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Find new, viable prospects to help your business grow and expand with – an email prospecting tool designed to simplify the processes of email marketing and make it more effective and efficient for your business and company.

What is Email Marketing?

A business thrives by getting customers – good, interested, viable, financially capable customers. Businesses shop for customers in a variety of ways, from the traditional mode of advertising to modern, social advertising, and marketing. Email marketing was one of the first technologically‑driven forms of advertising and marketing. And while there are several new and popular campaign options out there today, email marketing continues to maintain its importance and relevance as a reliable and sure means of, not only promoting products and services but also of, building effective relationships with new clients and customers.

Perhaps you are classifying email marketing as those unwanted, unsolicited emails you have received and continue to receive in your email box?  Well, that is the worst kind of email marketing.  Email marketing can be automated, customized and targeted at specific customers, needs, demographics, and interests. is an email prospecting tool that simplifies and automates the entire process of email marketing for you – from setting up to sending your first emails.

Setting Up

To use this tool, you need to register on the website. Once you have registered, takes you through a step-by-step account setup process that allows you to add your contacts, create various lists, add your sending address, right up to sending your first emails.

In the Account Setup, you will find “Get Started” tutorials under the “Prospects” and “Drip Campaigns” sections that gives you easy-to-do instructions. Under the Prospects section, you get access to the Chrome Extension, lists, filters, import contacts or lists, and the API.  In the Drip Campaign section, you have the option to set up goals, contents and templates, and tips and tricks. The Configuration section provides you with those things you need to do prior to your launching your first campaign.

Let’s take a look at its features in these four unique areas:

  • Email Finder
  • Outreach: Cold Emails & Drip Campaigns
  • Synchronization
  • Analysis & Reports

Email Finder uses sophisticated search algorithms to find and verify emails, phone number, job title, and other details. With’s Google Chrome Extension, you can “crawl” the web, social media profiles, and websites that you visit for email addresses. The Chrome Extension has been designed to integrate directly into a large number of famous, commercial social networks, enabling you to find names, email addresses, job titles, and companies in a single click.

Whatever web site or page you are on, the Chrome Extension can search the site, page, or underlying code and extract all emails in the code, on the webpage or site in one clean sweep. The same applies to finding email address in any particular domain name, and you can pick those that you need or all of them.

The Chrome Extension also helps in locating the email address for any particular individual. Simply write down the person’s first and last name, select their company’s website domain, and you are good to go.

With a CSV import feature, you can import any list of prospects you already have and with search and verify the email addresses.’s REST API enables developers to search and verify emails

Outreach: Cold Emails & Drip Campaigns

Once you have generated some prospects into lists using’s Email Finder, the next step is for you to send them cold emails. You can do this in two ways: sending them simple emails or using the Drip Campaigns feature and automatically following up on the mails sent.

By using pre-designed templates, the prospect’s information is automatically filled into the email. You can send the emails using your mail (SMTP) server, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Google Gmail or GSuite.

With Drip Campaigns, you can create automated sequences of emails and follow-up to boost your productivity. You can also automatically program a “stop campaign” condition into the email sequences such as when the prospect replies, clicks, converts, and so forth. This makes your campaign productive and not just hitting on a prospect over and over again when he or she has already made a response.

You might not wish to start sending out emails immediately, maybe it is a public holiday or weekend. No problem, you can schedule them to be sent at any day and time of your choosing and will automatically send them.

Sync gives you the contacts’ details you need as input into your existing sales or customer relations management (CRM) tools. integrates seamlessly with a variety of sales tool such as, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce and eliminates the need to manually enter your data into them.  Simply make use of the native integrations available for these various sales tools. You can create new deals in, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce depending on a prospect’s actions or events such as opening your sent email, click on a link, and many more.

Provided you have an active Zapier™ account, you can integrate with over 750 services and over 1,500 apps.

PieSync is an automatic two-way sync feature that prevents you from entering a contact or customer  twice.  Whenever you add or update details of any contact in, the same is synced in the other app and vice versa.  This saves you the need to make such entries or alterations twice (in and in the other app) and thus eliminating duplicates or incorrect/incomplete entries in your list.

Receive immediate Slack notifications in your account whenever a prospect carries out an event such a open an email, click on a link, and more.

Data Analysis

What is the use of data if you cannot obtain meaning, relevant information from them? With the appropriate information, delivered accurately and at the right time, you are enabled to make crucial decisions concerning your sales or marketing strategy and other vital business matters. allows you to track data such as:

  • If a prospect opens an email
  • If a prospect clicks on a link
  • If a prospect replies to your email

You also have’s pixel tracker which allows you to track conversations on your website. Other data analysis features that you enjoy include:

  • Compare your data and results with that of other companies in your industry and of the same size to discover how well your campaign has performed or is performing. From the results, you can make improvements and alterations on your campaign strategies to achieve better and greater results
  • io presents you with data and results in absolute percentages and numbers to give you a brief overall view of your campaign performance
  • Obtain campaign statistics on each email to ascertain how it performed and how your campaign compares to others in your industry
  • Use individual performance history of each email to strategize for future campaigns

Subscribing to

You subscribe to by registering and then purchasing credits. A credit in allows you to find one email on any professional network or prospect’s website and it also allows you to send one email to a prospect.

You decide on the number of credits you desire to use each month based on the number of emails that you anticipate finding or sending within a month.  You may choose to pay for your subscription monthly or annually.  If you opt for the later, then you receive a 25% discount on your total cost, which reduces your month fee. For example, for 2,000 credits per month, you will pay $129 per month (monthly subscription) or $96 per month (annual subscription).  To find out the cost for your anticipated number of monthly credits, click here.

Regardless of the number of credits your purchase each month, all plans on include unlimited access to all features, such as:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited prospects
  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited drip campaigns
  • Zapier integration (750+ apps)
  • Slack integration
  • CRM integrations (Pipedrive,, HubSpot, Salesforce)
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Tracking (clicks, opens, conversions)
  • Reporting
  • Import / Export

Final Verdict

Regardless of the nature of your business, email marketing can help your business grow and rise to new levels.  Finding new, viable emails is not easy but with, the job has been greatly simplified, automated, and made more effective for you. has helped many businesses to grow and expand.  It can do so for yours too.

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