LetSlotio Review – Collected 5000+ Optins at 28% Conversion Rate in 15 Days

Introduce LetSlotio Review

Revolutionary Rolling Slot Machine Tool Generated $16,000 Revenue And Collected 5000+ Optins at 28% Conversion Rate in Last 15 Days

LITERALLY Plays With Your Visitors Into Giving You Their Email Address.

There’s one simple truth every marketer agrees with. Email is the best lead generating asset.

Your email list belongs to you. Google can never take it away. Social media can never replace your email list. Emails are scalable and shareable. They save time, are cost-effective, and are measurable. So every marketer strives to collect the email addresses of qualified leads.

However, internet users are getting more and more guarded about sharing their email addresses. The challenge for marketers is therefore, how to encourage more opt-ins into your list. Letslotio has the perfect answer.


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LetSlotio Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Geekotech et al
  • Product: LetSlotio
  • Release Date: 2018-Jun-11
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Software
  • Automate Your Lead Generation and Cold Emails: More Details
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What Is LetSlotio?

LetSlotio is a revolutionary new technology that converts visitors into subscribers by LITERALLY Playing With Your Visitors Into Giving You Their Email Address.

Features & Benefits

1. Get Started Right Away By Selecting one of Geekotech et al’s Pre-made Wheel Templates

Introducing: Done For You Wheel Templates

You can select from our library of high converting done for you Wheel designs. Moreover they come loaded with the exact set of wheel options, call to actions & assisting texts. All completely automated & without you lifting a finger.

2. Einstein Clever Incentive Weightage feature lets you run the Wheel And Giveaway Prizes as per your Choice

Custom Incentive Weightage

Outcome Weightage solves your 3 Most Important Goals :
1) Select your Incentives.
2) Choose Winning Probability (Can even be set to Zero)
3) You can even repeat your incentives & never give away your most prized gift.
It literally could not be easier.

3. Customise the Fields you want to collect in exchange of Incentive

Flexible Form Creator

You can select which info you want to collect from your Visitor. You can collect Emails, Name, Mobile Number, Site URL or any custom info of your Choice.

4. Once the Visitor Wins the reward, show him Options like Redirect to a URL, Close Popup or Copy Coupon

Multiple Actions after Winning

Your Results will boost manifold times because of the automated Actions they’re giving right after winning a Wheel game.
Copying the Coupon And Redirecting to a URL (in same tab or new tab) boost the probability of your Users taking the desired action.

5. Automatically Send Your Leads Direct To Your Favourite Autoresponder

Campaign Level Autoresponder Integration:

You can send your leads to the chosen lists inside the autoresponder of your choice.
And you can even store all of your new emails directly inside the app & export them as a CSV file.

6. Unlimited Possibilities – Choose any desired Integration using Zapier

Zapier Integration

LetSlotio easily integrates with Zapier. Meaning you can choose any advanced integration of your choice.

7. Auto-Register Your Visitors For Your Webinars

Introducing Seamless Webinar Platform Integration:

LetSlotio seamlessly integrates with major webinar platforms including:
Meaning you can take your new leads from LetSlotio & send them STRAIGHT to your webinar registration. Meaning you can be registering leads to your webinars quicker than you can say ‘let’s close the deal!’ Just imagine the possibilities…

8. Show different Wheel Campaigns on Different Pages

Page Specific Wheel Campaigns

Not each page/ post is same. Hence you’ll need different wheel campaign for all your different page needs.
You can choose on which Page you want to show the page and which page you want to exclude. Giving you full authority to use it your way.

9. Mobile First – Wheel Campaigns are equally responsive and WOW on Mobile

Mobile Optimised Wheel

Majority of the traffic comes via Mobile. They’ve made this keeping the Mobile 1st approach.
Your campaign is equally responsive and WOW on Mobile as well as on Desktop.

10. Show wheel campaign as per your visitors Action – Page Load or Exit Intent

Advance Show Up Conditions

You can choose how you want to capture that valuable lead by having the power to show the wheel on Page Load or Exit Intent.

11. Capture as many Email Leads as possible – No Email Lead Capture Restriction

Unlimited Optins

They do not believe in limiting their users. Capture unlimited leads for Unlimited Profits at the Fastest Rate Possible.

12. Fully Customizable Fortune Wheel

Fully Customizable Slot Machine

Branding is one thing that gives your brand an identity to be known. With LetSlotio you can customize the look and feel of each component to customize it to your Brand Image & always be the top face on your

13. Easy Integration with WordPress And Shopify with our One Click Download Plugins

WordPress And Shopify Plugin

You can show LetSlotio on your WP or Shopify sites using our easy to install plugins.
No more hefty coding required to show the Magical Wheel.

