PlayBoost Review – An Engagement Hack Inspired By Images – Taken to New Heights with Video

PlayBoost Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about PlayBoost? Please read through my honest review about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

PlayBoost Review & Overview

  • Creator: Mario Brown et al
  • Product: Playboost
  • Release Date: 2019-Apr-01
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Video

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What Is PlayBoost?

PlayBoost Is *NEW* Compliant Tool Increases Your Video Views By Up to 30% in FIVE Minutes Using Irresistible Engagement Hacks Over Your Videos. It Lets You Create Animated Video Thumbnails That Gets You More Views.


  • Boosts Video Views
  • Easy To Use
  • Drag And Drop Technology
  • Works on Mobile And Desktop Browsers
  • Works with All Your Existing Videos
  • 50 Overlays Included
  • $70 Launch Discount

PlayBoost Features & Benefits


Add Any Video

Worried about having to re-upload everything? Do not! Mario Brown et al do not require you to do anything but add a video link. Mario Brown et al support YTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Amazon s3 & Vidello videos.

ONE-Click Install

Nothing is worse than something that is hard to install, right? No technical skills required! Paste our tiny line of code & playboost automatically detects your video on your page FOR YOU!

Customise Everything

Insert just about anything that’s going to capture attention & customize that. Colors, animations, size, opacity, etc. Mario Brown et al make things irresistible for viewers.


Use your default thumbnail as a background or customise your video using Mario Brown et al’s library of overlays & patterns to make your video stand out more.

Images and GIFs

Upload your own, or search our library of images & GIFs that play over your video thumbnail (…did I hear a “hallelujah” in the back?)

Text Call to Action

Marketing 101, right? Insert a call-to-action. Nothing boosts plays like telling your visitors to ‘Click Play’ :).


Emojis are the engagement tool of the decade. Emojis are so recognizable that they’re almost unavoidable to the eye when placed on a page.

Play Buttons

Select from Mario Brown et al’s professionally designed play button templates to ensure your visitors can not miss it!

Drag And Drop Technology

Old school video stuff is bleh. Drag And drop all your customizations & make your videos unmissable.


Nothing captures attention like animations. Animate each single element on your new playboost video thumbnail to take your engagement up a notch.

Mobile Friendly

Have complete peace of mind knowing that your videos are going to be playing perfectly on mobile devices and you will enjoy the benefits of 60%+ of the world’s traffic source.

Page Builder Support

Playboost’s animated thumbnails work with all major page builders…


Here is What PlayBoost Will Do For You…

Enjoy More Views by Creating Irresistible Eye-Catching Animated Video Thumbnails in a few Minutes

Never worry about visitors scrolling straight past your video thinking it is just an image. With Mario Brown et al’s custom overlays, easily create wildly engaging thumbnails that’re unmissable on your site & landing pages.

Boost Leads and Sales Without Creating More Videos

Enjoy more leads & sales from your videos from your unmissable videos on your pages.

Turn Visitors into Engaged SUPER Fans

When you turn a boring video into an exciting unmissable experience, you make viewers want to watch your videos to the end… which means they are more likely to buy something from you now or in the future.

Do not Waste Your Video Production Efforts

Spending days or weeks & hundreds or thousands on a video only to find that people are scrolling straight past it not knowing it is a video.

Ouch! With Playboost, you can have peace of mind knowing each video is unmissable.

Never Worry About Autoplay Nightmares

The auto-play disabled on all major browsers was a kick in the teeth to all online marketers but with Playboost you never have to worry about decreased views again.

Keep All Browsers and Search Engines Happy

Using custom scripts that override the autoplay can get you penalized.

Playboost’s compliant approach keeps search engines & browsers happy but creating a pleasing experience for everything.

Never Re-Edit Another Video Again

Needing to create videos and then re-edit & re-upload for auto-play problems is time consuming.

With Playboost, you do not have to re-edit or re-upload anything. Mario Brown et al automatically detect your video on your pages!

Save Money And Time on Developers & Designers

Once you have got a video ready to go, you need to contact a design to create your call to action and then hire a developer to make it animated over your video so people actually see it and know it is a video they need to click-to-play. This not only costs you money, but you need to wait for days, maybe weeks at a time for every video.

