sent to them are answered promptly & with the best possible solution as fast as possible. They go above & beyond to provide excellent service to their clients.

What Infinity Store Could Give You

  • Complete solution engine For Ecom Marketers that takes care of everything from Store Creation to monetization on autopilot.
  • Set it up once and watch your income grow.
  • Let your Customer decides how much commission you’re going to earn
  • Manage and run it by itself ,You do not need to work on it daily once you set it up.
  • Monetise with automatically integrated highly relevant amazon product.
  • Driving targeted traffic to your store with the Social Viral traffic module that unplugs the flow of super targeted traffic to your store.
  • Let your clients search the best items near them with Infinity Store’s location based search feature
  • Collect leads from their attention grabbing optin forms.
  • High converting designs that improves your profit.

Infinity Store Funnels

FE Offer >>More Details<<

Get the essential Infinity Store package to get started with your on-line commerce website and get earning in minutes. FE offer contains all the basic yet the best feature for an on-line commerce web-site available in the market today.

  • Professional WP theme with built-in discount finder on the home page
  • No hassle & super easy to install in 3 clicks system
  • Add to wishlist option that will enable your web-site visitors to save their product for future reference
  • 90 Days cookie add to cart feature that will help your customers save time & invest more money for purchase
  • Price drop alert for your web-site customers to get them buying when the price is low
  • Mobile responsive design, more & more percentage of customers are using their mobile devices today to shop & buy browse the internet
  • Easy to Customize platform, spend less time customizing & more time earning your profit
  • Search products with real time discount offer from Amazon system
  • Easily share products on your social media pages for added traffic to your on-line commerce store
  • Viral traffic plugin to get in more visits & engagements to our web-site
  • Easy Analytics option to track your web-site progress & buying activity
  • GDPR Compliant to protect customer data for every transaction made
  • Your very own professional authority online commerce web-site in minutes
  • Save recent searches options to save your customers some time

OTO1 Offer >>More Details<<

They’ve loaded their FE offer with great features that will greatly benefit newbie & professional marketers. But there is still something left to entice you from upgrading! This option contains their most advanced Infinity Store product, with extra & important items to get you to your success fast!

  • All the FE Infinity Store features & items presented
  • Advanced Amazon live search option clones entire Amazon product catalog
  • Amazon integration for importing discounted products on Engagezone theme
  • Amazon Onelink access to better monetize your on-line commerce website
  • Location based search for confident buying option for your customers
  • Blog post section to help you connect & provide informative updates to your customers
  • Easily grow & build your list with optin form option
  • Product Developer Rights that will enable you to use & install Infinity Store Multiple times at no additional cost
  • Get live search of,Aliexpress,walmart products:- VIsitors will get newest products, price, discounts
  • Flip Stores option for more reliable product options on your web-site

OTO2 Offer >>More Details<<

Their Infinity Store OTO2 offer helps you build your very own on-line commerce enterprise at the least amount of time. Each item & niches included on this offer contains all the basic & advanced website features they have. They have built 20 powerful & highly engaging online commerce stores you can install & operate within minutes.

  • All FE and OTO1 basic & advanced Infinity Store for easy online commerce monetization & usage
  • 20 done-for-you InfinityStore sites on high paying niches, pre-populated with professional contents & the best selling items on major ecommerce web-site on the internet today


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to Infinity Store for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Infinity Store include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Infinity Store, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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