Profit Engine Review

Profit Engine Overview

What’s Profit Engine?

Profit Engine is the ultimate program for teaching anyone from absolute scratch, how to make a profitable income on-line through selling affiliate products with paid traffic.

It starts from a newbie level, finding profitable niches, & covers a lot of ground throughout the program including creating high CTR ads, high converting presell pages, and choosing the offers that are proven to sell like crazy plus much, much more.

Once they have covered the foundational stuff, students will be ready to start running ads at a lower budget. They will then show you how you can test & scale up as quickly as possible, without risking a lot of cash, only scaling when your small budgets ads are bringing in good ROI.

This program is perfect for newbies. The 8 week program is ideal for anybody wanting to get started & make a day-job-quitting level income on-line. But it does not stop there, there’s enough training & community support to take you to a millionaire status & beyond.

Additional bonuses include their Ad Challenge, where members can submit your ads to be reviewed by super affiliates, their weekly live Q&A sessions (they have been doing these every week for years), our copy & paste high converting presell page template (with loads of hidden psychology), and access to their swipe file of high converting ads…even a single ad that has done over a million dollars in sales, with more to come.

How The Profit Engine Works?

Now, you might be wondering that if you’re able to search for Affiliate marketing online then why opt for a program like Profit Engine? We do have a justification for this too! You see right now there is a lot of mess of information online. Again the thing is that if you’re going to search, let’s say”how to start affiliate marketing”, then you are going to have hundreds of results pop up in front of you in the form of videos, vlogs, blogs and whatnot and you will see that each and every person will have their own views, opinions and strategies to become an affiliate marketer. As a newbie, the 1 thing that you don’t want is to get confused and this is where the program”Profit Engine” comes handy. In this program, you are going to learn affiliate marketing from the scratch and the best thing is that this program is pretty easy to understand because it basically is made for the newbies out there.

In Profit Engine Program you will learn;

• How to find the best and the most profitable market
• How to create high CTR ads
• How high converting presell pages work
• How to sell like crazy for more and more profit

All of this is more of a foundational stuff and after someone learns the above-mentioned things, he or she will then have the ability to begin running ads on a very low budget. Not only this in fact, with Profit Engine, the students will learn how they can test and then scale up as large and fast as possible without putting in a lot of cash.

Profit Engine is basically an 8-week program and it is ideal for anybody who wants to master the art of making money online. The best thing about ProfitEngine program is that once you get a proper grip on affiliate marketing, then you’ll be able to understand all the other online money making strategies too, like blogging, vlogging etc..

Why You Get It?

  • You DO NOT need to do any multi-level marketing
  • You DO NOT need to recruit your friends or family
  • You DO NOT need to have your own product or service
  • You DO NOT need any inventory
  • You DO NOT need a store
  • You DO NOT need any employees
  • You DO NOT need to live in the United States (You can live anywhere…even on the beach or holiday!)
  • You DO NOT need to do blogging or podcasting
  • You DO NOT need to build a following
  • You DO NOT need any experience
  • You DO NOT need a bunch of money to get started

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Well, as you will see in a minute, it’s extremely simple & anyone can do it, regardless of your background.

5 Critical Keys To Success

Now, all of this probably sounds pretty simple so far, but if you are thinking there must be more to it, you are absolutely right.

There are 5 critical keys to success you need to get right if you want to make a lot of money with this system.
These are simple keys, but if you get any of them wrong, you won’t experience big success. So it’s very important to get these keys to success right.

Let’s dig into those keys now…

Success Key #1

Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

We have to start with mindset, because this is honestly the biggest thing that stops most people from reaching success.

Gerry quickly realized with his original core group that with this method it takes the same amount of effort to make $100 each day as it takes to make $500 each day, $1000/day or even $20,000/ day.

The main difference is just in the scale and your mindset.

Many of us do not believe we can have huge success or we even deserve it.

As it turns out, the people at the top are not super special. They are not massive geniuses. They have just overcome the limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving those big successes.

After that, success basically becomes a simple math problem, which any of us can solve.

It’s not rocket science.

