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Hot News

Snapchat Now Serves 10 Billion Daily Video Views: “Now users are following more than 10 billion videos a day on the application, increasing from 8 billion in February.”

YouTube Introduces 6-Second Bumper Ads That Can’t Be Skipped, Check Out: Kindle Spy

YouTube shot Bumper ads, the ideal for driving incremental reach and frequency “a type of new six-seconds video …  especially on mobile, where ‘snackable videos’ display well.” The following examples of a bumper ad from an early tester, Atlantic Records:

Periscope Adds New Audience Stats: Periscope further improved “Statistic to the number of viewer and watching time ” and having ability “to find your broadcast’s moments by a graph of your viewers over time.” Currently, only iOS has the feature.

Pinterest Launches Featured Collections to Global Audience: new featured collections of Pinterest are “topics’ curated collections have trend localizing to the UK, France, Germany, Brazil and Japan.” In the next few months more countries and languages will be added.

Periscope Debuts Sketching Feature for Live Streams: Periscope present the feature “sketch while you scope” on iOS.

Lead us on Top News This Week

From Friday, April 29, 2016, Michael Stelzner and guests make discussion the top news in social media in this blab. Topics include ; Facebook Developers updates for engaging,sharing and measuring on Facebook (17:30); Facebook news feed insights (1.42) and Google Play’s official welcome of podcasts (28:55). Subscribe to future shows hereSnapchat Delivers 10 Billion Video Views-compressed

Many other notable news

Facebook Recognizes Small Business Week With In-Person and Online Events : Facebook is “expecting to meet small businesses all over the country and offer resources, tools and networking opportunities in order to help growing  heir businesses” with Facebook and Instagram marketing.

YouTube Updates Content Recommendation System for Mobile: YouTube rolled out the market a better feature “smarter engine on its iOS and Android mobile apps, supporting  it to serve up better recommendations for viewers.”

Google Hangouts for iOS Gets New Features: The new feature for iOS of Google Hangouts now is a share extension that “allows directly sharing photos or linking to friends via Hangout without ever having to open the app” and if low-power mode that it will “video streams will automatically be shut off when your iPhone battery is below 20 percent.”

Facebook Introduces Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Apps for Windows 10: Facebook announced that “Windows 10 Apps deployed for Facebook and Messenger on Instagram on mobile and desktop

Google Analytics Encrypts All Web Traffic: Google announced that websites using Google Analytics will be secured all traffic communication in order to admit concerning other privacy, there is “no way to opt out of the HTTPS encryption” whether the sites are using HTTPS or not

Periscope Adds Autoplay Feature to Twitter for Android:  In the earlier a feature was made available to Twitter users on iOS that “Periscope live streams will now autoplay on Twitter timelines on Android.”

Twitter Adds Ability to Attach Multiple Tweets to a Single Abuse Report: “This update easily helps you providing [Twitter] with more information about  and reduces the time it takes to do and the extent of abuse. That added context often supports [them] investigate issues and get them resolved faster.”

Google Photos Rolls Out New Search Feature: “Rolling out now, the newest Google Photos update is a search bar will help you find your photos faster and easier”

Upcoming Social Media News Worth FollowingSnapchat Delivers 10 Billion Video Views 1-compressed

YouTube Working to Improve Monetization During Content ID Disputes: Curently, youtube is “growing a new solution while a Content ID claim is being disputed it will allow videos to earn revenue” and plans “in the coming months to roll it out to all YouTube partners.”

Facebook Announces Proposed Changes to Company Structure and Releases Quarterly Results: Mark Zuckerberg talked to his plans for “investing in areas like building artificial intelligence ,spreading connectivity, and developing virtual and augmented reality” and continued commitment to humanitarian efforts, as well as a “proposal for creating a new class of stock so that [Facebook] can achieve both goals.”

Facebook Developing Stand-alone Camera App: “The unnamed apps are reportedly launches on the camera – like Snapchat – and will reportedly integrate with Instagram and other Facebook-owned apps. It will also allow users to share live streamed video back to Facebook.”

Google Publishes Annual Founder’s Letter: The Google founders and CEO have shared “a good personal general view” of the company’s “recent remarkable” and their “vision for the future.”

Some Interesting Studies to Note:

Discover How Marketing Analytics Increases Business Performance: A new resarch has been authorized by Google that Forrester Consulting expose how successful organizations are effectively use marketing analytics tools in order to make the most of their customer interactions and develop relevant customer experiences. The key results disclose that It is successful marketing to access to well-established metrics tied directly to business objectives and the right mix of analytics tools are critical.

Bazaarvoice CGC Index : According to a new report from Bazaarvoice, The major of driver of sales and product engagement on ecommerce sites and social media according to consumer-generated content (CGC) . The report shows that currently 61% of brands and 57% of retailers make integration CGC into their social media efforts and campaigns. in additions, the use of visual content in marketing is rising. In comparision with 2014 The Bazaarvoice Curations tool processed 4.7 times more photos and 4.5 times more than videos on product sites and social media in 2015 .The findings also report that revenues increased by  75% on brand sites and 106% on retail sites and when customers were exposed to some element of CGC prior to their purchase.

The Global Authentic 100:  Cohn & Wolfe has created a list of the highest-ranking brands in the world in terms of perceived authenticity by means of a survey of more than 1,600 brands and more than 12,000 consumers in 14 markets.The findings suggest that Respondents rated each brand against seven key attributes of authenticityauthenticity matters is greatly to customers.  Of those surveyed, only 22% agree that brands and companies, in general, are open and honest. However, 88% are willing to reward authentic brands with recommendations (52%), loyalty (49%), and value (48%). A brand’s authenticity also attracts 1 in 5 consumers to work for or invest in the company.

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