LI Client Igniter Review

LI Client Igniter – 186 Clients in 6 Months?

Let me introduce you to Cory Michael Sanchez & Ira Rosen.

Cory & Ira are considered two of the best Linked In marketers out there. In fact, there agency was featured in Forbes as one of the top Linked In marketing agencies anywhere.

They have worked with Les Brown, Mark Victor Hanson, Action Coach, Gannett (owner of USA Today), BNI, and many other top companies.

In 6 months they brought on 186 clients paying $1000-$2,500 each month for LinkedIn services.

Crazy right!?

If you want to see how to easily get clients with LinkIn, these are the guys to talk to.

And until now, if you wanted to learn their strategies, youd have to pick up one of their LinkedIn course that start at $1997.

But today they released a new course called LI Client Igniter.

It’s all about how to use their advanced strategies to land local clients.

This training will change the way you get clients forever.

One top marketer after getting a sneak peek said, “Hands down the best LinkedIn training I have ever seen!”

LI Client Igniter Overview

My #1 recommended source

A much better IM product to follow like my #1 recommended source. So no worries, you will not miss the opportunity to make money with this one.

This is the Linked in training you have been waiting for. Here iss what these leading experts reveal inside their new training:

Module – 1 The LinkedIn Opportunity

  • How to tap into LinkedIn 500 Million Person Database to find your next clients
  • LinkedIn List Injector: How to ROCKET past 500 connections
  • Authority maker: How to become the ultimate subject matter expert, even if you do not believe you’re.
  • How to build and run your empire from anywhere

Module – 2 Finding clients

  • Identifying your perfect niche
  • The way to use a FREE LinkedIn account to target your prospects
  • Finding free leads in LinkedIn Groups
  • Local lead finder: Using LinkedIn to find local clients
  • Entering the palace walls: Prospecting the wealthiest clients
  • How to use a premium LinkedIn account to maximize your firepower

Module – 3 The reach-out:

  • 3 ways to engage your connections out of the blue
  • Business Boomerang: The way to tap your existing network to get appointments
  • Shake the trees: Getting appointments and referrals from your existing database
  • Crafting a prospecting message
  • Plus you get access to a software that will help you quickly build your LinkedIN connections on auto-pilot!

LI Client Igniter – Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Before I See Income?
Its hard to say, since your own efforts play a big role, of course. Cory & Ira have had students sign new clients in just days from launching their prospecting.

And its much like a snowball down a mountain, gathering more momentum the longer you apply the system.

Will there be a lot of competition?
No!..just the opposite. Most consultants haven’t figured out the right approach to LinkedIn. You will know Cory & Ira’s secrets AND you will be shown ways to be unique & stand out.

Whats Unique about this?
They are teaching the one of the best approaches to LinkedIn prospecting & monetizing EVER.
These are the approaches that REALLY WORK & are proved by Cory & Ira’s own major success.

Does this take a lot of time?
NO. Each marketing campaign can be launched by yourself or by a virtual assistant(s). You will have a brief meeting by phone & then the critical followup. All less than an hour invested.

Is there anything unethical about this?
Absolutely Not. It’s a simple proven formula to find clients by leveraging LinkedIn. ANY dedicated serious consultant can do this & feel proud.

Will LinkedIn members feel I know what I am doing?
YES, because you will have completed this training & be approaching them from a position of fellow membership & authority.

Will I need a large budget?
No, though even a small budget can speed things up. This way of reaching out through LinkedIn is more about using your own time & effort. Even or a broke new consultant, its a good choice.

What services will interest LInkedIn Members?
The same services that interest most clients. They can be attracted by SEO, Web-site Design, Lead Generation, Press Release marketing, mobile marketing & mobile apps. etc.

Will I need Employees?
NO (Unless YOU Want Them). If you select to use virtual assistants or outsource that is fine. But it is not necessary.

Does this work outside the U.S.?
It should be just as effective.

If It’s so Good, Why Do not you charge more?
Cory & Ira are more concerned with growing their on-line customer base…so they are not charging anywhere near their private clients pay. They do not want a high price to be an obstacle to you trying this.

Knowing Cory & Ira as we do, its instantly apparent they want to help others. They are generous with their time & their talent.

Do I Have to Use the Phone?
No cold calling required for this. This is off-line marketing though, and you’ll be talking to prospects on a previously scheduled call via Skype or Zoom or your phone. This conversation is for you to qualify the client, thats all.

Is the Software difficult to learn?
Nope. Its easy & so powerful. Its an enormous time saver, and totally explained in the training.

What Skills Do I Need to Make This Work?
Nothing special just basic internet skills (which you already have or you would not be reading this). The training will bring you all you need & any services you want to offer can be outsourced. They tell you the best outsourcing services, also.

Is this just a re-hash of their previous courses?
No, This new course is their premier training for LinkedIn. Its rarely offered and if it’s, at a much higher price.

Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to set up face-to-face meetings?)
This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email & phone. Its one of the most convenient home-based businesses you will ever run.

Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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