It’s following a proven formula to completion.

You CAN have these big successes, regardless of your background, IF you commit yourself to following the proper steps, and that’s a major part of our mission now…. is to help people realize the importance of mindset so you can start achieving the same kind of life-changing success as our other students.

Success Key #2

Allow Yourself To Scale Up Infinitely

One of the biggest keys to achieving really massive success is to stop going after the tiny niches and start targeting the biggest, most competitive niches.
In our minds, we always thought you should go after smaller niches that are less competitive. We thought the big niches were only for the big players who had the
big pockets to wipe out the competition.

As it turns out, you don’t need a big budget to compete in the big niches, and the big niches are where ALL the big money is. The biggest 3 niches are
health, wealth and relationships. These are the niches that apply to a majority of the population. When you target these niches, you can target practically everyone.
Once we discovered how to effectively compete in these big niches, even without a big budget, the sky became the limit.

We did not have to worry about tapping out traffic sources, because instead of a small potential group of people we now were able to target massive groups of people with our ads.

Once you’re able to target the biggest niches, you will never have to worry about sustainability & longevity again, because the scale can go so much bigger.

You can get off the hamster wheel of constantly starting over again, because you have a constant stream of people to market to. Essentially you can tap into an unlimited stream of traffic.

It was a massive turning point in our level of success when we started targeting the biggest niches out there.

Success Key #3

Let The Offer Do The Heavy Lifting For You

If you select the wrong offer to promote, you may as well just burn your cash.

You can’t promote just any old offer.

We have a very simple, very specific set of criteria we look for when choosing an offer to promote to make us as much cash as possible:

It MUST be a broad audience offer in one of the big niches

It MUST sell well to cold traffic

The vendor MUST be super affiliate friendly to help you succeed We only promote the top performing offers, because they make it a million times easier for us to make big cash.

There are product creators out there that are world class at building out sales pages & video sales letters and sales funnels that effectively turn traffic into a
pile of cash.

These are the vendors we want to work with. The best of the best

We only want to promote the offers that will turn our traffic into the maximum amount of commissions possible.

Now beyond that, we want to promote offers where the vendor is focused on helping us make money.

The right vendors will provide promotion material. They’ll work with you to help you with your numbers so you can make as much money off your traffic as possible.

The right vendor needs to make it their primary goal to make you the affiliate filthy stinking rich. They should NOT be worried about making money on the front end.

They can make all their money on the back end selling their customers additional products.

If they make $100 off the front end of the offer, they should be willing to pay you $70 or $80 or even $90 to win your loyalty.

Smart vendors know that if they can make the affiliate a ton of money, they’ll get an unlimited stream of new customers all day long they can sell tons more stuff to.

So choosing and getting connected to the right vendor makes your job infinitely easier to make a ton of money.

Success Key #4

The Real Way To Get Dirt Cheap Clicks

Take a quick look at these screenshots:

42,083 clicks at 13 cents a click.
37,103 clicks at 8 cents a click.

These are dirt cheap clicks, and it’s a big reason why we’re able to make so much money promoting affiliate offers with ads.

When you’re paying a tiny amount for a click, it’s much easier to make a lot of money off those clicks.

If you’re only paying 8 cents a click, it’s a lot easier to double that money than if you’re paying a much higher amount per click.

So how do we get cheap clicks?

It’s simple…it’s all about getting a high Click Through Rate (CTR) on your ads. And this is also how we can compete easily with the big ad buyers even though we don’t have their massive budgets.

This tip is absolute gold.

Let me explain.

Websites who sell ads want to make as much money as possible…of course they do. That’s the point of business right?

So how do they do that? Well, the thing they have to sell is eyeballs. They have so many eyeballs on their websites to look at ads. And they want to make as much oney off those people looking at ads as possible.

So, if they’re charging advertisers per click on their ads, you might think it would benefit them to show the ads to the advertiser that pay the most money per click.


In fact, you don’t have to have the highest ad bids to get clicks at all.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say ABC Corporation is paying 50 cents per click for their ads. And you’re paying 10 cents per click. They’re paying 5 times as much per click, but the website can actually make more money showing your ads IF you do it right.

