PromoSimple Alternative by UpViral

PromoSimple Alternative by UpViral

Online giveaways, sweepstakes and contests are now the order of the day.  They are an easy way of generating leads, building your email lists and promoting your products and services.

There are also a variety of giveaway tools available online ranging from the affordable and simple to the sophisticated and expensive.  Picking a tool depends on: first, your budget; second, on the features you require; and third, the depth or the detail of those features.

Two of such popular tools are PromoSimple and UpViral.  We shall be looking at their features and how they compare to each other or differ from one another.


PromoSimple, as the name implies, is a very simple and easy to use tool that helps in creating, designing, launching promoting your sweepstakes and giveaways; picking a winner and analyzing your results.


  • Access on the web. No installation required.
  • Create a giveaway simply by specifying the giveaway title, prize, start and end dates only. However, other fields (such as address, phone, age, location and custom field) can be added if you so desire.
  • Add entry-options’ actions for visitors such as share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or polls/surveys.
  • Integrate entry form with popular mail service providers like MailChimp, Active Campaign, Mad Mini, and Constant Conduct.
  • Entrants to your giveaways can be automatically subscribed to an email list or you may opt to send them a follow-up email immediately after joining the giveaway.
  • You can choose from pre-designed templates and themes for your entry form or you may choose to select your own layout, colors or font. You can also hide or display or elements in the entry form.
  • For greater personalized design, you may choose to modify the Entry Form’s HTML or the CSS code. With the WYSIWYG editor, you can create superior looks on the entry form.
  • The WYSIWYG editor or HTML/CSS can be used to create your own content for your Facebook Page tab.
  • Launch your campaign and host it on PromoSimple’s cloud or obtain a promotion code to embed in your website.
  • Advanced promotion options (such as “Refer-a-Friend” feature, PromoSimple’s public Giveaway Directory) allows you to further promote your campaign.
  • Choose a winner manually or allow PromoSimple to choose one for you using its random algorithm.
  • Get live, updated reports about entries showing trends and geographic data from the start of your campaign. Reports showing various data fields about entrants are available at the end of the campaign and can be exported to spreadsheet format for further analysis.
  • Advanced features include Google Analytics tracking integration into entry form, full white-labelling, customized contest rules, and design microsite landing pages for your campaign.
  • Add a Promobar to your website as a constant reminder of your campaign.
  • Try out the FREE plan which allows you to create and run unlimited giveaways, customize entry forms, obtain real-time reports, authenticate Facebook and Twitter entries and provide simple entry for entrants.
  • Paid plans with varying features are available in THREE options: Basic at $14 per month ($171 per year at signup), Businesses at $29 per month ($351 per year at signup) and Premium at $59 per month ($711 per year at signup).


If you desire a viral marketing software that is sophisticated, effective, full of amazing features, yet friendly, easy to understand and use, then you should be interested in UpViral.  It allows you to easily run your giveaway campaigns, sweepstakes and contests and product launches.


  • A cloud-based software, requiring no downloads or installation. Simply create your account (subscribe) and you are ready to go.
  • Operates from a dashboard that is very detailed, comprehensive yet easy to use and understand. The dashboard provides you with data and monitoring information about all your campaigns in ONE location.
  • It integrates seamlessly with major auto responders allowing you to send customized, follow-up emails embedded with referral links. Also integrates with any existing tools, funnels, and sites.  Detailed, live, engagement, metrics and analytical data is available for your information and analysis.
  • You can send single or multiple action-triggered emails, based on user actions, and schedule emails to generate more shares per every visitor. You can also send automated notification emails encouraging visitors to reach for the next target or goal.
  • With A/B Testing, you can create email notifications, multiple lead and magnet pages, and “thank you” pages. UpViral split these pages, runs and tests them, and then monitors which of them delivers the highest traffic or results in detailed reports.
  • Using your existing email list, you can embed one-click UpViral links inside emails turning your existing email list into a perpetual source of new leads and referrals.
  • The referral link is 100% customizable giving you absolute control on type of and points awarded for visits, shares or leads. Unique referral links can be generated and you can offer additional rewards for sharing links.
  • You can run, schedule and manage multiple contests. Winners can be selected automatically or manually and they can be automatically notified and awarded their prizes.
  • Reward visitors automatically based on points accumulated. You can give multiple rewards depending on goals met (such as if a user refers 10 friends who also visit your site and subscribe, and so on).  Provide other rewards such as download an e-book, win a ticket to a concert or football match, win a discount coupon, and many more.  Awarding of prizes and rewards are fully automated.
  • Eliminate cheats and fraud using the Auto Fraud Detection feature using IP tracking and cookies.
  • Obtain detail reports on all activities in your campaign. These reports can be exported to MS Excel or CSV format.
  • Use the generic giveaway option (without prizes) for creating a waiting list in the event of a product launch. Interested persons in the product launch can sign up to obtain more information or buy the product when launched.
  • Available in two plans: Standard and PRO. The former sells at $35 per month and while the latter sells at $49 per month.  Some premium features (such as unlimited custom domains, auto responder tagging, and others) are only available in the PRO version.  Both plans are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Final Verdict

Yes, there are a number of giveaway tools available on the Internet.  In this article, we have closely looked at two of them: PromoSimple and UpViral.

UpViral is a more robust and comprehensive giveaway tool loaded with features to assist you not only in creating but in publishing, monitoring and managing successful giveaways, contests and product launches.

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