With Playboost, you skip that entire time window and do not need to pay anything to any developers.

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How Does PlayBoost Work?

I’m gonna show you how you can set up your very first campaign inside of Playboost. The idea behind Playboost as you’ll know is to create these amazing animator thumbnails of your videos to get people to click to user on your videos that you work so hard on, so your marketing messages are actually seen.

This is all to counter the huge autoplay issue everyone is facing right now with browsers shutting down autoplay and people are really struggling to get views. So what you would have seen at the moment are videos like this where it’s automatically paused and it’ll say click to play in the top right hand corner videos playing click to unmute or even worse just a normal store video another stall video. This is just another basic YouTube video with nothing over it. These kinds of images are really hard to capture attention to actually get people to click to play.

So what happens is everyone’s views are down globally. This is what play boost attempt to solve and does so quite successfully and to take a video from the default embedded option that your video hosting gives you such as this default YouTube one or a default Vimeo one to something with the call to action.

You need to actually hire a developer and pay someone to be able to place a script for you and using workarounds to go ahead and use enforce autoplay. Actually, you can get you penalized by Google. It’s better to use something like a click to play call to action and we take that a bit further with Playboost with our animates our call to actions and other elements you can add.

What it’s going to do is it’s going to allow you to customize a fully animated thumbnail just like we’ve seen with all the apps that have helped with facebook ad images and banners and that kind of stuff where the store banners just don’t really have the same impact as things like cinemagraphs which blew up in a big way.

These are to capture attention get people to click to play and to increase views on your videos. With that being said, let’s jump into the software. As can see it’s a very straightforward user interface very user friendly easy to follow you just select your video platform from the drop-down you enter a video URL and you click on next step.

You can edit your video name over here and you’ll see it loads up a beautiful user interface rideshare where you can go ahead and edit everything about your video.

Step 1: Choose Overlay

So the first thing you can do is you can change your video thumbnail. If you’d like to it pulls the default one that you have on your video and then we have all of our settings on the right-hand side here. Let’s click on overlay and by default it’s going to add the screen overlay over here. But as you can see we have plenty of patterns you can go ahead and you can put over your video.

As you can see, it looks really really nice. But if we go for like a just a normal transparent color like this, we can edit the color. So let’s make its either whites or we can make it a bit darker let’s go with that okay. So that’s our overlay for our video and again all of these settings are optional you don’t have to use every single on.

Step 2: Choose image

But the aim for each one is to help your video stand out from your page. So it doesn’t just look like the still image we want your videos to be seen by your visitors. You can use any of these elements for your animated thumbnail so what’s very cool is it basically builds an image on this canvas right here over your video. With every single element you upload you have the ability to apply an animation to it. It really does capture your visitors attention. They will see your call to action which in their example I showed a bit earlier was clicked to play. But you can customize it to say anything you’d like so let’s go ahead and let’s look through here.

So we can upload images, search for gifts, integrate with an API. You can search for a keyword and it pulls up all different gifts as related to your search. And then you have the image library where if you’ve uploaded images in the past such as my logo. You can go ahead and you can use those in the future at any at any time. You can rotate them or apply an animation so you’ll see that. The animation you apply only only loops once and that’s just not to distract you while you continue editing your video. When the video is actually live your element that you apply the animation to will actually loop indefinitely.

So it’ll continue looping the entire time, the visitors on your page has to ensure that their their attention is captured by your video. I don’t want that on this one so what I have to do is click on delete in the top right hand corner here for every single elements. We have the toolbar over here so we can move the alignment, layer it, move it behind the overlay. If you want so every single element, you have the ability to edit the layers, duplicate it and then delete it. If you don’t want that elements alright.

So if I select here now it’s going to not allow me to select the image. Because the images but behind the overlay so I just say sent to back. Then I can select the image and I can delete it very straightforward okay. So we’re not going to use an image for this one or maybe. We should just have a look here okay. So let’s add a gif, let’s say we want that in the top right hand corner I can resize this. If I want to and I can also apply an animation to the gift which is pretty coo.

