Niche Miner vs Intelligynce Review

Niche Miner vs Intelligynce


More and more tools are being provided for internet users daily.  These tools are especially crucial for people who transact business on the internet.  This is because, literally, as it is said: Knowledge is Power.  Having the right kind of knowledge, at the right time and in the right format and context is crucial to the survival and success of every business especially internet business such as e-Commerce, dropshipping, etc.

So how do you find and choose the right tools for your business knowing you do not have the money, time and resources to test each one?  Well, that’s why you have people like me who tests and reviews these tools and give you and others an unbiased and neutral review.

In this article, I am going to be comparing two ecommerce spy tools: Niche Miner and Intelligynce.  Very few people can afford having more than one tools.  So you need to know the similarities as well as difference between these tools to enable you make an informed choice as to which will serve you and your business needs better.

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What does Niche Miner Offer?

Niche Miner help you conduct market research and find products and successful ad campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest, eCommerce and Google.  Once you log into the web app, you are presented with a search tab for each of the platforms.  You type in a keyword or keywords you wish to search for and click on Start Mining.  Search results for the keyword(s) typed and then displayed under each platform tab (i.e. whether Facebook, Pinterest, eCommerce or Google).  You can then browse through the search results to find any product you desire or like.  For each product, the number of likes, comments and shares are displayed.  If you desire further detail about any of the results, simply click on its link.  The filters are very limited in each of the mining platforms.  Also, no profit or engagement statistics are provided for any of the search results.

You pay a $29 one-time payment for a lifetime license of Niche Miner and you simply get those four mining platforms as described above.

And what does Intelligynce Offer?

Even from the coined name of the product, you can anticipate intelligent features in this product and, indeed, there is plenty.

Let me start from the fact that when you subscribe to this package, you get a three-in-one bundle.

First, you get Ali Inspector which allows you to do three things.

  1. It has a keyword generator that allows you to generate thousands of high-ranking keywords in a given niche from any keyword(s) you enter.
  2. You can also obtain and analyze all the best-selling products on AliExpress. From this you can select those that are selling well for you own online store.
  3. The third tool you get in Ali Inspector is the keyword search. This tool is not the same as the keyword generator spoken of earlier on.  The former generates keywords that you can use in your own ad campaign for your products.  Keyword tools, on the other hand, searches for the top selling products for the keywords you searched for.
  4. Ali Inspector further has a tool called Download Assets that allows you to download images, details or product description HTML content of any product from AliExpress to your store. The Download Assets also allows you to download product reviews.

Second, you get the Chrome Extension which integrates into your web browser and allows you to see the activity for any store you visit.  These include the products the store has launched and when they launched them.  Through the extension, you can also see the top selling five products.  You can obtain more details about any of the products if you click on them.

Third, so what do you get from Intelligynce itself?

  1. Hot products – It helps you find those products that are bringing in the most sales. It lists the price as well as the quantity sold in the past 30 days.
  2. Google Ads and keywords – For stores you visit, you can see the Google Ads they are running as well as the keywords they are using in their ads.
  3. You can search over 500,000 Shopify Stores with their profit statistics, analysis and engagement details listed for each store.
  4. You are able to search through over 2 million products.
  5. Powerful and useful filters – With the many wonderful features already in this software, I am so impressed with the variety and versatility of its filters. The filters truly put you fully in control of your search be it with products or with stores.
  6. The Store Inspector give you the following information:
    • Store information: These include the store name, how many days ago it was last updated by the owner and on what date, the lowest, median and highest estimated daily sales, the Shopify theme in use and, the store’s Shopify username.
    • Social information: This gives details of their Facebook and Twitter pages for your perusal.
    • Installed Apps: If a store is doing well, knowing what apps they are using and using them also in your store will shore up your sales and traffic.  Apps used for sales, marketing and tools are listed for each Shopify store.
    • Traffic Analysis: Under Traffic Analysis, you get to have 1) an overview showing total visits last month, average visitor page views and average time per visit, 2) competitors, 3) Top keywords and Google Ads
  1. Bookmarking feature – You can bookmark products and stores you wish to keep for easy reference.
  2. Four bonus videos (top selling products on Etsy, top selling products on Amazon, top selling products on eBay and Intelligynce eCom Academy) worth $396 available only to full package subscribers.


Intelligence comes in three price packages: 1) the full package but without the video bonuses at a monthly fee of $19, 2) the full package including the bonus videos, in a one-time life payment of $197, and 3) a renewable yearly subscription of $99 per year.


It may seem the choice is obvious as to which you might choose between Niche Miner and Intelligynce.  I hope this article has helped you in making that intelligent choice.

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