Niche One Review

Introducing Niche One – What Is It?

Niche One is the ultimate niche profiting tool for people who are busy & want to begin making money in weird & untapped niches FAST.

Simply log in & uncover hidden niches, create killer content & products, find profitable affiliate offers & even drive traffic to your new niche website from day one, for free…all from your Niche One dashboard.

Just enter a single keyword & instantly uncover red hot sub-niches that you never thought existed…

… plus all the ready-made content to quickly create information products, Kindle books, lead magnets, affiliate websites or ecommerce stores.

And that is just the beginning.

Niche One brings together each niche research tool you will ever need, all under one roof! The “All-In-One” Niche Research Tool that Turns a Single Keyword into a Highly Profitable Niche Goldmine!

Reveal 100s of hidden niches

Enter a keyword and find out endless low-competition niches, profitable products, Kindle books & affiliate offers

Eliminate guesswork

See the content your niche craves. No more staring at a blank screen or guessing what might work

Swipe free content

Unearth the hidden & free niche content that you can legally reuse to create your own sites, products, emails & more!

Unlock the traffic

Find the low-competition keywords & get ranked in Google fast!


Snag a domain name & quickly launch multiple promotional campaigns right from your dashboard

Works anywhere, anytime

Windows, Mac, Mobile or Tablet, it does not matter! Just hook up to an internet connection and you are good to go!

Just enter a single keyword & instantly uncover red hot sub-niches that you never thought existed… plus all the ready-made content to quickly create information products, Kindle books, lead magnets, affiliate websites or ecommerce stores.

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Niche One Review & Overview

  • Creator: Chris Jenkins et al
  • Product: Niche One
  • Release Date: 2019-Jun-27
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: General

How Does Niche One Work?

Step 1 -Research

Brainstorm new niche ideas

Use the Brainstorming tool to unearth red hot & low competition micro niches from the world’s biggest & best content sites and marketplaces, including Amazon Hot, Magazines, Digg, EHow and many more.

Enter a target keyword (e.g. “Dogs”) and instantly unearth the content, book ideas, membership ideas & endless sub niches that’re already in hot demand & making money.

Expand your search

Use the Market Research tool to quickly search over 16 different search engines and answer sites to uncover the most popular and in demand content in your newfound niche. Find expert blog posts, book content, product modules, YTube videos, monthly membership ideas, and more. Save hours of manual research, and uncover content from corners of the website that most people will never find!

Search like a boss

Use the Suggested Search Terms tool to expand your search across dozens of different types of content, from articles, to FAQs, to photos, to books, scripts, creative commons, software, webinars, tutorials, music, news and many more. Now you can find endless combinations of content that’ll eliminate writer’s block and give you everything you need to create sites and products that people actually want to read & buy.

Find free content

Instantly search 12 free-to-use content libraries, packed with creative commons & license-free content that you can use to promote your new site, create products & lead-gen reports, turn into videos, and more. Save hours of content creation and allow other experts to give you their content for free! Use the Document Management tab to find documents, books, reports and products that other experts have created, so you know what people in your niche are already downloading!

Feed Me!

Use the RSS tool to get a constant feed of news, new content ideas & buzzing trends to keep ahead of the competition, keep your subscribers & buyers informed, and keep your site updated (which Google loves!)

Find Awesome Images

Select from 8 different keyword analysis tools to find golden keywords with untapped competition (giving you easy SEO rankings & free traffic.) Pull data directly from Google, Keyword Spy, SEO book and more. Download your competitor’s most profitable & high traffic keywords in any niche. Instantly find out tons of low competition keywords you can rank in Google for, plus bags of new content ideas too!

Find killer offers

Find affiliate offers in your new niche, so you can begin making money, without creating products upfront. A great way to see how profitable your new niche really is!

Never be short of ideas for products to promote & instantly search Affiliate websites for the most relevant and best selling products in your new found niche…it really could not be any easier!

Find Great freelancers

Need help with your site, creating or editing content, or simply to file your taxes? Now you can find expert freelancers from the top 8 freelancing sites, straight from your Niche One control panel.

Looking for low cost freelancers on Fiverr? Niche One returns results by keyword, just click & go…it’s as simple as that!

Step 2 – Create

Create Content With Our Powerful editor

Add your favourite sites

Step 3 – Profit

Create Content That Gets Your Audience Salivating!

Spread The Word!

Ping your site to various feed sites to allow search engines to know you exist, and quickly begin indexing your site so that you can get found in the search results.

Manage Unlimited Campaigns!

Find the perfect domain

Instantly find available domain names that are relevant to your niche & chosen keywords. Niche One searches GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator & Nameboy right from your dashboard.

Find the domain names that your competitors would die for with their carefully chosen tools. They make the domain selection process a breeze!


Use the Directory Submission tool to submit your site to dozens of directories, to get indexed & ranked faster. Directories give your site a little boost of backlink juice to assist you climb up the search engine results.


Dive into various answer sites related to your keyword & niche, to pick up easy, free traffic from people asking for help in your niche. You can even use the free content you have found in Niche One to answer their questions, with a link back to your site for them to find out more.

As other people see this question & your answer, you will enjoy passive free traffic for months, and even years to come. You can also use these answer sites for further ideas on content and products for your website!


Find 100s & 1000s of blogs that allow comments in your niche, and that give you an SEO boosting backlink to your site when you leave your site link in your comment, on their blog!

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What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Take Action Today And You'll Also Get The Following Bonus!

Why Choose Niche One

1. No clunky software

Unearth profitable niches, free content, product ideas & domain names, anywhere with an internet connection. No downloads, no hard drive clutter. It does not get easier than this.

2. Become an instant expert

Quickly become an expert in any niche, by uncovering the questions & answers your niche is looking for.

This means you can finally create info products that you know people want to buy… create sites that people want to visit… and bank cash from affiliate offers they want to buy.

3. No more writer’s block!

Niche One handles all your research for you, so you can finally eliminate writer’s block & have everything you need to create content people want to read, & products that people want to buy!

Never again struggle for ideas for content for Social Media or for your website properties, from now on you will have a powerhouse of information to draw from whenever you need it!

Niche One F. A. Q.

1. Will this work on my Mac?

Absolutely! This’s web-based software that’ll work on any operating system. If you can log onto the internet, you will be able to use this!

2. Do I need any tech skills?

Not at all. This’s “Click & Search”. If you can browse the Internet then you will be able to their our software…

3. Is this going to be like most software launches? Should I expect Niche one to stop working & be hung out to dry months down the road without support?

Absolutely not! One of the reasons they decided to offer Niche One as SaaS platform was so they could re-invest in it, & bring the features you want most, as well as provide updated versions of the software as required. Giving their customers superb customer support is their mission. They want to be around for the long-term, not just make a few bucks in a one-off launch & disappear for good.

4. Is there a recurring fee for Niche One?

Not during their special FIVE day promotional launch, however once the launch has ended they’ll be charging a monthly subscription to new buyers.

5. Does Niche One have a guarantee?

Yes, they want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase of Niche One today. If for any reason you decide Niche One is not for you, contact their support desk within 30 days of purchase and they will cheerfully return your investment.

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