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PushPrime Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about PushPrime? Please read through my honest review about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Introducing PushPrime

You want to engage people, get them on your list & sell them more. The problem is, people are on so many email lists now, it can be a real chore to get them to sign up to another. Plus, many people do not even read the emails that you send them, they just pile up in their inboxes. Just like your inbox & just like my inbox.

So, we all need a better notification channel, and that channel is Push Notification. Push notifications happen right in the browser, they are easy to opt into, and they are easy to take action on.

Push notifications are proven to have higher open rates & click rates than email. They are perfect for anything you want to notify your people about INSTANTLY – just send a notification out & people see it in real-time, even if they are NOT looking at your site. They see your special sale or limited time coupon code NOW so they can take advantage NOW, rather than being too late when they finally get around to opening that email you sent.

That is where PushPrime comes in.

PushPrime Review – Overview

  • Creator: Richard Madison
  • Product: PushPrime
  • Launch Date: 2018-Oct-11
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $25
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Software

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What Is PushPrime?

PushPrime is an online service that allows you easily & quickly to set up powerful push notifications that can grab more subscribers than opt-in squeeze pages & generate response levels equal to or better than email ever can.

Quick & Easy Unblockable Push Notifications That Work Practically Anywhere. Push notifications from PushPrime work on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, iOS and Android. It does not matter if your site is HTML, WP, Joomla, or Magento, it is all covered. Unlike javascript popups, these notifications aren’t effected by popup blockers or ad blockers.

PushPrime Features & Benefits

PushPrime Is Packed With Benefits For You

You get all the tools you really need to dive deep into super-effective push notifications. Geo & lingual targeting for pinpointing the exact people you want to hit… Real time analytics so you know what is working and what is not… Even segmentation and a/b testing, so you can refine your notifications to get the highest conversions possible. Pro users get content drip, the autoresponder of push notifications!

Keep users engaged in your app & reengage them when it is closed using the Data Delivery Network & Push Notifications APIs.

Drive Engagement

Push notifications allow your users to receive important updates from your site/blog even if they aren’t currently on your site, this assists in bringing them back to your site and ultimately results in boosted engagement.

Real Time Analytics

View how your users behave to your notifications in real time, our dashboard helps you see how many users received the notifications & how many decided to click on them, you can use that data to further optimize your delivery.

Minimal Coding

Their smart sdk is very easy to integrate, after you signup you just have to copy & paste 5 lines of code from their dashboard into your home page and they’ll take care of the rest, you’ll be up & running in 5 minutes, it is that easy!!!

Customize Everything

Their style editor allows you to Customize styles, colors & text to exactly match the theme of your site.

Native Opt-in

Native opt-in helps your users subscribe to notifications without going through their servers.

Multiple Site

Manage multiple sites from single dashboard, no need to have separate account for each site.

Schedule Notifications

Schedule notifications to fire in future, setup recurring notifications to bring users back continuously.

Welcome Notification

Welcome notifications are sent automatically as soon as a user subscribes to your site/blog.

Reminder Notification

Reminder notifications are sent if a user does not come back to your site after certain time period.

Reminder Button

Reminder button which shows up on your site helps users better engage with your site.

Advanced Security

Your notifications & data are encrypted using high quality encryption to prevent unauthorized access & eavesdropping.

WordPress Support

Own a WP site / blog? Our native extension will get you up & running ASAP.

Joomla Support

Own a Joomla site? Their native extension will get you up & running quickly in no time.

Custom Notifications

Customize styles, colors & text to exactly match the theme of your site.

A/B Testing

Send different notifications to different chunks of users to see which bring more results.

And more…

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How Does PushPrime Work?

Step 1: Choose Where You Want To Serve Push Notifications
Step 2: Insert Your Site Information & API Credentials, (They will Show You How, It is Really Easy!)
Step 3: Select Your Content Options
Step 4: Copy & Paste The Code They Give You

Case Study #1: LeadPages (A Whopping 25% Increase In Click Through Rates)

They are all familiar with LeadPages as one of the landing page builders online. When it comes to a database of customers, LeadPages is no slouch.

But just to give you an idea of how powerful push notifications are for LeadPages, if a client is worth $1000 to them overtime & they’re able to achieve a 25% increase in clickthrough rates an retain that for optins & funnel purchases, then that could be anywhere from an extra $250,000 in revenue to 2.5 million dollars!

However, given the size of their company, it could well be more than that.

Case Study #2: Arcaplanet (Converts 500,000 Visitors Into Loyal Customers)

Allow them ask you a question. What would an extra 500 customers do for your business? They are quite sure it would change the scope of your bottom line right?

Well imagine only doing 1/100th of what Arcaplanet did with push notifications & getting an extra 5,000 loyal customers! That would be enough to retire on for some people or even sell their online business for massive profit.

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Case Study #3: Credit Loan (22% Lift In Revenue Using Push Notifications)

Loans are one of the main structures of just about any economy & by using the power of push notifications, Credit Loan was able to boost their revenue by 22%!

That means that if they were doing 1 million dollars a year (hypothetically speaking), then just by using simple push notifications, they’ve inserted another $220,000 to their bottom line for little work.

Case Study #4: Interactivity Digital (Achieves 36% Click Through Rates For Customer’s Webinars)

We see it all the time now how so many marketers are complaining of low webinar attendee rates.

But by using the power of push notifications, you can increase those rates just like Interactivity Digital does for its customers.

That could be the difference between a 4 figure sales webinar & a 6 figure sales webinar!

Who Should Buy PushPrime?

If you run a blog, an ecommerce site, or sell any sort of products or services online, you need push notifications… You need PushPrime!

Push notifications have become widely accepted, thanks to phone apps using them extensively. PushPrime makes browser-based push notifications easy as pie.


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

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