Profit Scraper Review – Ebay eBay/Amazon Arbitrage Tool

Profit Scraper Review: Your Solution for Amazon to eBay Arbitrage

Thinking of Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay?

How about Profit Scraper?

Read and learn more about Profit Scraper in my review.

It’s been a while that I have been planning to publish my review of Profit Scraper, and I am glad to have it now.

Let me start on some quick information.

Quick Information about Profit Scraper

  • Name of the product: Profit Scraper
  • Type of Product: Dropshipping software from Amazon to eBay
  • My Rating: Highly recommended for extra income
  • Price: 14 Day Trial for $1 then $47 per month
  • Website:

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Detailed Description of Profit Scraper

Profit Scraper is online software that will help you find items on Amazon that sell lesser than they do in eBay.

Maybe you’re wondering how does this happen and how can this be true.

Profit Scraper does it by seeing at the accounts of the seller to see what has been sold and get a profit and this is detailed because it gives the amount of profit made. Afterward, it creates a listing on the eBay account for the specific product. It tracks the prices on Amazon, making sure that it does not go much higher and adjust the prices on eBay. By fact, the product can be ordered from you on Amazon when it is sold on eBay.

It’s such an excellent strategy, right?

Hot Features of Profit Scraper

  • Automatic Price and Stock Monitoring

What’s a good thing about the software is its automatic price and stock monitoring feature. It does update every 45 minutes so you can monitor the changes on the website if the supplier and have your listing updated on eBay automatically.

Apart from this, if you sell your item and become out of stock, Profit Scraper will do the updating in 10 minutes and show that the item is back on stock.

  • Find and Clone over 1000 hot selling items easily

With Profit Scraper, you can quickly look for the sold count and the watchers so you can identify the products or items that you can sell. When you found the item that you prefer to sell, you can directly upload these to your own account on eBay.

Wait, there is more. Profit Scraper can clone the images, product identifiers like the model numbers, the UPC codes, and the descriptions.

  • Bulk Uploading the Listing Directly on eBay

Who would want to do single uploading if you can upload many items at once? Of course none because no one wants to consume several hours doing it.

With Profit Scraper, you do bulk uploading to your eBay for the items you have chosen with just a couple of clicks. More so, the imported items already consist of a title, specifics of the item, the description of the item, photos, shipping information, and even return information. See? This will save you plenty of time.

  • Full Support for Auto Ordering

With the software, you can take advantage of the complete auto ordering system when you place your order on the website of the supplier within just 10 minute time.

The supplier marks the items as dispatched in eBay then leave positive feedback for your buyer, and now auto ordering is available for Amazon at only 15 cents in every processed order.

  • Excellent Dashboard and Reports

I like the powerful dashboard and reports of the Profit Scraper software. You can easily view your sales and the figures of the selling performance like the costs, fees, and the profits for daily, weekly, or monthly transactions.

Moreover, you can view reports for past prices, stock updates, auto ordering, bulk uploads, and many more.

Then you will like the powerful listing conversion report to assist you in tracking the listings that convert better so that you can raise your profit margin for the winning listings while delisting the weak performing list.

  • eBay Account Protection

With Profit Scraper, you’ll get a built-in VERO database which can make them check the brand of the items if it is a part of the eBay VERO Program. Thus, you can block specific keywords necessary if you need too.

Moreover, your account is protected. So, if other people search on your eBay listing, an error message will be displayed letting them know that your account I protected so they cannot search it.

So you can be assured of complete account protection.

  • Training Videos and Sessions

With Profit Scraper, you can have access to many comprehensive training videos and one on one session. Plus the knowledgebase customer help desk.  You can also experience customer happiness specialists to check or look over your account.

  • Facebook Support Group

Having this software gives you a privilege for having a popular and extremely valuable private Facebook group that will provide you with tips and tricks to the golden nuggets and fast-track your arbitrage.

Profit Scraping Benefits and Downsides

To sum up, Profit Scraper is useful because you will know beforehand the profitable products. Then, you can simply buy the items on Amazon and then have it shipped to your buyer in eBay, and you don’t have to handle the products or the stocks, making you save much time.

Also, this software is very easy to use. You can set up your listing in just a few times and get your sales quickly. If there is a downside, it’s not about the software, it’s about you. You just have to double check your listings before setting them up because it may have a wrong listing on eBay.

By the way, I love the cloud-based that works both on PCs and Macs, nothing to install.

My Final Thoughts

Profit Scraper is a great tool to start selling on eBay without having your products on stock. With this software, you can find very profitable products to sell based on the eBay history of listing and that what is running today.

The software is easy to use, quick to make sales, no need for holding the stocks, and the Facebook group makes things easy. The entire features of Power Scraper give all the benefits. Then, your account is protected, and for more profits, the software supports multiple eBay accounts.

Profit Scraper is the ultimate support for making extra money; your solution for Amazon to eBay arbitrage.

Would you like to try out and make extra profit?

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