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Are you tired of wasting money and effort on fruitless leads? Generate reliable, quality, and effective leads for your business without the stress and high costs using Leadfuze lead generation software. The Leadfuze alternative you’ve been looking for.


Lead? What is a “lead”? Well, the word “lead” is just a fancy word to depict a potential or prospective client or customer that may lead to a sales or business deal.  Put simply, it is any individual or organization that shows an interest in your advertisement, sales, or business activities.

All businesses need leads.  They are the lifeline of every business and keep it growing. They also bring in the money. However, since leads are just people that show an interest in your business, not all of them would yield to a confirmed business transaction. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, some of them will proverbially fall by the wayside.  However, notwithstanding this, every business still hunts for leads – and hopefully, quality and successful ones.

So, if leads are that important, and also getting good ones, how do we get them? Let us introduce you to Leadfuze – a revolutionary software designed to automatically generate leads by profiling contacts using factors such as location, job titles, industry, and many more to build you a reliable and effective contacts list.

Leadfuze was formed in 2014 by founder and CEO, Justin McGill.  The company is located in Glendale, Arizona, and focuses majorly on sales, cold emailing, and prospecting.

Features of Leadfuze

Large Database

In addition to “crawling” the web for data, Leadfuze has a huge well-segmented database that is regularly updated. Once you enter your criteria in the search panel, it generates a sizable amount of contacts for you to browse through.

Cloud-based Software

No additional software or tools is needed to use Leadfuze. And because it is cloud-based, you do not need to download or install any software. Leadfuze is easy to use and requires no technical or even social marketing skills.  In as much as you know the types of contacts you are looking for, Leadfuze can do the job for you conveniently.

Fuzebot – the AI Search Assistant

The power behind Leadfuze’s effectiveness in generating quality leads is Fuzebot. Using artificial intelligence and complex algorithms, Fuzebot uses your search criteria to generate accurate data for you, time and time again, searching the web for matching clients. You can also instruct it to ignore contacts you already have in your lists.

Advanced Search Criteria

You can conduct lead searches using “market-based” or “account-based” search criteria.  You can also save your searches to avoid repeating the same manually in the future. Leadfuze conducts its search for only contacts in the United States of America.  So, if you are seeking for international contacts and leads, Leadfuze will not work for you.

Market-based Search Criteria

You get to apply the following criteria when searching for prospects based on market factors:

  • Role
  • Industry
  • Adwords Ad Budget: Monthly budget range for Adwords Ads
  • Technologies being used
  • Latest news events
  • City/State/Region: If left blank, then the search is conducted for the entire United States
  • Employee size
  • Hiring by role (i.e. job titles for which you wish to find those hiring)
  • Exclude technologies
  • Require email?

One other great thing about Leadfuze is the versatility and flexibility of its search engine and filters.  You can add or remove keywords, tags, search criteria to either include or exclude prospects or profiles for which you are interested or not.

The “Ignore List”

Once you have generated a lead list, you can save the search criteria for future use.  However, Leadfuze has another interesting feature called the “Ignore List.”  As you create leads, you will already have some suitable contacts from some companies, contacts, or domains in your lists. To prevent wasting your ads budget or data on searching those domains and finding the same contacts again, Leadfuze allows you to put those domains into an “Ignore list.” Domains in this list will, therefore, be ignored during any future searches, saving you money and effort.

Account-Based Search Criteria

This option allows you to obtain contact details by uploading a list of names, company names, and company domains.  Criteria requested are:

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Company or Domain Name
  • Role
  • Max Results (to limit the number of results)
  • Require email?

Auto Integration

Generating leads is very fast, and they are integrated automatically into your workflow, autoresponders, LinkedIn tasks, direct email, and more. Depending on your plan, Leadfuze integrates with other sales automation tools and CRMs such as Close, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce.  It can also connect with Zapier, G Suite, and Mailshaker.

Robust Data Result and Export Feature

Leadfuze gives you a wide variety of data for each contact it generates.  This data includes name, company name, surname, email, title, education, degrees, interests, skills, and many more. Also, you can export data to CSV from any list at any time.

Email Verification

Leadfuze verifies each contact email twice to ensure that you do not experience email bounce. This ensures that each contact is a valid contact and not a dead end.

Unused Credits Rollover

Credits not used by the end of the month in any plan are rolled over to the next month, so you are not losing any unused credits at the end of the month or forced to use your credits for fear of losing them.

Subscription Plans

Free Trial

Leadfuze offers interested customers a free trial plan that gives you 25 free leads.

Paid Plans

There are two paid plans, SOLO and TEAM, available with Leadfuze.  The two plans are compared in the table below:

On the other hand, you can get a customized quote from Leadfuze by contacting them.

Our Final Verdict

The Leadfuze alternative you’ve been looking for.  Automate Your Lead Generation and Cold Emails Find leads and outreach in seconds with personalized, effective emails. ( Find Local B2B Leads, Email Outreach, Automate & Track)

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