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Recastly – Are you searching for more knowledge about Recastly? Please read through my honest reviews about Recastly before selecting it, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Can you guess the best place to generate video views right now?


What many people do not know though is that:

80% of Facebook videos are watched without sound!

No matter how good your video looks if your audience can not understand your videos message WITHOUT sound chances are you are missing out on a ton of potential sales.

That is where ReCastly comes in!

ReCastly is a software that focusses on solving this problem as quickly and as easily as possible.

It enables you to upload or add a URL into the software & then it adds perfectly timed subtitles to the bottom of the video.

What this means is that anybody whether they are on Facebook or another Social Platform can watch & understand your message in silence.

You have probably seen leading companies already applying subtitles to their videos & now you know why they do it.

This is only one of the many other features packed into ReCastly.

Recastly Overview

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What is Recastly ?

Recastly is a first-ever tool that automatically generates subtitles in any language for any of your videos & lets you hardcode them onto your video clips.

Hardcoding subtitles are proven to be more effective and don’t need any special player to see the subtitles. However, it’s hard & time-consuming to add subtitles to your videos currently. This is why we created Recastly that does this for you automatically & we did not stop there.

With Recastly you can even convert your subtitles into any language and we’ve a ton of beautiful subtitle templates that you can use to add captivating and non-intrusive subtitles to your video clips.

But it does not end there. There are a ton of people who hate to hear them & therefore never create any videos.

Recastly has an in-built Voice generator so you can type in whatever you want to show up on the video & Recastly will generate a very natural voiceover for you and add it to your video.

We use state of the art text to speech engine that lets you add voiceovers with many accents and also with any language even if you do not know the language.

Video Profits In 4 Short Steps With Recastly

Step 1: Login and submit a video by YouTube URL or upload from your computer

Step 2: Get subtitles generated for your video in ANY language, regardless of the original language of your video

Step 3: Get automated voiceovers in your choice of over 50 languages & 20+accents -each PERFECTLY synced to your video

Step 4: Directly upload your transcribed videos to Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo for a HUGE increase in traffic & conversions

Jam Packed With Powerful Features

  • Automatic Caption
  • Generator
  • Generate Captions
  • In All Languages
  • Hardcode Captions With Beautiful Templates
  • Add Professional Voiceovers
  • To Your Video
  • Automatic Timestamp
  • Generator
  • Preview And Edit
  • Subtitles
  • Professional Translation and
  • Transcription Services
  • Change Video Sizes And
  • Add Watermarks
  • And much more…

World’s 1st and EASIEST Software For Maximizing Your Traffic and Profits From ANY Video

Get More Traffic, WITHOUT Creating More Video clips

Add subtitles to your videos & they will STAND OUT & grab attention on social media.Transcribe any video into ANY language & reach audiences in foreign countries …literally 10X your traffic to every video.

Create UNLIMITED variations of ANY video in minutes … post across multiple YouTube channels & social media accounts to attract targeted audiences in any niche, country or language.

Rank Higher For 100% Free Google Traffic

Search engines love videos with subtitles … because their bots can crawl your content & the result is higher ranking & more free traffic.

Recastly lets you CUSTOMIZE your subtitles to include relevant keywords and phrases you want to rank for … meaning even more TARGETED traffic, free of charge.

Industry Leading Transcription Accuracy

The whole point of adding subtitles is to send a CLEAR message … but existing tools often turn your video into garbled nonsense no one can understand.

Recastly’s technology delivers you subtitles at over 90% accuracy so your message is clearly received – and you can edit any subtitle line by line.

Keep Your Viewers GLUED To The Screen

Recastly’s unique “word-by-word” subtitles do not reveal q of your video’s offers until YOU want viewers to see them.

In multiple tests this technology has proven to increase engagement & maximize watch time … so more people act on your offers, and you make more cash.

Skyrocket Conversions With Fixed Calls To Action On ANY Video

Recastly lets you add customisable text blocks to the top and bottom of your video clips that appear THROUGHOUT playback. Users will not be able to resist your calls-to-action & you will get a massive increase in clicks and sales.

Convert More Buyers In ANY Language

Recastly’s voiceovers leverage Amazon Polly – the world’s most advanced automated voice over technology. You get natural sounding human voices in over 50 languages & 20+ accents. Now you can take a single video & use it to make GLOBAL sales by speaking to customers in their language … automatically.

Just how effective is this automated voice over technology?

Recastly Funnels

FRONT END – Recastly Premium
This is a Lifetime license that includes, automatic subtitle generator, 10 templates to hardcode the subtitles, ability to add subtitles to videos up to 10 minutes long, ability to generate & add voice over, ability to change video size & ability to add fixed text and watermark…
$27 – 47 One Time

OTO 1 – Recastly Pro
Pro comes with all the features that are in Premium plus the ability to upload videos that are longer than 10 minutes, 5 additional templates each month, ability to turn of Recastly branding, ability to export videos in as it’s resolution (including 4k) & much more..
$27 Per Month or $97 Per Year

OTO 2 – Recastly Agency
Our agency feature lets you create Recastly accounts under your Agency. Agency users can also upload their own logo & use their own domain name to sell Recastly and keep 100% of the profits.
$197 One Time

OTO 3 – Recastly Video Player
With Recastly player you’ll be able to import all videos you made with Recastly and host them & place your videos on your pages easily with our Video Player.
$27 Per Month or$97 Per Year