Jungle Scout Vs Keyword Inspector: Most Important Things You Should Know

Jungle Scout Vs Keyword Inspector: Most Important Things You Should Know

Keyword Inspector is an online data intensive web-based Tool Suite used for Amazon Product Research. As a matter of fact, with a database of up to 250 million Amazon products became searchable, you’ll be sure that you spotted the most leading tools in the world in terms of Private Label Product Research of Amazon to help you sell and upgrade on Amazon. In this review about keyword inspector vs Jungle Scout, you will be able to learn some of their differences but you particularly discover more about how Jungle Scout can help your business a lot.

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Overview of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is actually an e-commerce tool which helps users handle Amazon product research. This Jungle Scout tools help the users gather data from listings of the Amazon products and search results.
In addition to that, the product aids to make the course of locating profitable product data and obtaining sales estimates and data easy.

More to that, the e-commerce tool has many features which Amazon sellers may find profitable and will help the streamline aspects of the business.

These products exist both as a Google Chrome extension and as a web app and has many different plans to select from.


The Jungle Scout has lots of amazing features which make it advantageous for several types of marketers. The following are some of the leading features which the Jungle Scout has to offer:

Chrome Extension Options and Web App

The Jungle Scout is actually available in a form of web app, as well as a Google Chrome extension. In fact, the Google Chrome Extension is way better for locating things at once. However, the web app is beneficial for laying and planning things out in a strategic manner.

Product Database

The service of e-commerce likewise comes with a huge product database. With this product database, you will be able to use the filters to different search criteria to search or find Amazon products and items.

Product Tracker

A product tracker tool allows the users to track down products as well as their information. With this tool, you can monitor the product details and witness how they’re performing as the time passes by.

Niche Hunter

A niche hunter tool helps to make it accessible for users to locate a niche. As a matter of fact, it is best for performing research and aiding you to narrow down to what products are working well on Amazon.

What is Unique?

The Jungle Scout has many unique features that makes it stand-out. The availability of the Jungle Scout as the Chrome extension is excellent, for it allows users to efficiently locate the product information at the same time browsing, without using the external software.

Considering it is available just as a Chrome extension, this also means that it’s compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and any different operating system which supports the Google Chrome.


The pricing options for the Jungle Scout depends on the size and the needs of your business.
The Google Chrome extension has both the pro and the lite version with the following costs:

• Pro: $147
• Lite: $87

A web app version basically features the startup, the business plans and the standard. The startup plan may be useful for the beginner, while the business plan and the standard plan may add even more features and functionality.

The following are the prices for these plans:

Web App

• Startup: $29
• Business: $69
• Standard: $49

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What Could be Better?

Most beginners might find the prices for these various Jungle Scout Plans are way too high. Users with a little bit of experience under their belt might be better fitted for these kinds of plans.

Both the Web App and the Chrome package are very beneficial for the users. Nonetheless, it might have been better, of course, if there’s a package deal with features of both the Web App and the Chrome version. A lot of people and users could have benefitted with using both versions as a package.

Brief Summary

A Jungle Scout tool is an excellent option for e-commerce marketers. The tools and the features will allow you to have special insights on products on Amazon, at the same time, narrowing down the products and selecting a niche. It also helps the users bring their business to extreme heights and run it with more efficiency.

All in all, the Jungle Scout can be a very great and considerable option for streamlining processes of the Amazon product research.

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