Secure Your Job Interview Through Polishing Your Social Media Presence

You might remember that in some of my earlier posts I’m really interested in utilizing the power of social media in order to secure a good job position. Well, what I’ve said is the significance of a strong LinkedIn summary. There are some tips on presenting your professional skills, educational background and the way to maintain your profile like a true pro.

However, it seems that I have forgotten another pivotal topic when it relates to social media and career realization that is the appropriate “face” of your social media presence.

So, the WHAT face, you might ask like this, and I agree with you that at first this seems to be an odd thing to say. After all, social media is honestly our way of communicating, venting and sharing anything interesting to us in a completely free manner. Thus, why should anyone overthink about appropriateness?Secure Your Job Interview Through Polishing Your Social Media Presence-compressed

An appropriate social media profile is on any modern recruiter’s radar

Well, it is a good reason for fetching a cool job position after a successful interview. As I’ve said, it is over 9 out of 10 recruiters are looking through social media profiles, particularly, for ones in LinkedIn and Facebook. So, what your prospective employer’s Human resources department sees is corresponded to the chance of you being invited to an interview.

You’re okay, of course, if you’ve got a proper profile. In contrast, if there are controversial bits making you seem as a…weird person and thus, they may think that it will not possibly a good employee, then, you have no chance.

The problem here is that social media brought us a sense of oversharing. We, now, put almost all of our details on the Web, and sometimes without even thinking about it twice. For instance, half-naked (or some cases even fully naked!) selfies or group photos, drunken parties, offensive language, etc. All these are as a part of the social media presence of many people over the world. Well, who knows and you might be one of them, too.

But, do all of these actually fall in place in the context of social media? Is their public availability really of great support (or need) to you?

I’m highly doubtful about that. Even if it means for some reason, do yourself a favor for, polish up your social media presence before heading out for the job interview. I see you may think that it sounds strange to you. However, it can very weigh in when it comes to your prospective employer finding the best match for his/her company.

How can you polish your social media presence on various social networks?

It is okay, still, how do you go about it? Well, is there something specific in making yourself see as a more disciplined, responsible and viable individual in the view of the recruiter roaming the Internet waters?

Fortunately, all types of social media offer you the freedom in order to define your post and image privacy. For more detail, if you have content that you wish to delete or hide, it is very easy for you to do so. And here are some ways that can help you to do it across various social media platforms.

With Facebook, you have the ability to:

– Change your posts’ visibility one by one

– Navigate to the Privacy Settings of your profile, then, click on Limit Past Post Visibility and hide countless posts with just one click


– Delete your more unfitting or contentious posts altogether. This is the most radical act, I see, but sometimes you should do what needs to be done.

In Twitter, you can see that it is more straightforward. With it, you can make your entire profile private. Doing so will allow you to disable the option for other users to retweet any content that you have posted. Though, at the same time, others will be able to respond to you publicly, thus be alert of your discussions, nevertheless.

Also, image-based social media Instagram is obviously easy for recruiters to have a check. So, you can navigate to Edit Your Profile (it is located next to the profile picture that you’ve set up for your profile) and then just click the Posts Are Private setting. People now will need to send you a request for following you before they can access to any of your images or even your list of existing followers.

Moreover, you can permit only approved followers to see your content which brings you complete freedom over who sees what as it’s about your own Instagram social presence.

I think that I shouldn’t explain anything on LinkedIn, as in its nature, we see that it is a social network for business purposes only. Thus, it would be very stupid to do anything else on it. Instead, you should focus on maintaining an effectively professional image and just posting content totally associated with your industry and professional interests on it.

As you can see that it’s not really difficult to go full privacy mode on and it will honestly pay off in the end. Trust it or not, an appropriate social media presence is a dealbreaker for many recruiters. You just play their game for a bit and follow some basic behavior guidelines. It’s not difficult for you, it’s not stressful in any way and you will find that you can benefit greatly from it.

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