Pinflux 2 Review – Automates 100% Pinterest Marketing & Makes It Hands Free For You

Pinflux 2 Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about Pinflux 2? Please read through my honest review about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Introducing Pinflux 2

Pinterest can be your best bet to attract & interact with a new audience. Just pin, comment & share other people’s images, which in turn will get you traffic, generate leads & ultimately boost sales.

Pinterest = Profits! BUT how would it be if you did not have to do all of the above yourself & had a robust, autoapp that maximises your Pinterest profits doing everything from selecting the right content, pinning, repinning, following and all of that?

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If you have not already tapped into the social media platform of Pinterest as yet, now is the next best time to do it, and Pinlux is the most breakthrough Pinterest traffic automation app that’s packed with all the features & benefits to:

=> Bring traffic to your site.
=> Build awareness of your brand.
=> Create an autostream of long sustaining Pinterest marketing profits

Why should you get into Pinterest Marketing?

  • TWO million people save product pins each day! That is 20 times more than there’re people at Mall of America!
  • An average pin is repinned some 11 times and when somebody repins your pins, their followers continue to repin your pins meaning you get a TON of free traffic, leads & buyers!

Pinflux is the most powerful Pinterest marketing automation tool that assists you get the real buyer traffic whether you’re into e-commerce, want to promote your brand, blog or are a social media marketer!

– All on 100% automation. I got you all the questions compiled here a little below, so you know Pinflux like the back of your hand, before picking a copy!

Before that check out the most breakthrough automation software that unlocks each feature of Pinterest:

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Pinflux opened its cart sometime back & it has IM ers vouchig for the ease & simplicity with which it assists you get quality traffic where the competition is low & conversions are high – on Pinterest.

It is insane to give up this 100% super-powerful source of wraffic when Pinflux brings it to you all without any hard work!

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Pinflux 2 Review & Overview

  • Creator: Cyril Jeet
  • Product: Pinflux 2
  • Release Date: 2019-Mar-28
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Social Media

What is Pinflux?

Pinterest is the fastest growing traffic source for e-commerce, brands, bloggers & even social media marketers.

With over 250 million monthly active users , a high presence of female users, and a big percentage of purchasers, this platform is vital for any online marketer’s success.

Till now Pinterest lay untapped for automation because there was no effective automation software that unlocked each feature of Pinterest. Pinflux is the only software that does this well.

Powerful Pinterest Automation Features

  • Work with multiple boards across multiple IDs.
  • Automates pinning of fresh content.
  • Search & automatically find powerful content from Pinterest.
  • Finds pins in any niche & repins them to your boards.
  • Automatically follows niche targeted profiles.
  • Unfollow automation for profiles that didn’t follow you back.
  • Like and activity automation.
  • 100% support for manual actions. You’re able to do everything from within

What Is Pinflux 2?

Pinflux 2 is a total revamp of Cyril Jeet’s very successful Pinterest automation software.

In this version they’ve managed to make the automation really easy by getting rid of the app approval process. You are able to automate everything without having to get your app approved, so it is really-really easy for users.

It also supports scheduled of posts & pins, as well as automation for follow & unfollow.

The pro version also supports direct messaging the fresh fans on Pinterest.


  • Do all work from a single interface for all accounts.
  • Do tasks faster & better with automation.
  • Schedule pins actions across multiple boards.
  • 100% free social traffic
  • Perfect for Ecom Sellers And Bloggers
  • Super Simple To Use Interface
  • Powerful Keyword Search Technology
  • Complete Reporting Keeps You Updated

How Does Pinflux 2 Work?

Welcome to the pin flux tutorial and general overview. Pinflux 2 is the new and improved Pinterest automation app from technic force that makes it quick & easy to build and manage high converting Pinterest accounts. It’s ideal for business owners who don’t have time to manage busy social media marketing campaigns and for internet marketers who are managing multiple accounts.

  • It allows you to pin images from the internet that pin flux finds for you automatically based on keywords.
  • It allows you to upload images from your own computer to pin on Pinterest.
  • It allows you to repin pins that aren’t exists on Pinterest based on keywords.
  • It allows you to follow boards that exist on Pinterest already and unfollow boards.

You can follow users based on keywords and unfollow users based on different parameters. You can search for group boards by categories and find popular group boards to apply to be a part of.

It manages all of your activity in detailed reports and in case of problems there’s a detailed error tab as well to keep track of that for you as well.

So to get started you can add your account and this requires your Pinterest login information. If you’re using a proxy you can enter that information here as well in the following format. Once your accounts are all uploaded you can manage several accounts at once.

The boards that are already assigned to those accounts will appear in the top bar. You can manage your boards here by importing them from Pinterest into pinflux 2 or create brand new boards for you to create pins on as well.

Step 1: In order to pin content from the internet first you’ll just go to settings. You can input your keywords here and you can have several keywords if you like. Along with a shortness scription that will appear on your pins with your forwarding website and that will direct anybody who clicks on your images to your website.