Step 3: Add Text

And then I can add text now. This is one of my favorite elements in the software. Because you can add a very powerful call-to-action as I did on this one over here click to play. But you can add anything you like, you can see. We have all these different templates for text in the right corner and it loads a whole new toolbar at the top for this element. If I go ahead and I scroll up, I have this text box here in the top right hand corner where I can edit this text.

So let’s say I can say click here to unmute or click here to play anything you’d like. And then we have all these premium fonts that you can choose from all right. I prefer to use the thick fonts because they just do stand out more then look a little bit more keen then I can go ahead and edit the font size. If I want it to be bigger so it’s a lot easier for the visitor to see. And then I can transform the text to upper case lower case or I can just capitalize the first letter.

The powerful thing here is applying an animation to your call to action. So if I want this to pulse I can go ahead and I can select that. If I want it to swing I can do that, if I wanted to wobble I can do that. I wanted this to be Jenner and ooh that very very powerful animations. You can apply so let’s go with that and remember it’s only going to loop once.

So it doesn’t distract you while you’re editing your video, but once it’s live it’ll loop indefinitely all right. So we’ve added our text element now it’s going to close this and just once again if I wanted to delete this I just click on the elements and I click on delete

Step 3: Add Emoji

Let’s go and look at emojis now. So as you all know, emojis are incredibly engaging whether it be in a chat conversation or in a video or anything like that. Because they notice them from a familiar medium through which they communicate with people, they most probably use them with text apps whether it be whatsapp or Facebook Messenger or anything like that.

When they see an emoji it captures their attention, all I have to do now is select any of these emojis and we have all these different categories to. What I have to do is select at one I want to use.

So let’s use this one over here and I can resize this to my video. I can also apply an animation to this. If I just wanted to pulse for example, I can go ahead and select that.

Step 4: Add A Button

And then I can add a play button. We have these amazing templates right here that look really good over a video.

It’s by default going to add it as green. But you can of course edit the color to any color you want, so let’s go ahead and let’s make this a shade of blue. That’s a pretty good one there and then I’m actually going to apply the same. When apply the same color to this over here okay, what we can do is we can actually say enter the play button. When we replace it or move it around and we want it to be 100% centered, we just click on the center button over here. And it’ll go ahead and we’ll Center it over our video.

So let’s go ahead and sister resize that as you can see this all looks really really good. Let’s make that a bit smaller so it looks a bit cleaner. We can move that around too. Let’s move our emoji over there all right so now what will happen is when we place this video, we’re to replace it whether it be on our WordPress site on our sales page, on our squeeze page, on clickfunnels page.

Whatever it may be we work with all page builders and all of that. It’s actually going to apply each animation that you apply to each element. The end result ends up being something like this. When a user lands on your page, they immediately are captured by this animation and they are prompted to click to play which results in more views for your videos and ultimately your marketing messages that you work so hard on producing being seen by prospects leading to more sales.  Once you’ve placed all of your elements you simply click on save and of course you can edit your video name over here you go ahead.

Step 4: Click On Install

It gives you a simple line of code to place before the body tag on your website. That’s how simple it is to place now keep in mind that you go ahead and you embed your video as per usual so YouTube. For example, gives you a simple embed code that you go ahead and place on your website same with Vimeo and same with moisture and all those different video players you keep that default embed code that they give you on your website. You place this as an additional script and the script will detect that video automatically and apply this over your video.

So there’s no need for you to replace the default player, this does not replace a video player. It’s simply a script that goes over your video which prompts people to click, so that’s how play boost works. This is the guide to setting up your first campaign and I hope you find lots of value inside the software.

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Who Should Buy PlayBoost?

  • eCommerce
  • YTube Creators
  • SaaS Platforms
  • Online Marketers
  • Online Courses
  • Coaches
  • Agencies
  • Video Marketers

Price & Evaluation

FE: Playboost ($27)

OTO 1: Playboost PRO ($67)

OTO 2: Playboost Agency ($67)

OTO 3: Playboost White Label

  • 100 Licences ($197)
  • 500 Licences ($297)

OTO 4: Playboost Lead Toolkit + White Label ($147)


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Not only are you getting access to PlayBoost for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. PlayBoost include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose PlayBoost, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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