Obviously, they’re going to want to show the ad that makes them the most money, so let me explain how this works. If 100 people see ABC Corporation’s ad, and it has a 1% click through rate, those ads will generate one click at 50 cents. The website will make 50 cents.

Now, if 100 people see your ad, but you’re getting a 10% click through rate on your ad, your ad will generate 10 clicks at 10 cents a click. The website will make $1.

That means the website makes double by showing your ad, EVEN THOUGH you’re paying one fifth the priceper click of the big guys. We do this all day long. Our students o this all day long. And it’s how we can clean up in the biggest niches out there.

So how do you get those high click through rates, so you can get cheap clicks? Let’s hop into the next success key to see…

Success Key #5

The Big Daddy Secret of Them All

This is the biggest secret we have, so pay close attention.

You already saw above that getting high click through rates is the key to getting dirt cheap clicks and overtaking the big competitors out there even if you have a small budget.

So how do you get those massive click-through rates?

It’ s simple.


And not just any image.

Ugly images.

A very specific type of ugly image.

We experimented with so many types of images, and the ones that get the massive click through rates, that get us super cheap clicks, and allow us to absolutely crush he competition…are a very specific type of ugly image.

Check out this screenshot from before. Now we’ve scrolled over to see the click through rates… !

Figure 4 – Massive click through rates on our ads

If you look at the screenshot image above, you’ll see that the 42,083 clicks are on an ad that is getting 18.8% click through rate, right?

The 37,103 clicks for 8 cents each are on an ad that is getting a 15.55% click through rate, can you see that?

These are unheard of numbers. The industry average click through rate on most ads is 0.1%.

Now, can you see how we can compete with the big guys?

When you’re getting 10 or 20 times the click through rate of the big guys, your ad click bids can be so much smaller and you’ll still get all the clicks. And the secret to getting these kind of massive click-through rates is using a very specific type of ugly image we’ve discovered.

The images make all the difference. When you can use the right kind of images, you can crush the competition, even the big guys who have much bigger budgets.

It’s all about the image.

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1 Comment
  1. Hi,

    I am reading reviews in retrospect after completing the Profit Engine course. To say I am frustrated, disillusioned and upset is an understatement. Quite simply it is a SCAM.

    I’m horrified that seemingly honest people such as yourself would have even considered promoting this or giving it a positive review. This was not a $70 course you could write off. Many people went into debt for the $2500 cost. There are so many people who are now in hardship having been promised the world by this course.

    In summary:
    * I did not make ANY SALES despite using their formula and suggested vendor
    * Mark Ling has nothing to do with the training AT ALL
    * Gerry and Rob seemed to be making it up as they went along. The webinars contained little information and were rambling
    * The offer we were told to promote was terrible and by photos found since, set up by a friend of Rob and Gerry’s.
    * Promised supplementary content was either provided late or not at all
    * The promised review of our ads did not happen
    * The one on one mentor session did not happen
    * It was set up so we couldn’t even attempt an ad until after the Clickbank 30 day refund period was closed
    * Their “million dollar ad/image/pre-sell” was no longer Facebook compliant
    * They advocated unethical practices to avoid Facebook regulations.
    * Even then ad accounts were shut down repeatedly and they had ways to work around that.
    * They refuse to honour their “if you don’t make a sale” double money back guarantee.
    * The examples of success stories they used in the VSL were fabricated. e.g. Bonnie, promoted as “a 62 year old Grandmother went from being $70K in debt to $160K” was actually promoting herself as an affiliate marketing success 7 years ago! There are so many more examples.

    So please, if you are reading this, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from Gerry Cramer or Rob Jones. Honestly, the jury is still out on Mark Ling. He did put his name to it and one of his assistants has been taking the course alongside us and could barely make a sale- an experienced affiliate marketer!

    Please feel free to reach out if you too have been hurt by these charlatans, or you would like more information. A fellow disgruntled student has started a Facebook page for us to gather and consider our options.

    Kind regards,

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