ShopMozo Review

ShopMozo – Revealing A Cloud Based App That Builds INSTANT One Click SEO-Optimized AffilShopMozo iate Store Stocked with Top Amazon Products, Content, Video Reviews and Gets You Viral Facebook Traffic, Sales and Commissions on Autopilot…

It’s obvious that on-line business has become more & more popular. Particularly, more & more cash invest their time & money to grow affiliate stores in the hope that they can reap a source of income out of it.

We all know that to be able to receive more commissions, our stores have to be updated all the time. However, this task is very time-consuming & labour-intensive, which is very frustrating for marketers.

This idea has inspired Dr.Amit Pareek to come to a product that could solve that particular problem. Basically, his product can automatically build your web-sites from giant E-commerce websites & get you traffic & sales automatically.

Sounds fun? Now let’s follow my ShopMozo Review & see more of the product. Let’s get started!

ShopMozo Overview

  • Vendor: Dr. Amit Pareek
  • Product: ShopMozo
  • Release Date: 2017-Dec-12
  • Release Time: 9:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $30
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Software

About Author

The man behind this product is Dr. Amit Pareek. Perhaps his name seems so familiar to you. He has released a lot of products that have been proved to be amazing & incredible. You might have heard of VidMozo, ProfitMozo, SociDeck, SociTrafficjet and so much more. These are products that help build his reputation.
And now we shall move to the next part of the ShopMozo Review to find out about its features!

What is ShopMozo?

ShopMozo is a cloud-based affiliate store builder that makes use of video, social media & SEO to add products from big websites such as Amazon, Ali Express & eBay. This enables you to get more traffic, more sales & more commissions. The best part? It’s on complete auto-pilot.

ShopMozo helps spread your store on many big social media including FB, Instagram & Twitter automatically. This tool doesn’t require any hosting or domain or WP installation which takes a very long time to get used to. All you have to do is to create an account & fill in your details to build amazing affiliate stores.

To put it in simple terms, ShopMozo enables you to optimize SEO, get more viral traffic & affiliate commissions without ever working hard.

• 1-click updating affiliate stores
• Get more social media automatically
• SEO optimized
• Social sharing
• YouTube video pulling
And so much more!

Your Own Autopilot Sales System In Just three Simple Steps!

Step 01: Just login to your ShopMozo account & fill your store details

Step 02: Put your Amazon Affiliate details and Simply Click a button that automatically builds you an affiliate site

Step 03: Enjoy auto-pilot curated products, viral Facebook traffic & free review videos that get you #1 rankings, even more traffic & money

ShopMozo Features

100% Mobile Friendly

And with 35% of on-line sales coming from MOBILE – you have hit the JACKPOT with ShopMozo: it’s fully responsive & mobile-friendly! Today, more than half of users are on mobile and if you aren’t targeting them, you’re leaving a lot of cash on the table.

So, we’ve used latest – HTML5 and CSS3 technology to make the system 100% mobile responsive & ultralight which enables you to cash in millions from mobile users.

Built-In Slider to Make Your Store EVEN More beautiful

Everyone loves dynamic stores that change. Our built-in slider interacts with your users & provides them with multiple products they can buy, thus improving user engagement & conversions at the same time!

Product Management – Products, Category & Tags

We have built everything from the ground up with “SIMPLICITY” in mind. That means that editing a product, adding a category or implementing tags is a breeze.

This way you can set everything up in minutes & make the entire experience fulfilling for your buyers without wasting a lot of time.

Get More Social Sharing for Even MORE Targeted Viral Traffic

We have built social sharing buttons right into each product page. So, while ShopMozo does your viral traffic for you automatically, your visitors & users ALSO can share your products, thus creating a snowball effect & transforming your simple ShopMozo store into a true viral BEAST.

FAST and Very Easy that even grandma can use it:

You are always one click away from adding or managing a full web-site.

Our sleek & beautiful interface has a deep focus on providing a great user experience for BOTH you & your visitors.

That means easy campaign adding and editing that even grandma can use.

Brand new system- Absolutely NO rehashes

We always believe in giving you something that’s packed with latest features & which is simply not an add-on to a pre-existing product.

So, ShopMozo is packed with great features & it’s the ultimate videos & content curation technology that’s never been seen before.

Step-by-Step Training for Everything…

Listen: We know the tool can get complex. And while ShopMozo is DEAD simple to use, we wanted to make 100% sure it’s accessible to everyone & everyone can make cash with it. That’s why we did 2 things:

#1 We have added in-depth video training for every feature, so you can always look at the RIGHT way to do things

#2 We are offering 24/7 on-going premium support so you are always just a message away from having your problem solved.

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