Regal Assets Review: Great for Investing in Gold and Cryptocurrencies

Why do billionaires invest in gold and cryptocurrencies?

Because gold had started to outperform, the stock market and Cryptocurrencies have begun to grow.

In this article, you will know important information about Regal Assets LCC.

Regal Assets has been existing since 2009 and received no complaints.

Let me tell you more.

What do you know about Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is included in the leading American firms specializing in precious metal for investors. Tyler Gallagher is the founder and the owner of Regal Assets. Based on its site, it started to operate in the year 2009 and give its service worldwide. As of now, Regal Assets LCC has an excellent reputation that no other companies are even close.

I like the transparency of Regal Assets LCC. You will know all the things that you have to know when it comes to cost before signing in. It has excellent customer service support that puts clients a priority.

What is the Regal Assets’ 10-year milestone?

The Regal Assets 10-Year Milestone started in 2009 when it opens its doors for business. In just a year after, it receives its A+ rating from the BBB. It is the highest possible rating that a company can get. After a year, regal Assets launched its first proprietary referral software to the world. In 2012, it was the start of the endorsement by the celebrities, namely; Dennis Miller, Laura Instagram, and Lars Larson. They became the celebrity spokespeople for the Regal Assets Inc.

Something big happens in 2013, Regal Assets LCC ranks 20th from the Inc. 500 in the United States for offering financial services. Several years passed, Regal Assets continue to improve. In 2016, it was featured on the special issue of Forbes Investment Guide, while in 2017, Regal Assets LCC has added cryptos to its products and becoming an established alternative assets company. In the year 2018, Regal Assets becomes an official member of the Forbes Finance Council. As of this year, the company has partnered with Franck Muller, a celebrity watchmaker, and they launched the first crypto watch in existence.

Looking at these milestones, I am so impressed with the achievements that Regal Assets LCC has ever made step by step and year by year.

Are Billionaires invest at Regal Assets?

The answer is YES. Billionaires invest in metals and cryptos. Among these billionaires are john Paulson, Peter Thiel, Thomas Kaplan, Michael Novogratz, Paul Tudor Jones, Tim Draper, Eric Mindich, and many others.

John Paulson invested more than $4.6 billion in gold. For him, gold is a currency and not a commodity. Similarly, Thomas Kaplan invested more than $2 million in gold. Also, Paul Tudor Jones invested in gold. For him, gold is an asset like everything else in life, it has its time and place, and that time is now. Besides, Eric Mindich invested more than $800 million in gold.

Some billionaires invest in cryptocurrency. Peter Thiel invested more than $20 million because he thinks that Bitcoin is encrypted money that has the potential actually to change the world. Michael Novogratz also spent more than $250 million because he wants that at least 1 to 2% of his profile has in crypto. Other billionaires who invested in crypto are Tim Draper and Eric Schmidt. It may look impossible, but Marc Andreessen invested more than $50 million in crypto. Also, Richard Branson invested so much in crypto because he believes that it can transform global payment.

Why invest in Gold at Regal Assets?

Gold is useful in times of crisis. Let us have a comparison between the stock market and gold.

From the year 1987 to the present, there is a decline in the stock market. From 38.9% decline in 1987, 22.5% in 1990, 27% in 2001, and 34% in 2008. I can tell that it is no longer a good statement. On the other hand, the gold price results increase by 5% in 1987, 7.5% in 1990, 1% in 2001, and 5% in 2008.

Based on the data, gold outperformed the stocks by ratio. In 1987, the ratio was 45:1. For the year 1990, the ratio is 31:1, while for the year 2001, the ratio is 29:1. In 2008, the rate was 40:1. With gold performing well than the stock market, it is exciting to invest in gold.

Why invest in Digital Currencies at Regal Assets?

Investors worldwide are flocking to digital currency or cryptocurrency because of its growth. For Ethereum, there is a $10 000 investment way back year 2016. For Litecoin, $10 000 investment was also made in 2013. For Bitcoin, there is a $10 000 investment in the year 2011.

The 1 Ethereum in 2016 is equivalent to $0.95, while in 2018, it is $830. There is a $9 000 000 investment profit in the year 2016. Way back 2013, Litecoin is equivalent to $0.07, while in 2018, it is equivalent to $318. From $10 000 worth of investment, there is a return of $45 000 000. In 2011, 1 BTC was equal to $0.31, while in 2018, its growth is too high. It reached $16 530. For $10 000 investment, there was a $530 000 000 profit in 2011.

How can you start with the Regal IRA™ Account?

There are only four steps to follow in starting an account with Regal Assets.

Step 1. The first step is to fill out the form online. You can find the form on the website of Regal Asset. Just type This process will only take you a few minutes.

Step 2. The next step takes place in the part of Regal Assets. It is now the time for Regal Assets to process your request for creating an account. In this process, expect that one of the team members will get in touch with you to guide you in the process of transferring funds to your account. The team member may also ask you additional information if necessary.

Step 3. In this third step, you have to transfer funds to your Regal IRA™ account.

Step 4. At this point, you should now place your order. The moment that your order is received, you should expect that Regal Assets will fulfill your order, depending on the type of crypto that you are interested in.

What are the Pros and Cons of Regal Assets?

For you to have a great understanding of the advantages that Regal Assets LCC may bring you, I also include the disadvantages.

  • The good things about Regal Assets are the following:
  • There is a very high-quality start-up kit that is free.
  • For three consecutive years, regal Assets waive the storage fee.
  • There are thousands of good reviews online. I don’t see any complaints. Everything is positive.
  • Plenty of big companies recommended Regal Assets such as BCA, Forbes, Trustlink, BBB, etc.

There is only one con at Regal Assets:

  • The minimum investment amount is high. You need at least $5 000, and for IRAS, you need $10 000.

What is my final thought about Regal Assets?

Regal Assets provides an excellent opportunity for investment and high profit. Whether you want to invest gold or in digital currency, you have a place at Regal Assets. Before you join, you must know the risks and the rewards associated with investment at Regal Assets. Although the data quoted on the website shows the past performance, it does not guarantee positive results. However, knowing that regal Assets has an excellent reputation and with no complaints starting in 2009 when it began to operate as a business, I trust Regal Assets with my money.



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