You can instruct pin flux to automatically pin these to your board on the schedule that you set. So for example right now pin flux is instructed to set to pin our images at a rate of one every day or two.

Step 2: We also have the option of adding the search results that pin flux finds for our search term . So these are all floral design images that pin flux is found. we can either pin these instantly to our account or we can add them to the queue, and what that does is it builds up our list of pending pins and you can see we have quite a few here accumulated already.

All of these images will be pinned automatically by pinflux 2 at a rate of one every day or two sometime between this time span and we can customize that as much as we like.

Step 3: To upload images from your own library you can just go to the upload tab and go into settings and from the Browse button you can upload as many images in one time as you want one or several. And again just add your description and your link and then you can save your settings.

Just set the times here quickly and save our settings and those images will now be saved to your board to either pin now or add to your pending queue.

Step 4: You can also repin images from Pinterest by searching Pinterest for keywords. adjusting the settings here I’ll just do that quickly and then save your settings. Now pin flux will search Pinterest for those related keyword terms and offer us a variety of images that we can repin so we’ll just go ahead and repeat a couple of those now.

We’ll add a couple of these to our queue as pending images to be repin delay tur and here we can see our pending repin x’ and these will be reap IND on the schedule that we set.

Step 5: Likewise you can also Follow Boards on Pinterest. We’ll just set our time settings here, save that and now pin flux will find keyword related boards on Pinterest for us to follow. We can follow these boards now or we can add them to the queue. and on a regularly scheduled basis pinflux 2 will take the boards that are inter pending boards tab and follow them on our schedule.

To help us keep track of our growth of following of boards that are followed pinflux 2 has a bar graph here and here you can see the two boards that we follow today.

Step 6: You can also schedule an unfollow strategy and you can set Auto unfollow. You can set that for boards that are less than a certain number of pins and a certain number of followers. You can set the times for that as well. Pinflux 2 will automatically follow boards and unfollow them based on your schedules.

Step 7: The same applies for users you can search for certain keywords to find users. and I’ll just put in our settings here save and pin flex we’ll find users who are related to that keyword term.

Now we can follow those now or add them to our queue and based on our settings they will be followed at the rate that we set.

Step 8: And then we can set up our unfollow settings to unfollow those users based on whatever criteria we choose.

Step 9: Pinflux 2 will also help us find Group boards to join and we can filter that by category and sort functions.

Pinflux 2 will find all the related group boards for us that we can then follow and apply to. So this has just been a general overview but if you’re looking for more detailed information we have more advanced tutorials under the help tab. We hope influx makes your Pinterest marketing campaign a success.

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My Pinflux 2 Experience

I am in the e-commerce affiliate marketing web space. During this time I have had the privilege to expose some of my work on Pinterest. Since I discovered Pinflux 2, the hours that I spend on this platform has decreased remarkably.

In the past, I had to insert all of my new ideas, pics, and videos manually. This came at a considerable price as it consumed vast amounts of time. Then I crossed paths with Pinflux 2, and everything that took me days now only took a few minutes. As an affiliate marketer, I know that content is king. It is also to safe to say that fresh content sells and will guarantee that income every e-commerce junkie on the internet hopes for. Pinflux 2 takes care of all of that for me without ever intruding.

I am able to enjoy a high presence on search engines all because of Pinflux 2. This program takes my content, recognizes the keywords and ensures that the major search engines have the same understanding. As a result, I have the confidence that all of my e-commerce pages are amongst the top contenders in any search results page on all of the major search engines.

With all of this automation which Pinflux 2 offers me, I know of the importance of branding. I am privileged to have this product which even takes care of this for me. This fantastic solution connects all of my content with my logo and marketing jargon. In other words, I supply the material, and Pinflux 2 secures my presence on Pinterest.

I know that many e-commerce people have looked at Pinterest as a possible way of getting their brand out there. Join me and let Pinflux 2 do the work for you. Soon you will be able to have the same Pinterest success story because of Pinflux 2.

Price & Evaluation

OTO 1: Pinflux Pro – $47

Enhanced & supercharged version of Pinflux unlocks more powerful automation features and also supports more number of accounts & boards. Perfect for professional Pinterest marketers.

Pro version has the following add-on features

– TWO years of free upgrade
– Support for unlimited accounts
– Support for unlimited boards
– Unlimited posts
– Unlimited Engagement
– Commercial license

OTO 2: Pinflux Agency – $67

With this license, you are able to sell Pinflux and keep all the sales proceeds. It is a one-time license that enables them to sell Pinflux.

Pro version has the following add-on features

OTO 3: Viral Reach Pro – $47

Unlock massive traffic from FB with this powerful FB automation software that allows you to create the social post for the entire month at once.

OTO 4: Mighty Memes Pro – $47

Use memes to drive traffic engage your audience & drive massive traffic to your offers with the most powerful meme making software.


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