Orion Code Review – Certified Scam

Do you plan on trading using robots? If yes, you are one of the targets of the Orion Code.

This trading robot had gone viral lately.

Many people are claiming that this is one of the certified scam robots online.

So, in this article, we will see if the Orion Code is one of the scam robots.

Come, sit, and read with me.

What is the Orion Code?

Orion Code is a newly launched software for trading. Recently, it gets viral as it is attempting people to trade with, and they fall to their fake claims. Edward Robinson is claiming that he is a Wall Street Wizard, the creator of the Orion Code. He claims to be the founder and the Orion Code CEO. He claims to give a 100% guaranteed profits forever when you use his software. It is pretty much to lure people.

There is plenty of online trading software that tries to rip off beginner traders, and the Orion Code is one. I am sure that you’ll find it devastating to lose your $250 deposit to the fraudsters. Let me tell you that the goal of the scammers behind the Orion Code is to make you believe that you can make $100 000 in just 30 days. Isn’t it ridiculous?

So, let me ask you. Do you think you can make $33 000 in Orion Code? By just looking at this figure, it is already a big NO. If you don’t know yet, the Orion Code is the Quantum Code. You knew that the Quantum Code is a very dangerous scam and relaunch using another name and a different actor. Check on the dialogue and the pitch video. They are exactly similar.

What is the Performance of the Orion Code?

Orion Code is very unreliable software. Its performance is highly questionable. Yet, its CEO said that the Orion Code is performing high because of technology that its code system is faster than any other bots in the market. It means to say that they use technology that is more advanced than other trading technologies available.

So, are you still thinking of believing and trusting the Orion Code? Think twice and more.

Is Orion Code a Certified Scam?

Yes, Orion Code is a certified scam. As I check the website of the Orion Code, I notice a lot of suspicious information that makes me believe that this software is a scam. Thus, it is never a good option if you consider trading using a robot.


The owner, the CEO, or founder of the Orion Code, is fake. Edward Robinson is not real. He is only a paid actor. Upon knowing this, I wonder if this software exists or not. It makes it questionable to believe this site further. For your information, Edward Robinson is Jeff Gorham. He is nothing but a paid actor, in fact, he worked before in movies such as Sandy Boulevard. You can check his profile to know more.

Upon knowing that the CEO and the owner is fake, would you still invest in this scam? Come on, if this is fooling us by using other’s names as an owner, do you think Orion Code scammers can’t do more of that? I don’t believe that we can earn $3300 in a day in this software.

Luring video presentation

The promotional video on its site is luring people. Scammers are making them believe that the Orion Code is better than other bots. They even brag that this software is faster than any other in the market. Edward Robinson tells people that this bot helped him to become a millionaire, but he did not explain how this bot can do it. Well, the software does not exist at all, or this is just making people believe that through this bot, they can make money. Also, think about the idea that you can make a profit daily forever using this software. Isn’t it very superfluous? I don’t think it is forever.

Never let yourself be deceived by the actors that can keep their faces straight ahead of the camera to tell you lies.

Free software

I have to be honest with you. You have to understand that there is nothing extraordinary about the Orion Code. The CEO and his team did not invent any robot for trading. It is only a story to tell. Try once, and you will lose $250. Try another, and you will lose double. All information that you can find from Orion Code is made for you to open an account for trading binary options with an unregistered broker. See if you deposit the minimum amount which is $250, you will be pressured to make an additional deposit. When you add your money, the Orion Code will earn a commission, and when you activate your Orion Code software, the broker will get all your money. In your next blink of an eye, you will see a zero account deposit.

Fake Claims

After a thorough check of the website of the Orion Code, I notice right away the scam system that is pretty easy to spot. I see that there are plenty of fake widgets and the few spots available. Then, it says that the membership will be closed in just a few minutes. Well, seriously? It is only one of the strategies of the scammers to force you to sign up on their membership. Then, Edward Robinson claims that the Orion Code has changed more than 200 people’s lives by making them millionaires. Is this for real? Of course not, it is entirely untrue. See, if this information is accurate, why is it that there are no pages for the success stories of these 200 people in the Orion Code? Putting them in the site will help prove the legitimacy of the website. It does not exist because this claim is fake. It is not all, in the video presentation, Mr. Robinson was also showing that he has more than $44 million in his account, and he said that he makes about $10 million each year. Believe me; this account is fabricated.

What is my Final Word about the Orion Code?

Orion Code is nothing but a certified scam. Edward Robinson is fake, and if you try this software, for now, I guarantee that you will lose your money. Yes, if you want to make money online, you can but not through the Orion Code. This software claims like magic software that will make you rich without efforts and sacrifices, and there is nothing like this exists. You can’t win these thousands of dollars overnight. Be smart; do not let scammers fool yourself. Avoid Orion Code now because it’s a certified scam.

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