Rafflecopter vs UpViral – Which?

Rafflecopter vs UpViral – Which?

Anyone who has spent some time on the internet has seen a giveaway promo.  They are those pop‑ups you see advertising a product or service, offering you a bargain or some prizes provided you do something like click to know more, click to buy, refer a friend, enter your email, and many more.  Giveaways can do wonders for your business – be it products, services, websites, blogs, etc.

Creating, publishing, monitoring and managing giveaways is not easy to do by yourself and so there are tools on the internet that can help you do this.  But of the many tools available, how do you know which to choose and which will be effective?

In this review, we shall be taking a look at two of such tools – Rafflecopter and UpViral.  Both of them are popular in their own right but we shall be taking a closer, comparative look at their features and how those features work and operate in each tool.



Both software tools are web-based and require no local installation.  Once you have created an account on either of them, you can start creating and publishing your giveaways campaigns.

Creating Giveaways/Contests

Rafflecopter’s giveaways are created using a fixed template.  However, you can amend font type and size as well as add images of the prizes (depending on your plan) using its Advanced Theme Engine, Advanced Image Cropping System, and Pro Title Typography.  The final giveaway is delivered as a widget code which can be pasted into your website at the desired location.

UpViral gives you the option to create a giveaway, a contest or a generic option having no prizes.  This last option can be used to create a waiting list (such as a list for a product launch, or a seasonal offer, etc.).  You then choose if the giveaway/ contest is to run on Upviral platform or integrated into 3rd-party tools.  Choosing to run your giveaway on UpViral platform allows you to choose from a series of interesting, pre-designed templates, enabling you to set up your campaign within minutes!  You can set goal-based rewards, multiple rewards depending on accumulated points or goals achieved or offer links, discount coupons or downloads as incentives and rewards.

Automatic Email Integration and Email Automation

Both Rafflecopter and UpViral offers you automatic email integration into most email service providers.  UpViral goes further by automating your entire emailing process.  UpViral can send single or multiple triggered or scheduled emails depending on the user’s actions, send follow-up emails to visitors and inform visitors of progress designed to encourage them to their next goal.

Available Languages

Rafflecopter can run in 6 languages namely English, Deutsch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.  The software claims more languages are being added. So, if you would like a particular language added, just send Rafflecopter a request.

Automatic Integration in Social Networks

Rafflecopter gives you the following entry-points for integrating into social networks:

  • Follow or pin on Pinterest
  • Follow or Tweet on Twitter
  • Visit a Facebook Page
  • Leave a comment
  • Participate in a Poll or Survey
  • Refer-a-Friend
  • Subscribe to a mailing list
  • Invent Your Own (free-form entry)

UpViral gives you fully customizable entry options and lets you decide how visitors share their links with a variety of user options for sharing links.

Choosing winners

The process of choosing the winner on Rafflecopter is user-driven.  Once the giveaway ends, you have to click “Add a Winner” button under the Entries tab to pick a winner.  If you desire 3 winners, then you click the button 3 times.  You can contact the winner(s) through the email address they provided on entry.  After a winner is selected, you click on the “Display Winners” button to display them on the widget.

In UpViral, the criteria for winning and choosing winners are decided and set as at the time of creating the giveaway.  You set the conditions for winning, whether to choose automatically or manually.  You also decide how many winners are to be chosen.  If set automatically, Upviral chooses the winner(s) and notifies them automatically without any intervention on your part.

Analytical and Metrics’ Tools

At the end of a giveaway, Rafflecopter gives you a very comprehensive report of all participants and their entry methods in a spreadsheet format.  This report can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel and can be used for validating entries or for further analysis.

At any point in your campaign, UpViral gives the ability to monitor all your campaigns for a simple and comprehensive dashboard.  It allows you to view and track all activity, manage leads, provides you with your top influencers and referrals.  You can also export your data to Excel or in CSV format.

Security and Fraud Detection/Prevention

Upviral has a built-in automatic fraud detection system that uses IP tracking and cookies to detect abuse and cheating.  There is no such feature in Rafflecopter and possible cheats or fraudsters would have to be detected manually from exported reports.

Upviral works in all languages “even right to left languages.”  Whatever part of the software that is visible to the audience can be fully customized and can be used in any language.

Pricing and Plan Options

Rafflecopter comes in four plans: Free, Basic, Grow, and Premium.  The paid plans are available at $13, $43, and $84 per month respectively.  Also, some of the features discussed are available only on certain paid plans.

UpViral comes in two plans: standard at $34 per month and a PRO at $49 per month.  As with Rafflecopter, it too has some features limited to the PRO plan although most of its features are available on the Standard plan.


And so like that popular song: “it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it  … and that’s what gets results.”  Even though Rafflecopter and UpViral features have similar features, Upviral gives the user more functionality coupled with a fuller and richer experience.  Even with UpViral’s PRO plan, you get more features and functionality than what is available on the Rafflecopter’s Premium plan.

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