On Facebook, NowThis is really crushing other news organizations, although all the main social video platforms are been active by news media publisher of NowThis that generating approximately 7B video views in the past 12 months. It had a combined 2.7B views on five different Facebook properties, with average about 1.1M views/video in Q1 2016 alone.

NowThis, which provides news and recent affairs coverage by millennials for millennials, has built a unique distribution model. Through the social web, it becomes one of the most-watched video news publishers. NowThis is getting 68 percent are from 18 to 34 years old and 74 percent of audience of NowThis is under 34 years old and also a demographic that is eagerly using the kind of content. Now we will look at deeply into the brand and debate the strategies and tactics of the publisher’s work, especially Facebook video.PUBLISHER ON FACEBOOK1

Blow up on Facebook with Now This News:

It had 1.2 billion video views from main vertical of NowThis in April 2016 such as it had with 177M views on NowThis Election, on NowThis Future with 41.2M views, on NowThis Weed with 36.2M views, for NowThis News with 812M views and 140M views on NowThis Entertainment. The most of these views of NowThis were from Facebook, where for the most watched news publisher on the WP Coursify Review.

And to post natively to Facebook, it was one of the first publishers and to deliberately use a lot of text overlay on its videos, it was also one of the very first brand creators. Because a strategy is both paid off very quickly, and thousands of other video creators adopted as a good way of retaining viewers for as long as possible, the attention of viewers on silent auto plays was so important, it knew this and it needed a way to capture.

When Athan Stephanopoulos, is a president of NowThis, answered our question about the distribution strategy on Facebook of company and what do it make to produce the kind of video news content that getting to attract from audience of it, he said that the publisher was not into following virality as a strategy, it is the total opposite. In each piece of video content, they were tested and analyzed to identify what cannot make it wonderfully when it have been performed as they expected. On content performance in real-time, to give constant comment the data team and editorial team of NowThis work together. Into the equation, the top and bottom 20 percent of video content is often taken out of, leaving 60 percent of content that the team analyze carefully, when the numbers of data move to decrease on those slices, the company knows what is happening and constantly contends to develop the bar. And also said that to make the attention of the viewer and keep them watching, a big part of the strategy of publisher was A/B testing with video footage edited.

To find out what’s working NowThis tests everything, although many in the industry think that it has well done on Facebook because it was one of the first brands by getting the best out of video on the platform. Stephanopoulos stated that:

The increase rate of NowThis is till outdone that of other publishers that have had a presence on Facebook for a while, and it has the most inventory on Facebook for news publishers.

In 2015, the most watched upload on Facebook of NowThis is this look back at the news in technology. It had more than 115M views (in the first seven days got 97M), and 1.8M comments, shares, tweets and likes.

In April, just 1 video on YouTube channel, although NowThis has a channel on it. Stephanopoulos said the company never really focused in a meaningful way on YouTube when it began. The platform and priority are unlike, not to lean in as much by making decision. Besides, NowThis thinks that Facebook and YouTube are very different kind of product between of them. Social platforms are a better vehicle to for NowThis, because its video content is producing content that is up-to-the-minute while viewers are evergreen so they view YouTube video. YouTube is not a social platform, Stephanopoulos says that. Because YouTube is a search engine for video, it did not really work in terms of the content being designed and distributed. But, he admits that if YouTube finds ways to surface more real-time news-orientated content, NowThis will salvage that.PUBLISHER ON FACEBOOK

Take Video To the Consumer With NowThis

The ‘distributed media’ company is defined itself by NowThis. Stephanopoulos said that many people did not really understand what that meant a year ago. However, in 12 months, there are many of changing. When the concept of distributing media has become more mainstream, in the forefront of the revolution has appeared NowThis.

NowThis decided to take the focus off its website, and also put on social media networks of it. It thought that in lots of different ways people were going to consume content and it also wanted to take that content natively to where the consumer was. Both of what it said, and what it did, NowThis wanted to own that narrative. It sees every social platform as a different endpoint, and then produces platform suitable content. NowThis takes a unique approach to each distribution channel, and tests content again to understand what drives engagement and shareability as every platform serves a different purpose for the video consumer.