14. Boost Sales by showing Fortune Wheel on the Checkout page of Shopify using their Deep level Express Shopify Integration

Express Shopify

You can easily double up your sales by offering Discount And Coupons via Fortune Wheel on Exit Intent of your Shopify Store’s checkout page.

Only & First Ever Shopify App to show such winning game wheels on Checkout Page – Golden Opportunity for Shopify Store Owners.

15. Email Validation so that you get only genuine leads

Validation System

One of the major challenges Marketers face with Lead Generation is getting authentic data of their Customers. Many at times visitors try to bogus on the systems. It is not the Case with LetSlotio, if somebody tries it LetSlotio will recognize it and it won’t Spin the Wheel.

Only the visitors inserting a valid email type are able to spin the wheel and play – so you are always covered.

16. Built In Library

Built In Library

With so many automations running across different marketing channels, it is hard to keep a track of all the campaigns & optimize them. This is the reason we’ve come up with Daily Reports which would be sent to your email. You do not need to login back, we’ll remind you of your Performance.

17. Easy 1 Click YouZign Integration – Improve Your Campaigns

Youzign Integration

They’ve integrated the best graphic designing tool right inside LetSlotio. Makes it super easy to design & excel your wheel campaigns.

How Does LetSlotio Work?

Using LetSlotio in 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Background

Step 2: Customize your Incentives

Step 3: Choose the Form Fields (Customer Data) you want to collect…

Step 4:
Install the Code…

Squeeze pages, sales pages, and exit popups all ask for one thing, the user’s email address. However, most of them don’t offer much in return. Letslotio offers instant gratification with a delightful gift that you can redeem immediately.

Letslotio is a gamified version of the traditional lead generation popup. Users are intrigued by the game and lured in by the chance of winning a worthwhile prize.

The spinner grabs any visitor’s attention and everyone finds it very difficult to walk away from it.

When I got my copy, I was taken through the set up process to my WordPress site. Letslotio works with almost any website including WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Wix, LeadPages, Instapage, ProfitBuilder, Joomla, and all HTML websites.

The setup process for wordpress is very easy. If you already know how to post your web pages and blog posts then this will be a walk in the park.

Once I installed it on my pages, I saw my subscriber list growing faster than it ever did before.

Within one month, I had tripled my subscriber growth. I used to get about 150 new subscribers per week and now I am getting in excess of 500 subscribers every single week. My bounce rates have drastically reduced too. This is because instead of logging out, visitors are playing the game, winning a prize, and claiming the prize. This also increases the number of pages visited and length of time each visitor stays on my website. These are great ranking factors for my website, which further increases my organic reach.

In the first month alone, my conversion rates grew by more than 10% and I am now converting 23% more than 3 months ago before I had Letslotio.

My Personal Experience with Letslotio

I was looking for some online training and came across a site where a pop-up came on and I had to spin to win a prize. But before I could spin, I had to give up my email address.

On my 4th spin I won a prize and I emailed the website owner about how to get such a roulette spin on my website. He later replied with his secret and a link. No doubt, I was sold on the idea immediately.



  • Builds Your Subscriber List 3x As Fast
  • Gives You The Highest Optin Conversion Rate Of Any Tool.
  • Boosts Your Optin Conversions To An Average Of 14%
  • Surges Your Optins
  • Works on ANY Website
  • Easy to Configure
  • Prevents Cart Abandons
  • Works on Shopify Checkout Pages (Deep Level Integration)


  • Not Yet.



FRONT END: LetSlotio Elite (See Details)
OTO 1: LetSlotio Platinum (See Details)
OTO 2: LetSlotio Booster (See Details)
OTO 3: LetSlotio Jacker (See Details)


Persuading internet users to give up their email addresses gets tougher every day. Marketers are having a hard time building trust and growing their email lists. Letslotio makes it so much easier.

Letslotio adds fun into the lead generation process. The gamified lead generator is irresistible to users. The benefits are immense for website owners. Not only do you get to boost your lead generation by collecting emails, but most users become winners.

This feel-good moment doesn’t end there. Visitors claim their prizes, validate their email addresses, and come back to your site to collect on their winnings. This boosts your SEO, your search engine rankings, and your organic reach. Bringing in even more signups. Is there a better opt-in tool that works better? I doubt.

“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to LetSlotio for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. LetSlotio include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose LetSlotio, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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