The Key is Original News Content

On Facebook, every piece of video content is original by NowThis with editorial voice and opinion. Although most of it is produced in-house, a part of the content is total licensed actual footage from 3rd-party publishers and creators, like NBC, Reuters and CBS, …A news package around that raw footage and stamps its own identity on the short-form clips is built by NowThis.

Although it is growing the amount of video it produces in its own studios even using 3rd-party film, in from the earliest start all content has the brand and voice baked. To quickly resolve the issue whenever stolen content is identified, NowThis also works closely with Facebook, although Stephanopoulos attested it has a lot of parnerships to share other content, a common and mutually beneficial practice for all involved.

Millennials Making News Content for Millennials

The audience of NowThis is 74 percent under 34 years old, and from 18 to 34 years old is 68 percent, well did it deliberately target that demographic? NowThis looked for the sweet spot for the type of news content it produces when it got to targeting an audience ready, although Stephanopoulos does not say. Although NowThis did not set out to turn into a news resource for Millennials, quickly understood how these age-groups consumed video differently. To produce and publish the content the people employed at NowThis was also a happy by-product of them, they want to know about and they would share content by themselves because they are of that age-group and so naturally create content. A big lift in views and consumption was seen by the editorial team IS the audience, and approaching the content from this standpoint. Although whether that is the legalization of marijuana, or the topic of gun control, NowThis also tends to cover the issues that really matter to Millennials.

To reach a wider audience and better distribute video NowThis has also set up different verticals on Facebook. Because there is a limit to just how much content you can publish to any one page before its perceived as spam, to bring more content into the ecosystem, an opportunity to launch new Facebook channels was seen by NowThis. And this opportunity also a chance to study what kind of videos that people were reacting to. For example, because audience attract with tech and science and anytime a video about innovation of tech and science was uploaded it did really well, NowThis led to launch NowThisFuture.

It also knew it had a very politically engaged audience which led to the roll-out of NowThisElection, which has been live for only 7 months but is already at 1.1B views. That’s as competitive, if not beating, the main traditional news organizations on social. And also according to Stephanopoulos in proving how the whole brand has grown so much in just three and a half years, you have a third-party as Tubular validate its numbers is invaluable.

Either when people are frustrated or angry about what, or would like to make a statement, or elicits emotion, what triggers people want to share are understood by NowThis. People believe Stephanopoulos, so he attests the election coverage that really draws them in features Bernie Sanders, and they are sharing. NowThis is not telling about thinking or speech of voters, because its content resonates with them so highly, they want to share, he said that. People are angry at Donald Trump and the way he behaves and it definitely alienates certain demographics, so they shared video content about his campaign. Although every aspect of the Race to the White House is fully committed in NowThis, according to Stephanopoulos, to the mainstream media it is taking a very different approach.

Facebook Publishing Best Practice for News

If it comes to technical strategy for Facebook, NowThis will have a couple of nifty tricks up its sleeve. First of all, to archive video content for later consumption, making fantastic use of the Playlist feature. For instance, a 20-minute video, about Joe Biden was interviewed by NowThis, for the NowThis Facebook page it was edited to turn into 8 smaller clips. Because the shorter videos did not run in sequence of the page, it was added to a Playlist to give that content a home and audience, who had not seen video, extended the shelf-life of the videos. A feature that every brand uploading video should be using is Playlists, when viewers have not seen the first time around in their news feeds, it help them access that content.

A tremendous amount of dark posting, which has always been a strategy in terms of bringing the right content to the right audience at the right time, is also done by NowThis. To segment and deliver content of Facebook’s tool in the most effective way possible the publisher leverages it. And after the tool of Facebook has used the feature for testing certain content, they have put it live to a wider audience.

Which App or Platform is the Next Big Thing?

We asked NowThis the question about which app, platform or feature was most excited with them and all part of future strategy is about live-streaming, 360-degree video and vertical. To remain an early adopter of any new innovation in social video, they plan to become one of the first to lean in and test. Whether that is Slack, Facebook Messenger, or another app, that messaging is also a big opportunity with Stephanopoulos. He wants to make sure about whether that is through messaging or a social platform, the best content to the audience are delivered by NowThis. To tell you a story through video in the most natural and organic way possible is the end goal.